Graduate Certificate in Nursing Science (Infection Control Nursing) New

Campus Online
Degree Type Graduate Certificate
Duration 6 months full-time
or part-time equiv.
SATAC Code 3GC100
Advanced protection for vulnerable patients

Nurses are highly respected members of the community. They care for patients in a range of settings and touch lives with empathy, compassion and humour.

This online certificate is suited to working nurses who want to build their competencies for senior and specialist positions in infection control. The program is delivered over one year of part-time study.

What will you do?

Our Graduate Certificate in Nursing Science (Infection Control Nursing) covers essential knowledge for safe practice at advanced levels. You will:

  • learn about decontamination and sterilisation of medical devices
  • study microbiology and epidemiology
  • build clinical management skills for patients with infectious diseases or infections
  • explore contemporary issues in infection control
  • investigate approaches to staff education.

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Last updated: Wednesday, 15 Jan 2020