Dr Claudia Szabo

Dr Claudia Szabo
 Position Associate Dean - Diversity & Inclusion
 Org Unit School of Computer Science
 Email claudia.szabo@adelaide.edu.au
 Telephone +61 8 8313 6744
 Location Floor/Room 4 17 ,  Ingkarni Wardli ,   North Terrace
  • Biography/ Background

    Associate Dean (DI) Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences, The University of Adelaide

    Senior Lecturer, School of Computer Science, The University of Adelaide

  • Awards & Achievements

    2018 - Women's Research Excellence Award, The University of Adelaide

    2017 - SA Science Excellence Awards STEM Educator of the Year (tertiary education)

    2015 - Office for Learning and Teaching Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning

    2014 - The University of Adelaide Commendation for Excellence in Support of the Student Experience

    2014 - Visiting Fellowship, School of Computer Science, National University of Singapore

    2014 - CORE Award for Outstanding Contributions to Teaching

    2013 - ECMS Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching

    2013 - Visiting Fellowship, School of Computer Science, National University of Singapore

    2012 - Visiting Fellowship, School of Computer Science, National University of Singapore

    2012 - Learning & Teaching Award, Rising Star in 2011, School of Computer Science, The University of Adelaide

    2011 - Visiting Fellowship, School of Computer Science, National University of Singapore


  • Research Interests

    My main research interests lie in the area of computer systems, broadly defined. Specifically, I am interested in model driven engineering, distributed and cloud computing, verification and validation of distributed systems, and exploring issues in real, deployed, complex systems. I lead the Complex Systems program within the Centre for Distributed and Intelligent Technologies. My education research interests lie in the areas of curriculum design, cognitive load theories, and software engineering best practices.

    Centre for Distributed and Intelligent Technologies

    My discipline research is in the area of systems, where I am interested in modeling and understanding the performance and behavior of large-scale distributed and complex systems. Within the Centre for Distributed and Intelligent Technologies, I lead the Complex Systems Program and am a senior member in the Modeling and Analysis Program

    If you are interested in a PhD or a Masters by research project, please visit the relevant websites for ideas about projects or proposals.


    • Marianne Reickmann, Research Associate
    • Dan Fraser, Software Developer
    • Cathlyn Aston, Software Developer
    • Jacob McIver, Software Developer
    • Jayden Barnes, Software Developer


    • Gavin Puddy - System Execution Modeling (PhD)
    • Lachlan Birdsey - Modeling and Analysis of Complex Adaptive Systems (PhD)
    • Michelle McClintock - Security Enterprise Architecture (PhD)
    • Trent O'Connor - Combat System Resource Utilisation (PhD)


    • Javier Alvarez Cid-Fuentes [PhD] - Understanding Behavior of Large-scale Distributed Systems  - Dean's Commendation for Doctoral Thesis Excellence
    • Yihong Zhang [PhD] - Data Cleaning in the Internet of Things
    • Scott Bourne [PhD] - Formal Verification of Transactional and Configurable Service-Oriented Processes  - Dean's Commendation for Doctoral Thesis Excellence
    • Amir Kanan Kashefi [masters] - Selection and Discovery of Components based on Non-functional Requirements (Masters)
    • Yihong Zhang [masters] – Scheduling Data-Intensive Scientific Workflow on Public Clouds 

    • Phuoc Nguyen [masters] – Collecting Validation Data Using Games on New Computing Platforms  

    • Nouf AlRomaih [masters] - SSHARE: Secure Sharing in Social Networks 
    • Nicholas Pacholski, Smart Drone Development Systems, Honours (First Class), 2013 
    • Michael Hemsley [honours] - Modeling human obesity using agent-based systems
    • Benjamin Carter [honours]- MapReduce versus Boston Marathon Bombing
    • Lachlan Birdsey [honours]- Visualizing Interactions in Complex Systems Completed
    • Jinzhe Li [honours]- Studying the Adelaide Effect: Analyzing Big Data 
    • Le Dinh Quoc Vu [honours]– Visualising Execution Status of Parallel Applications on iPads
    • Xi Cao [honours]– Scenario Generation in Global Conflict Blue 
    • Yijia Cai [honours]- Collecting Validation Data Using Games 


    Computer Science Education Research

    My education reserach interests include understanding and improving student programming strategies, identifying at-risk students, improving the teaching of software engineering, and designing computer science curricula that is engaging and actual.

    I am a member of the Computer Science Education Research Group (CSER) within the School of Computer Science. The CSER group aims to promote research and scholarship both within the field of Computer Science Education and more broadly in the Higher Education sector. The goal of CSER is to understand how we can improve the teaching and learning of computing, and how contemporary issues in higher education, such as the use of new technologies can impact upon the teaching and learning environment.



  • Ayman Albassam, Educational Learning Analytics (PhD)
  • Shifa Haidry, Self-Regulated Learning Development within Software Engineering (PhD)