Mr Anthony Wilkes

Mr Anthony Wilkes
 Position Teaching Support Officer - Anatomy
 Org Unit School of Animal and Veterinary Science
 Telephone +61 8 8313 1905
 Mobile +61 4 3151 3767
 Location Floor/Room G 14 ,  Veterinary Science ,   Roseworthy
  • Qualifications

    BSc (Hons, Zoology and Anatomical Sciences)

    Currently enrolled in the Diploma of Anatomical Technology and Science (DATS) - IAS UK

  • Awards & Achievements

    Awarded the Terrence Williamson Museum Prize (with Dr Rachel Norris) offered by the IAS in 2017 for the 'Osteological preparation of the African Lion, Panthera leo'

    Awarded second prize in the IAS Open Competition 2017 for 'Demonstrating movement: a hydraulic powered skeletal model of the African Lion forelimb'

    Awarded second prize in the 'Terrence Williamson Museum Prize' category offered by the IAS in 2016 for the 'dissection of the central nervous system of the greyhound, canis familiaris'

    Awarded, again with Dr Rachel Norris, the Terrence Williamson Museum Prize offered by the IAS in 2015 for the 'Malayan Tapir, Tapirus indicus: post-mortem reconstruction of skeletal material for museum presentation'

    Along with Dr Rachel Norris, awarded the Fellows Museum Prize offered by the Institute of Anatomical Sciences (IAS) in 2014 for the 'Osteological preparation of the White Rhinoceros, Ceratotherium simum'

    Prepared various skeletal anatomical displays for the Abbie Museum of Anatomy (relocated to the School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences in 2017)

  • Research Interests

    Geometric morphometric analysis of interspecific and intraspecific variation. Osteology and craniometry of mammals. Evolution.  

    Previous research involved the geometric morphometric analysis of the Vombatiformes.

  • Professional Associations

    Member of the Institute of Anatomical Sciences - UK (IAS) 

    Member of the Australasian Institute of Anatomical Sciences (AIAS)

  • Professional Interests

    Functional and comparative anatomy: preparing articulated anatomical displays to highlight the various forms of locomotion seen among species (see the Abbie Museum of Anatomy, 1st floor Medical School North, Frome Road).  

  • Community Engagement

    Siemens Science Experience: Functional cranial morphology

    CSIRO double helix group: Skulls and diets of mammals

    Adelaide Compass: Locomotion in mammals

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