Associate Professor Christopher Ford

Associate Professor Christopher Ford
 Position Associate Professor
 Org Unit School of Agriculture, Food and Wine
 Telephone +61 8 8313 7386
 Location Floor/Room 4.38 ,  Wine Innovation Central ,   Waite
  • Biography/ Background

    I have been lecturing in the area of Oenology since 2001; before that I held a number of post-doctoral research positions within Australia and the UK. My first degree was obtained in 1984 from Hatfield Polytechnic, and in 1988 I received a DPhil. from the University of Sussex for work in the biochemistry of nitrogen fixation. This led to a postdoctoral position at the National Institute for Medical Research at Mill Hill, in London, where I worked on the replication of influenza viruses. In 1990 I moved with my partner to Adelaide, where we have remained to this day, increasing our footprint on this wide brown land with two daughters and sundry mongrel dogs.
  • Teaching Interests

    In 2013 I was appointed to the position of Deputy Head of School (Learning and Teaching), with oversight of the three undergraduate and two postgraduate coursework programs offered by the School.

    I am presently the coordinator for the Level 2 course Animal and Plant Biochemistry, taught to all undergraduate students at Waite and Roseworthy campuses. My teaching emphasises the active nature of learning, and I have developed my teaching methods and the material presented to reflect this.


  • Research Interests

    Over the past 10 years we have been working largely in the following area: 

    • Developing an understanding of organic acid metabolism in plants. Within my laboratory, and in collaboration with Assoc. Prof. Kathleen Soole (The Flinders University of South Australia) and Dr Seth DeBolt, (University of Kentucky) we are investigating the mechanisms by which developing grape berries metabolise ascorbic, tartaric and malic acids. To achieve this we are using a range of biochemical, molecular and metabolic approaches in whole berries and cell suspension systems.

      I have had past reseach engagement with the characterisation of glucosyltransferase enzymes (GTases) involved in plant secondary metabolism. I started working in this area in 1995 when a post-doc with Prof. Peter Hoj; we identified and characterised the anthocyanidin Gtase from grapevines. In 2006, Prof. Gideon Davies at The University of York and his group successfully resolved the three-dimensional structure of this enzyme - the outcome of a huge amount of work over the previous three years. In 2014 I began co-supervising PhD student Lieke van der Hulst (principal supervisor Kerry Wilkinson) on a project to examine GTs associated with the formation of glycosides in grapes affected by smoking.

      We have also undertaken research aimed at unravelling the outcomes of extended maceration (EM) in the production of red wines. During red wine production, the period of contact between berry skins and juice, must or wine may be extended beyond the normal periods to provide additional properties to the finished wine. We hope to both understand the processes and be in a position to advise the wine industry on strategies for achieving desired wine outcomes.

      Research within my lab is currently funded by the Australian Grape and Wine Research and Development Corporation.

    Current CMF Lab members:

    David Contreras - PhD student

    Jenny Bellon - PhD student (based at AWRI)

    Yong Jia - PhD student

    Emily Higginson - PhD student (based at CSIRO)

    Lieke van der Hulst (co-supervised with Kerry Wilkinson)

    Past PhD students: Louise Robinson; Seth DeBolt; Susan Wheeler; Lin Lin Low, Iraj Tavassolian, Venetia Joscelyne, Vicky Harris, Vanessa Melino, Erminawati Wuriatmo, Alana Capaldo, Crystal Sweetman, Crista Burbidge, Cyd Yonker, Martin Mendez, Tony Ogbeide, Amy Koschella, Darren Wong.

    Past Honours students: Madeleine Griffith; Belinda Sinclair; Christobelle Anderson; Guy Lyons; Sam Gavan; Sam Hambour; Kelly Wellington, Katie Grieve, Greg Lane, Sid Pachare, Craig Turbull, Yue Cue.

    Past Masters students - Mario Mazza; Jayendra Patel; Chandra Rongala, Steve Hicks.

    Past post-docs: Matt Hayes, Crystal Sweetman.

  • Publications

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  • Professional Interests

    In addition to teaching and research activities, I am a Postgraduate Coordinator for research students within the Wine Science and Business group. In May 2006 I was appointed Associate Dean (Postgraduate) for the Faculty of Sciences, with responsibility for postgraduate coursework programs and Higher Degree (Research) student matters within the faculty. Since 2009 this role has focussed exclusively on HDR. Between 2007 and 2012 I was an Associate Editor of the Australian Journal of Grape and Wine Research.


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