Dr Colette Langos

Dr Colette Langos
 Position Senior Lecturer
 Org Unit Adelaide Law School
 Email colette.langos@adelaide.edu.au
 Telephone +61 8 8313 9166
 Location Floor/Room 2 21 ,  Ligertwood Building ,   North Terrace
  • Qualifications

    Doctor of Philosophy - PhD (Law) (UniSA)

    Master of Commercial Law - MComLaw (Deakin)

    Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice - GDLP (Law Society of South Australia)

    Bachelor of Laws  - LLB (Adelaide)

    Bachelor of Arts - BA (Adelaide)

  • Awards & Achievements


    Honorary Faculty Member, The Judge Advocate General's School, United States Army, Virginia, United States.



    Graduate of the 170th Contract Attorney's Course, Judge Advocate General's School United States Army, Virginia, United States, July, 2017.



    Outstanding Achievement in International Engagement Award for Australian/Indian Anti-bullying Research Collaboration (University of South Australia, Division of Education, Arts and Social Sciences Academic Excellence Awards).


    Commonwealth Government Early Career Research Fellowship: Promoting Mental Health and Wellbeing in Children and Adolescents Collaborative Research Networks, Perth. Fully funded by the Australian Government Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research.



    Excellence in Teaching Award University of South Australia.



    University of South Australia Scholarship.



    Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) (Commonwealth).


  • Teaching Interests


    ·         Business and Corporations Law/Commercial Law—

    -          Postgraduate

    -          Undergraduate

    ·         Operational Commercial Law (Military)—Program Coordinator for:

    -          Professional Certificate in Operational Commercial Law

    -          Graduate Certificate in Operational Commercial Law

    ·         Restorative Justice

    ·         Legal Research and Writing





    Faculty of the Professions Learning Development Grant

    ‘Developing Course Resources: 12 Core Concept Videos in English and Mandarin’ (sole project leader).



    Faculty of the Professions Learning Development Grant

    'Learning Law: Optimising the Learning Experience for Chinese Students' (with Mark Giancaspro).

  • Research Interests

    • I research in two main fields of law:

      1) misuse of technology and the law, specializing in legal regulation and management of new and evolving forms of online misuse such as cyberbullying, cyberstalking, sexting and revenge porn.

      2)  government contracting in a military (Defence) context with a particular focus on federal acquisitions. This theme falls within the broader field of operational commercial law

      I am an active Member of the Commercial Law Division of the University of Adelaide Research Unit on Military Law & Ethics (RUMLAE) in my roles as the Program Coordinator for Operational Commercial Law (Professional Certificate in Operational Commercial Law and a Graduate Certificate in Operational Commercial Law) and member of the RUMLAE Management Board. 

      I have specific expertise in:

      • Government procurement/federal acquisitions - Australia law and U.S. law.
      • Operational Commercial Law - Defence contracting
      • Cyberbullying
      • Sexting
      • Misuse of technology in cross cultural contexts
      • Commercial Law
      • Restorative justice
      • Police legitimacy

       Google Scholar Link: https://scholar.google.com.au/citations?user=hdqHF5wAAAAJ&hl=en

       Research Gate Link: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Colette_Langos




    Law Foundation of South Australia (external grant)

    'Mandatory Reporting Requirements - Addition to the Out of Bounds App' (joint award with the Law Society of South Australia)


    Law Foundation of South Australia (external grant)

    'Cyberbullying: Associated Harm, Applicable Laws and University Policies' (joint award)


    Law Foundation of South Australia (external grant)

    'Out of Bounds App Development for iOS and Android: Cyberbullying Addition' (joint award with the Law Society of South Australia)


    University of South Australia Research Themes Investment Scheme (internal grant)

    'A Public Health Approach to Dealing with Sexting' (joint award; lead institution: UniSA)


    University of South Australia Division Research Performance Fund (internal grant)

    'Australia-Inida Anti-Bullying Research Collaboration (AIARC): Facilitating intellectual and scholarly exchange about school bullying through a cross-cultural network' (joint award; lead institution UniSA).


  • Publications




    Colette Langos, 'Cyberbullying, associated harm and the criminal law', Doctoral Thesis (2013) (University of South Australia): http://arrow.unisa.edu.au:8081/1959.8/151636.



    Mark Giancaspro & Colette Langos, Understanding Contract Law: A Practical Guide (LexisNexis, 2016).

    ISBN 9780409344141. 



    Colette Langos, ‘Reforming The Army's Online Conduct Policies: An Opportunity for Leadership’ (2019) January The Army Lawyer, 49-62.

    Colette Langos & Alex Edgar, ‘Proposed Changes to the Government Procurement Complaints Mechanism & the Potential Effect on Defence Procurement’ (2018) 40(2) The Bulletin, 18-21.

    Colette Langos & Mark Giancaspro, 'Empowering Workers: Avenues of Legal Redress for Victims of Workplace Cyberbullying (2017) 45(6) Australian Business Law Review 448-466.

    Colette Langos, 'Langos Responds to Spyrou: Changing Group Norms May Foster Positive Responses to Victimisation' (2015) 1 UniSA Student Law Review, 68-73.

    Colette Langos & Mark Giancaspro, 'Does Cloud Storage Lend Itself to Cyberbullying?' (2015) 2(5) IEEE Cloud Computing, 70-74.

    Colette Langos & Rick Sarre, ‘Responding to Cyberbullying: The Case for Family Conferencing’ (2015) 20(1) Deakin Law Review, 299-319.

    Colette Langos, 'Cyberbullying: The Shades of Harm' (2015) 22(1) Psychiatry, Psychology and Law, 106-123

    Colette Langos, 'Sexting: Time for Some Changes to the Law?' (2014) 36(10) The Bulletin 18-20.

    Colette Langos, 'Regulating Cyberbullying: A South Australian Perspective' (2014) 16(1) Flinders Law Journal, 73-109.

    Rick Sarre & Colette Langos, 'Policing Young People: Can the Notion of Police Legitimacy Play a Role?' (2013) 13 Journal of the Institute of Justice and International Studies, 1-10.

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    Colette Langos, 'Cyberbullying: The Challenge to Define' (2012) 15(6) Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking, 285-289.

    Colette Langos, 'Internet Trolling Case Sparks Calls for an Online Ombudsman to Handle Social Network User Complaints Relating to Internet Content - What of the Idea?' (2010) 13(5) Internet Law Bulletin, 82-88.

    Colette Langos, 'Proposed Mandatory Filtering for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) - A Brief Insight Into How Filtering the Refused Content List May Affect Australian ISPs' (2010) 13(7) Internet Law Bulletin, 132-137. 



    ·   Colette Langos (2019) ‘Work Health and Safety in a Defence Context’ in Robin Creyke, Dale Stephens and Peter Sutherland (eds), Military Law in Australia, Chapter 24 (Federation Press).

    Colette Langos & Mark Giancaspro, ‘Cyberbullying in the Australian University Context: Shades of Harm and Implications for Policy’ in Wanda Cassidy, Chantal Faucher & Margaret Jackson (eds), Cyberbullying at University: A Cross-Jurisdictional, Multi-Disciplinary Perspective (Routledge) (2019)181-197.

    Colette Langos, Barbara Spears, Carmel Taddeo, Lesley-Anne Ey, Alex Stretton, Damanjit Sandhu & Suresh Sundaram, ‘Cyberbullying, law and cultural context: Pre-service Teacher’s Perspectives’ in Peter K Smith, Suresh Sundaram, Barbara Spears, Catherine Blaya, Mechthild Schafer & Damanjit Sandhu (eds), Bullying, Cyberbullying and Pupil Well-being in Schools: Comparing European, Australian and Indian Perspectives (2018) 285-315.

    Barbara Spears, Carmel Taddeo, Lesley-Anne Ey, Alex Stretton, Colette Langos, Damanjit Sandhu & Suresh Sundaram, ‘Pre-service teachers’ Understanding of Bullying in Australia and India: Implications for Practice’ in Peter K Smith, Suresh Sundaram, Barbara Spears, Catherine Blaya, Mechthild Schafer and Damanjit Sandhu (eds), Bullying, Cyberbullying and Pupil Well-being in Schools: Comparing European, Australian and Indian Perspectives (2018), 208 - 236.

    David Plater, Matthew Goode, Colette Langos & Nicholas Crawford, 'Chapter 6 Non-Fatal Offences Against the Person’ in David Caruso, Rhain Buth, Mary Heath, Ian Leader-Elliott, Patrick Leader-Elliott, Ngaire Naffine, David Plater and Kellie Toole, South Australian Criminal Law: Review and Critique (LexisNexis, 2nd ed, 2016).



    ·   Margaret Jackson, Colette Langos, Chantal Faucher and Wanda Cassidy, ‘Cyberbullying in Post Secondary Institutions and the Role of Policy’. Paper presented at Congress 2019 of the Humanities and Social Sciences, June 2019, Vancouver, Canada.

    ·    Colette Langos, 'Developments in Federal Procurement: Australia's new Complaints Mechanism'. Paper presented at George Washington Law School, February 2019, Washington D.C., United States.

    Colette Langos & Wanda Cassidy (2018). ‘Freedom of Speech in a Digital World: What are the challenges, education opportunities, and the role of government?’ (Plenary). In National Law-Related Conference – Free Speech Today. American Bar Association, Division for Public Education. Chicago, United States.

    Colette Langos (2018). ‘Cyberbullying: The Web of Laws’. In Legal Services Commission of South Australia Conference – Brave New World. Adelaide.

    Colette Langos (2015). ‘Criminal Law and the Issue of Cyberbullying: A Survey of South Australian Laws’. In at Australian and New Zealand Society of Criminology Conference. Adelaide.

    Colette Langos (2014). ‘Defining Cyberbullying in the Australian Legal Context: The Criminal Law’. In National Centre Against Bullying Conference. Melbourne.

    Colette Langos (2013). How does the criminal law govern cyberbullying in South Australia-is there merit in enacting a specific cyberbullying offence?. In Conference paper. Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia.

    Special invitation to participate as a delegate for the Bullying, Cyberbullying, Young People and the Law Symposium, July 17-18, 2013, Melbourne, Australia.



  • Professional Associations

    Member of the South Australian Law Society.


    Member of Australian and New Zealand Society of Criminology.

    Member of Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Association.

    Member of Australia and New Zealand Association for Psychiatry, Psychology &Law.


    Member of the Golden Key International Honour Society.


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