Plant Biology

Plants are essential to the future of our world. Understanding the biology of plants can help solve real-world problems such as how climate change impacts plant growth and how to produce healthier foods for the future.

Plant biologists use a range of skills across many sciences to understand plant physiology, reproduction, biochemistry, energy use and adaptation to environment.

What will you do?

By studying plant biology you will learn from nationally and internationally acclaimed plant researchers as you:

  • gain hands-on practical experience in plant biology
  • collect and analyse information that is relevant to understanding plant biology
  • learn innovative techniques to understand all aspects of plant growth and development
  • master laboratory skills and apply them to answer biological questions
  • learn skills to work across plant reproduction to adaptation to environment
  • explore critical issues through several different modes of science communication.

Where could it take you?

A major in plant biology will accelerate you into a diverse range of career pathways. You could research and develop new ways to use plants from industrial applications such as biofuels, identify novel nutritious plant alternatives, and you may even identify innovative drugs and therapies that are derived from plants.

Degrees that offer this study area

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Last updated: 21 Feb 2020