In the 1960s we deciphered life’s genetic codebook. Continual advances are being made, as we work to unravel the complexities of genetics. Today we have the tools to edit the code to cure disease or perhaps feed the world. Biotechnology, stem cell engineering, gene therapy – the applications are endless.

By majoring in genetics you will develop a toolkit of skills to solve complex genetic problems across humans, animals and plants. You will:

  • build a broad knowledge base by covering areas like how genes function, genetic linkage, gene expression and the power of genetic analysis
  • learn directly from world-class researchers
  • learn current skills in managing genome sequences and other large data sets
  • apply your knowledge of genetic principles and techniques to challenges in developmental biology, human disease, ecology, conservation biology, evolutionary biology and more.

There is high demand for professionals in this emerging global sector. This major prepares you for employment in areas including the pharmaceutical industry, medical or research laboratories, hospitals, private industries, the biotechnology industry, and forensic science.

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Last updated: 09 Jul 2019