To prepare for the future we need to study the past.

Discover the past and the ways it has helped to shape society today. Explore the cultural, social, economic and political aspects of the lives of men and women in the past. As a history student at The University of Adelaide, you have the opportunity to study a variety of time periods from nations across the globe.

As a history student you will:

  • Study a broad selection of periods (medieval, early modern and modern history) across five continents
  • Gain a strong foundation in global histories with a focus on empires and revolutions
  • Understand how cultures and countries have developed
  • Gain exclusive knowledge with The University of Adelaide Library's world-class history collections.
  • Learn skills in critical thinking, analysis and research whilst strengthening your writing and communication skills
  • Conduct research like a historian and take field trips for onsite research data collection

As a history student at The University of Adelaide you will be well prepared for your future career. Your creativity, strong communication skills, critical thinking and data analysis will set you apart.

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Last updated: 09 Jul 2019