Environment and Sustainability

Environment and sustainability professionals work to preserve planetary health, tackle climate change and secure water and energy supplies.

  • Master environmental management at all scales

    The University of Adelaide is internationally renowned for its capability in all scales of spatial imaging and environmental management, from unmanned aircraft to satellites and spatial big-data analysis.

    Here you'll learn how to use advanced technology such as remote sensing, geographic information systems, ecological modelling tools and multi-objective decision support systems to understand and manage any environment - natural or managed, land-based, aquatic or marine.

  • Protect our most precious resource

    We're also widely recognised for our multidisciplinary expertise in water systems management. Our world-leading researchers are highly experienced in developing bespoke technology and scientific solutions to optimise—both environmentally and commercially—water use, supply and treatment. Immersed in this learning environment, you could build valuable knowledge and skills in:

    • water supply and distribution system planning, design and operation
    • rainfall runoff modelling
    • river health prediction and management
    • predicting, modelling and testing water demand, quality and availability
    • soil settlement prediction and microbiology studies
    • wastewater treatment and contaminant removal
    • environmental remediation.
  • Career prospects

    Employment growth for the majority of environment- and sustainability-related roles ranges broadly from stable to very strong, with STEM jobs predicted to grow nearly twice as fast as other occupations**.

  • Ranked #50 globally for Water Resources Engineering*
  • Ranked top-100 globally for Earth and Marine Sciences^
  • Ranked top-100 globally for Geology^

*Academic Ranking of World Universities by Subject, 2023.
^QS World University Rankings by Subject, 2023.
Australian Government, Labour Market Insights, 2023.
**Department of Employment and Workplace Relations, Australian Government, 2020.

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Extended field trips into both marine and freshwater environments allowed me to obtain invaluable hands-on experience gathering and analysing real-life data and understanding how to conduct rigorous experiments in the field