Gain the knowledge and skills to create and apply technology that changes people’s lives, and our planet, for the better.

  • An incredibly industry-connected environment

    The University of Adelaide provides one of the most stimulating environments in the world for technology-related study. Our main city campus stands literally next door to Lot Fourteen, Adelaide's thriving innovation and technology precinct, which includes:

    • our University's own world-leading Australian Institute of Machine Learning (AIML), the largest machine learning research centre in Australia
    • the Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre (A3C), in which we collaborate with the Australian Government's Defence Science and Technology group and others
    • the Australian Space Agency, Space Discovery Centre, and Mission Control Centre.

    Other organisations with a Lot Fourteen presence include Microsoft Azure Space, Amazon, Inovor Technology, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) bigdata Living Lab - all of whom our AIML partners with in ongoing real-world research.

  • Give yourself a career superpower

    Technology and AI is reshaping virtually every industry. Gaining the skills to play a part in that at the University of Adelaide - recognised worldwide for computer science leadership - will give you incredible career scope. You could find yourself:

    • developing applications that strengthen capabilities in fields as varied as disease treatment, climate and weather prediction, cybersecurity, defence, or space exploration
    • harnessing critical insights from large datasets to inform public health or environmental policy, social services, or business practices
    • enhancing, testing and maintaining precision-engineered products, processes, systems and services.

    And whichever path you take, we'll ensure you have the confidence to contribute from your first day in the workforce, by including up to 760 hours of hands-on industry experience in your degree.

  • Career prospects

    Our graduates have secured high-level jobs with many leading organisations, such as Australia's: Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO); Defence Science and Technology Group (DSTG); Bureau of Meteorology; and Bureau of Statistics.

    Employment growth for the majority of high-technology roles ranges from strong to very strong, with STEM jobs predicted to grow nearly twice as fast as other occupations††.

  • Ranked #7 globally for Artificial Intelligence*
  • Ranked #41 globally for Computer Science*
  • Five-star rating for graduate salary^

*US News Best Global Universities by Subject (Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science), 2022-23
^ Good Universities Guide, 2022 (Postgraduate computing and IT)
Australian Government, Labour Market Insights, 2023
†† Department of Employment and Workplace Relations, Australian Government, 2020

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I chose to study the Bachelor of Computer Science (Advanced) at the University of Adelaide because from a very young age, I’ve always been passionate about computer science. The idea of being able to make a change and innovate using technology made me select this discipline. I chose the University of Adelaide because of its high rank in the field of computer science (currently 43rd in the world), its reputable name and its world-class research. This inspired confidence in me as I believe the university provides the ideal environment for me to mould myself through gaining invaluable knowledge from its many well-qualified and proficient teaching staff