Economics is a dynamic study which unveils the forces driving the behaviour of individuals and firms, government policies, and markets. It empowers you to navigate a complex and interconnected world.

  • Be surrounded by world-class research

    Economics teaching at the University of Adelaide began in 1901, making us one of the world’s earliest providers of tertiary economics courses.

    Your economics experience at the University of Adelaide will be informed and supported by world-class research in the discipline. We explore a diverse range of areas across economic and public policy; economic growth development and trade; people, behaviour, and choices; agrifood water and environmental systems; and econometric methods and applications.

    In the Australian Government’s most recent Excellence in Research for Australia assessment^, our research was rated ‘above world standard’ in:

    • Economic Theory
    • Applied Economics

    And it was recognised as ‘well above world standard’ in:

    • Mathematical Sciences
    • Statistics
    • Philosophy.

    Our staff bring their fundamental and applied research topics and skills to the classroom and our extensive government, industry, and disciplinary networks ensure our students receive ample visibility and abundant opportunities to succeed in the professional world.

  • Build the skill set to excel in diverse fields

    Economics is a unique discipline that allows you to understand how the world works as an intricate system. Studying economics at the University of Adelaide helps you develop integral skills such as complex problem-solving, critical and logical thinking, strong numeracy, and analytical skills.

    At the School of Economics and Public Policy, we equip our students with a comprehensive skill set that is applicable to various professions and industries. With a strong emphasis on analytical thinking, critical reasoning, and data analysis, our graduates possess highly sought-after abilities in today's job market. These skills empower you to explore diverse fields including international trade and finance, food and natural resources, health and education, growth and development, money and banking, as well as environment and energy.

  • Career prospects

    Economics graduates develop analytical thinking and quantitative skills which are highly rewarded in the labour market. The earnings of economics graduates are higher than in most other fields of study, including business studies†. An economics degree is a gateway to success in a diverse range of sectors.

Make History in Economics

Discover how studying economics with us can give you the knowledge, skills and hands-on experience you need for career success—and equip you to make a real difference in the world.

  • Career opportunities in diverse sectors
  • Work-integrated learning with industry experience
  • Strong employment growth predicted (10.7% by 2026)^

^Australian Government, Labour Market Insights, 2023.
Reserve Bank of Australia, 2018.

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The mathematical and statistics tools developed in economics, complemented with the critical thinking of law, has allowed me to view the world through a particular and useful lens.