Ms Anne Hewitt

Ms Anne Hewitt
 Position Associate Professor
 Org Unit Adelaide Law School
 Telephone +61 8 8313 4453
 Location Floor/Room 3 29 ,  Ligertwood ,   North Terrace
  • Biography/ Background

    Anne is an Associate Professor within the Law School. She is passionate about curriculum design and teaching, and has won numerous local and national teaching awards, including an OLT Citation and a LexisNexis ALTA award. Anne is an active researcher into legal education, and has a long history of publication in this area. Her teaching related research has also been funded by a number of significant grants, including two significant Category 1 OLT grants to support the Smart Casual project ( Anne's personal interest in equality in society inspires her second area of research; anti-discrimination and equality laws. Anne has investigated a range of issues in this area, with a particular focus on religious discrimination.

    In recent years these two areas of research interest have combined, as Anne has joined a number of teams considering issues associated with unpaid work, particularly in the transition between education and employment. She is currently working on an Australian Research Council Discovery project grant ‘Regulating Post-secondary Work Experience: Labour Law at the Boundary of Work and Education' (DP150104516) with Professor Rosemary Owens, Professor Andrew Stewart and Dr Joanna Howe, and recently completed a national project considering the nature, prevalence and impact of unpaid work in Australia with Damian Oliver, Paula McDonald, Andrew Stewart.

  • Qualifications

    BA (UWA), LLB (UWA), LLM (King's), Grad Certificate in Education (Higher Ed) (Adelaide), Grad Certificate in Education (Online Learning) (Adelaide)

  • Awards & Achievements


    2017:Chief Investigator (with Mary Heath) Law Foundation of South Australia Grant 'Smart Casual LIVE' A510-3.16

    2015-2019: Chief Investigator (with Rosemary Owens, Andrew Stewart and Joanna Howe) ARC Discovery Project ‘Work Experience: Labour Law at the Boundary of Work and Education’, DP150104516

    2016: Chief investigator (with Damian Oliver, Paula McDonald, and Andrew Stewart), Department of Employment Grant ‘Unpaid work experience in Australia: Prevalence, nature and Impact'

    2015-2016: Chief investigator (with Mary Heath, Mark Israel, Alex Steel, Kate Galloway and Natalie Skead) OLT Innovation and Development Project 'Smart Casual: Promoting Excellence in Sessional Teaching in Law', ID14-4320 

    2013-2014: Project Leader OLT Seed Grant Project 'Smart Casual: Towards Excellence in Sessional Teaching in Law' SD-2013


    2014 - LexisNexis ALTA Mentor of Teaching Award for Innovation and Excellence in the Teaching of Law 


    2014 - Faculty of the Professions Executive Dean’s Award for Excellence in Teaching (with Dr Matthew Stubbs)


    2009 - Australian Learning and Teaching Council Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning for the Development of a Suite of Law Courses Designed to Facilitate Student Learning of Legal Theory by Immersion in Simulated Legal Practice (Team Award with Cornelia Koch, Andrew Ligertwood, Margaret Castles and Matthew Stubbs)

    2008 - Stephen Cole the Elder Award for Excellence in Team Teaching

    2008 - The Executive Dean of the Professions Prize for Excellence in Teaching (Undergraduate Teaching) (Team Teaching)


  • Teaching Interests

    Civil procedure
    Evidence and advocacy
    Anti-discrimination law

  • Research Interests

    Equality and anti-discrimination laws, native title, legal education.
  • Publications

    Selected recent publications


    Margaret Castles and Anne Hewitt, Dispute Resolution and Ethics (2nd ed) (Thomson Reuters, 2015).

    Margaret Castles and Anne Hewitt, Dispute Resolution and Ethics, (Thomson Reuters, 2014).

    Book Chapters

    Rosemary Owens, Andrew Stewart, Anne Hewitt and Joanna Howe, ‘Labour Regulation, Work Experience and Youth: Lessons from the Scholarship of Ann Numhauser-Henning' in Mia Rönnmar and Jenny Julén Votinius (eds), Festskrift till Ann Numhauser-Henning, Juristförlaget, Lund, 2017

    Anne Hewitt, Rosemary Owens, Andrew Stewart and Joanna Howe, "At the intersection of Education and Work: Young People, Equality and Regulation of the Labour Market" in John Howe, Anna Chapman and Ingrid Landau (eds) The Evolving Project of Labour Law (2017) Federation Press pp 102-116.

    Anne Hewitt, 'The hidden academic workload - administration and management of teaching teams' in Sally Kift, Jill Cowley, Michelle Sanson and Penelope Watson (eds), Excellence and Innovation in Legal Education (LexisNexis, 2011).

    Refereed publications (sole author)

    Anne Hewitt, "Can you learn to lawyer online? A blended learning environment case study" (2015) 1 The Law Teacher: The international Journal of Legal Education 92-121.

    'Can a Theoretical Consideration of Australia's Anti-discrimination Laws Inform Law Reform?' (2013) 41(1) Federal Law Review 35-70.

    'Give me a fish or teach me to fish? Developing law students' capacity for lifelong learning' (2012) 37(4) Alternative Law Journal 259-263.

    'Commercial exploitation of native title rights - a possible tool in the quest for substantive equality for Indigenous Australians?' 2011 (32) Adelaide Law Review 245-282.

    'Navigating the Maze of Australia's Complex Discrimination Legislation: A Case Study of Belief Discrimination' (2011) 24 Australian Journal of Labour Law 1-21. 

    Refereed publications (joint author)

    Kate Galloway, Mary Heath, Alex Steel, Anne Hewitt, Mark Israel and Natalie Skead, ‘Working the Nexus: Teaching Students to Think, Read and Problem-solve Like a Lawyer' (2016)(1) Legal Education Review 95-114

    Mark Israel, Natalie Skead, Mary Heath, Anne Hewitt, Kate Galloway & Alex Steel, ‘Fostering ‘quiet inclusion': interaction and diversity in the Australian law classroom' (2016) 66(2) Journal of Legal Education, 332-356

    Mary Heath, Anne Hewitt, Mark Israel and Natalie Skead, 'Beginning to Address ‘The Elephant in the Classroom’: Investigating and Responding to Australian Sessional Law Teachers’ Unmet Professional Development Needs’ (2015) UNSWLJ 38(1)

    Anne Hewitt and Kellie Toole, 'The practical knowledge conundrum' (2013) 25 (5) New Zealand Universities Law Review 980.

    Laura Grenfell and Anne Hewitt, 'Regulating Gender - Restrictive, facilitative, or transformative laws?' (2012) 34(4) University of Sydney Law Review 761-784.

    Anne Hewitt and Cornelia Koch, 'Can and should burqas be banned?  The legality and desirability of bans of the full veil in Europe and Australia' (2011) 36(1) Alternative Law Journal 16-20.


  • Media Expertise

    CategoriesHuman Rights & Civil Liberties, Law, Crime & Justice
    Expertiseanti-discrimination law; equality; legal education

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