Scientists tackle the world’s biggest challenges, such as extending life, ending world hunger, and fighting climate change.

  • Surround yourself with science excellence

    As a University of Adelaide science student, you’ll be part of an incredibly high-achieving community. The overall quality of our broad suite of Life Sciences and Natural Sciences programs is ranked #92 and #137 in the world respectively^^, while in individual disciplines, we’re:

    • #45 globally in Physical Chemistry*  
    • #74 in Physics*
    • #51-70 in Veterinary Science^^
    • top 100 in Geology, Earth and Marine Sciences^^
  • Fantastic facilities and flexible skills

    Regardless of your chosen scientific discipline, you'll have the opportunity to learn and gain practical, hands-on experience—in truly world-class facilities.

    It could be our state-of-the-art veterinary hospital; the largest teaching winery in Australia; or the third largest agricultural research precinct in the world. Perhaps you'll make use of our in-house supercomputer for lightning-fast data analysis.

    For flexibility in your degree our Bachelor of Science degree has 13 majors that you can choose from.

    Whatever your path, you'll graduate with highly sought-after and transferable skills in communication, critical thinking and creative problem solving, ready to tackle the world's greatest challenges.

  • Career prospects

    Employment growth for the majority of science-related roles range from stable to very strong††, with STEM jobs predicted to grow nearly twice as fast as other occupations.

Make History in Sciences

Scott is the lead Medical Physicist at Australia’s first proton centre. Lily travels the world to present her research to international partners. Where could a science degree take you?

  • Ranked #45 globally for Physical Chemistry*
  • Ranked #92 globally for Life Sciences**
  • Producing scientific research ‘well above world standard’

* US News Best Global Universities Rankings by Subject, 2023.
** QS World Universities by Subject, 2024.
† Excellence in Research for Australia, 2018 (Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Earth Sciences, Physical Sciences).
†† Australian Government, Labour Market Insights, 2023.
‡ Department of Employment and Workplace Relations, Australian Government, 2020.  

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The University was a place where I could find like-minded people who loved the things I wanted to learn about. Because of that, I have the skills, mindset and patience to tackle many problems in science or industry, and create my own jobs and business opportunities
Dr Jonathan Hall - Bachelor of Science

Dr Jonathan Hall

Co-founder and Director, Life Whisperer ThincLab
Bachelor of Science