Geophysics focuses on the application of physical laws of the earth. By majoring in Geology (Geophysics) or Physics (Geophysics) you will:

  • Investigate diffusive and wave-based geophysical techniques such as a earthquake seismology, active seismic techniques, and time-domain and frequency-domain electromagnetics.
  • Examine mathematical applications at global, exploration and environmental scales.
  • through practical classes be exposed to new technologies, cutting-edge analytical and characterisation equipment that are influencing the field of chemistry
  • Learn methods of geophysical data analysis, computer modelling, visualisation and interpretation.
  • Explore potential field-based geophysical techniques and diffusive heat flow, covering topics in gravity, magnetics and steady-state and transient geothermics.

Geophysicists are employed in a wide range of industries, including petroleum and mineral exploration, groundwater, contaminants and salinity evaluation, state and government geological surveys, defence science and academic research.

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Last updated: 29 Apr 2022