Learn how sounds, words, sentences, meaning and social cues work within language.

Linguistics is the scientific study of language. As a linguistics student at The University of Adelaide, you will discover how the structure and diversity of languages have changed and evolved into how we communicate today. Additionally, becoming more aware of your use of language will assist you in your learning of other languages.

As a linguistics student you will:

  • Investigate how language works within the brain and in the mind
  • Explore the relationship between language and culture
  • Learn how to analyse and describe languages
  • Research the history of language
  • Study how languages, including one’s mother tongue, are acquired and learnt
  • Develop speech and dialog analysis skills.

As a University of Adelaide linguistics student you will have the advantage of learning in a course with additional focus on endangered languages and language revival. Our Linguistics Department has considerable expertise in Aboriginal languages and language revival to ensure their survival for future generations. As a University of Adelaide linguistics graduate you will have the opportunity to work in professional careers ranging from communications, language education and research.

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Last updated: 09 Jul 2019