Geology is the study of planet Earth. It investigates the processes and forces that act on it and within it. Geology tells the story of our planet’s past, how it was formed and how it has developed through deep time; how life began and how many of our mineral and energy resources were formed and are stored. Geology can unlock future predictions of climate change, earthquake and volcanic hazards and unknown sources of energy. Whilst geological processes might be slow moving, geology is an area of science that is changing rapidly. New developments in the theory of plate tectonics (how the Earth’s crust moves) and real-world applications make it an exciting area to study and work in.

You’ll learn from world-class experts who form one of the strongest geology research and teaching departments in Australia as you:

  • learn how Earth has changed and developed through time
  • study the materials that make the Earth and the processes that formed them;
  • examine the processes and forces that change the Earth’s continents and create earthquakes and volcanos
  • explore surface processes and past climates of the planet that frame our understanding of the contemporary and future Earth
  • learn about the Earth’s natural resources and energy and how to find them.

In addition, you will take part in extensive field work and study tours, including the Fleurieu Peninsula, the Flinders Ranges that host the world renowned Snowball Earth rocks and stunning Arkaroola. You will also have the opportunity to explore the geological wonderland of Oman.

A Geology major could lead you into a variety of careers; consulting mining or petroleum companies; consulting for federal or state government geological surveys and environment departments; managing and predicting earthquake hazards; advising the agricultural sector on both underlying geology and environmental hazards; exploring the impact of mining operations on groundwater and surface environmental processes; or, advising on these economic viability of a particular mining project in the securities industry. You might even look skywards and become a space exploration geologist who unravels the geologic history of Mars or Titan.

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Last updated: 09 Jul 2019