Gender Studies

Societies are directly influenced by gender whether we can see it or not.

Gender studies explores society and the ways in which gender is organised around it. As a gender studies student at The University of Adelaide, you will examine the ways gender intersects all aspects of our lives. Discover the many ways gender shapes our lives from identities, sexualities and embodiment, to work, health, and popular culture.

As a gender studies student you will:

  • Explore the ways society is organised around gender
  • Examine how gender affects in power, privilege and inequality
  • Gain awareness of your own life to better understand the choices of others
  • Understand and help remedy inequality, celebrate diversity and work towards a more equal world
  • Be informed of discussions on topics such as body image, sexism in politics and the gender pay gap
  • Discover how income, careers, relationships and political participation are influenced by gender.

The University of Adelaide has taught gender studies for over 20 years. In modern society, there is a large need for gender studies experts to help address gender inequality and promote diversity. As a gender studies student at The University of Adelaide, you will perfect your communication as well as critical and independent thinking skills. Future employers will be attracted to your unique approach to high ethical standards and your ability to work with diversity.

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Last updated: 09 Jul 2019