Evolutionary Biology

Evolutionary biology tracks and investigates the changes that occur in plants and animals over time. It incorporates the study of genetics, systematic biology, zoology and behavioural biology. An evolutionary biologist might work in a lab with genetic material from plant species or study the behaviour of a particular species of frog.

You’ll learn from world-class researchers who are experts in their field as you:

  • explore the evolutionary history of animals, plants and humans through genetics, forensic science, palaeontology, developmental biology and bioinformatics
  • discover modern DNA techniques and ‘travel through time’ to assess the impacts of past environmental change on our world
  • learn through hands-on experiences and extensive fieldwork
  • explore human evolution and migration through key collaboration with the South Australian Museum and Aboriginal families and communities around Australia
  • take advantage of world-class research opportunities.

A major in evolutionary biology prepares you for exciting careers in environmental consultancy, environmental monitoring and management, community education, ecotourism, wildlife parks, catchment management or research and teaching. Our graduates are keenly sought after by a wide range of government agencies, regional bodies, private enterprise and universities.

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Last updated: 09 Jul 2019