Dr Adrian Elliott

 Position Lecturer
 Org Unit Medical Sciences
 Email adrian.elliott@adelaide.edu.au
 Telephone +61 8 8313 3194
 Location Floor/Room 4 20a ,  Helen Mayo South ,   North Terrace
  • Biography/ Background

    Dr Elliott is a physiologist with a particular interest in the role of exercise testing and interventions in patients with cardiovascular disease. He also has research interests relating to cardiac adaptations and arrhythmias within endurance athletes. Dr Elliott is a member of the Centre for Heart Rhythm Disorders (University of Adelaide/Royal Adelaide Hospital/South Australian Health & Medical Research Institute) and collaborates with research teams at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Dr Elliott is an accredited exercise physiologist (ESSA).

  • Qualifications

    PhD - Cardiac & Exercise Physiology

    MSc - Exercise Physiology

  • Teaching Interests

    Course Coordinator - Advanced Exercise Physiology (Year 3)

    Course Coordinator - Principles of Exercise Science (Year 2)

  • Research Interests

    Atrial Fibrillation

    Sports Cardiology

    Cardiac Rehabilitation

    Cardiac Arrhythmias

  • Publications

    Elliott AD, Mahajan R, Lau DH, Sanders P (2016) Atrial fibrillation in Endurance Athletes - From Mechanism to Management. Cardiology Clinics, Accepted, In-Press

    Gallagher, C. Hendriks JM, Mahajan R, Middeldorp ME, Elliott AD, Pathak RK, Sanders P, Lau DH (2016). Lifestyle Management to Treat and Prevent Atrial Fibrillation. Exp Rev Cardiovasc Ther 14(7): 799-809

    Elliott AD, Mahajan R, Pathak RK, Lau DH, Sanders P (2016). Exercise Training and Atrial Fibrillation: Further Evidence for the Importance of Lifestyle Change. Circulation. 133(5):457-9 [Invited Editorial]

    Pathak RK*, Elliott, AD*, Middeldorp ME, Meredith M, Mehta AB, Mahajan R, Hendriks J, Twomey D, Kalman JM, Abhayaratna W, Lau D, Sanders P (2015). Impact of CARDIOrespiratory FITness on Arrhythmia Recurrence in Obese Individuals with Atrial Fibrillation: The CARDIO-FIT Study. Journal of the American College of Cardiology, 66(9):985-96 * denotes equal contribution

    Pathak RK, Middeldorp ME, Meredith M, Mehta AB, Mahajan R, Wong CX, Twomey D, Elliott AD, Kalman JM, Abhayaratna W, Lau D, Sanders P (2015) Long-Term Effect of Goal Directed Weight Management in an Atril Fibrillation Cohort: A Long-term Follow-Up Study (LEGACY STUDY). Journal of the American College of Cardiology, 65(20):2159-69

    Elliott AD, Skowno J, Prabhu M, Noakes, TD, Ansley L (2015) Evidence of cardiac functional reserve upon exhaustion during incremental exercise testing to determine VO2max. British Journal of Sports Medicine, Accepted In-Press.

    Elliott AD, La Gerche, A (2015) Right ventricular dysfunction and prolonged exercise – Are we overlooking the more important side of the heart: A meta-analysis. British Journal of Sports Medicine, 49(11):724-9 

    Elliott AD, Bentley D, Beltrame JF, Aromataris, E (2015) The effectiveness of high-intensity interval training in patients with coronary heart disease: A meta-analysis. Heart, Lung & Circulation, 24(2):149-5 

    Sharma A, Elliott AD, Bentley DJ (2014) Reliability and validity of a new variable power performance test in road cyclists. Int J Sports Physiol Perform, 10(3):278-84

    Elliott AD, Skowno J, Prabhu M, Ansley L (2012) Measurement of cardiac output during exercise in healthy, trained humans using lithium dilution and pulse contour analysis. Physiological Measurement, 33(10): 1961-70

    Elliott AD, Grace F (2010) An examination of exercise mode on ventilatory strategies during incremental exercise. European Journal of Applied Physiology, 110(3): 557-562

    Elliott A, Hull J, Nunan D, Jakovljevic DG, Brodie DA, Ansley L (2010) Application of bioreactance for cardiac output assessment during exercise in healthy individuals. European Journal of Applied Physiology, 109(5): 945-51



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