Mathematical Sciences

Mathematics is both a logical and creative pursuit. It’s about curiosity, challenge, perseverance and passion. Millions of industries around the world depend on mathematical scientists. They analyse and interpret patterns, predict and model outcomes, solve problems and drive human progress.

In our Mathematical Sciences major you’ll delve into abstract theories that underpin modern science and build fundamental statistical and mathematical knowledge – as well as hone your creativity, rigour, logical thinking and research skills.

Equipped with deep knowledge of mathematical principles and the skills to apply these to solve a range of complex challenges, you’ll be well placed to pursue all sorts of fascinating careers in technology-led industries. You could crunch numbers for business start-ups as a data scientist or work on modelling to predict the weather. You might be an actuary, applying probability and statistics to insurance and banking. Perhaps you’ll design digital games or pursue rocket science.

Degrees that offer this study area

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Last updated: 09 Jul 2019