Professor Dale Stephens

Professor Dale Stephens
 Position Professor
 Org Unit Adelaide Law School
 Telephone +61 8 8313 5937
 Location Floor/Room 2 17 ,  Ligertwood Building ,   North Terrace
  • Biography/ Background

    Professor Dale Stephens CSM is a Captain in the Royal Australian Navy Reserve who spent over 20 years as a permanent officer in the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) before taking up his appointment at Adelaide Law School. He has occupied numerous staff officer appointments throughout his career in the Australian Defence Force (ADF), including Fleet Legal Officer, Command Legal Officer (Naval Training Command), Chief Legal Officer Strategic Operations Command, Director of Operational and International Law, Deputy Director of the Asia-Pacific Centre for Military Law (a joint venture with Melbourne University Law School), Director Navy Legal and Director of the Military Law Centre. He has deployed twice to East Timor (INTERFET & UNTAET) and twice to Iraq (Baghdad) in senior legal officer positions and has provided extensive advice to Government at the strategic level. 

    During his time in the ADF, Dr Stephens was involved in providing legal advice regarding numerous operational, disciplinary and administrative law issues, including fisheries, customs and immigration matters within Australia's maritime zones, combined operations with other military forces, UN Peace Operations, drafting Rules of Engagement, implementation of international treaties including the International Criminal Court Convention as well as numerous weapons reviews. 

    In the early 2000's Professor Stephens was part of the Australian delegation to UNESCO negotiating the Underwater Cultural Heritage Convention.  In the mid 2000's he taught at the U.S. Naval War College located in Newport, Rhode Island as a faculty member of the International Law Department. In 2010 was seconded to the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet as a senior advisor on Afghanistan.  In more recent years he has taught National Security Law as well as a number of military law subjects at the ANU College of Law.

    Dr Stephens is Director of The University of Adelaide Research Unit on Military Law and Ethics (RUMLAE) and co-editor of the RUMLAE eJournal.  

    He is currently Head of the combined SA/NT Navy Legal Reserve Panel.  

    He is Director of the Adelaide Military Law Program and a member of the Ploughshares/McGill University/George Washington University 'Space Security Index' Consortium. 

    He was awarded his Doctorate from Harvard Law School in 2014. 

  • Qualifications

    B.A. (Flinders); LL.B (Hons) (Adel.); GDLP (SAIT); LL.M (Melb.); LL.M (Harv.); SJD (Harv.)(Dissertation : Lawfare or Law Fair? The Role of Law in Military Decision Making).

  • Awards & Achievements

    Conspicuous Service Medal (2003), Bronze Star (U.S.) (2008), Meritorious Service Medal (U.S.) (2004), Maritime Commander's Commendation (2002), UNTAET PKF Force Commander's Commendation (2001).

    2005 - Joint Winner, Judge Advocate-General Prize for Team Excellence (Joint Operations Command Legal Team).

    2016 Joint Winner (with Prof Melissa de Zwart and Dr Rebecca La Forgia) Executive Dean Award for Excellence for Team Teaching for Cyberwar, Surveillance and Security MOOC.

    2016 Distinguished Practice in Teaching Award for IHL and Advocacy course.

  • Research Interests

    International Law, Law of Armed Conflict, Law of the Sea, Military Operations Law, Use of Force, Space Law. 

  • Publications

    Adelaide University Research Tuesday Presentation (A/Prof Dale Stephens): Modern Lawfare :

    Research 21 Presentation (Autonomous Weapons and the Role of Law - A/Prof Stephens):


    Dale Stephens (with Paul Babie), Co-Editor and Contributer, Imagining Law: Essays in Conversation with Judith Gardam (Adelaide University Press, 2016). 

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    Book Reviews

    Dale Stephens, 'International Law, Cases and Materials with Australian Perspectives' by Don Rothwell, Stuart Kaye, Afshin Akhtarkhaven & Ruth Davis (Eds.), (2013) 31 Australian Yearbook of International Law.

    Dale Stephens, 'International Law on Peacekeeping - A Study of Article 40 of the UN Charter' by Hitoshi Nasu, (2011) 29 Australian Yearbook of International Law.

    Dale Stephens, 'Of War and Law' by David Kennedy, (2007) 8(2) Melbourne Journal of International Law 490.

    Dale Stephens, 'The Royal Australian Navy in World War II' (David Stevens Ed.), (2005) 58 U.S. Naval War College Review 153.

    Dale Stephens (with Rosalind Dixon), 'The Dark Sides of Virtue: Reassessing International Humanitariansim' by David Kennedy, (2005) 181 Military Law Review 153. 

    Dale Stephens (with Rosalind Dixon), 'The Dark Sides of Virtue: Reassessing International Humanitarianism' by David Kennedy (2004) 5 Melbourne Journal of International Law 507.



  • Professional Associations

    Director - Adelaide Research Unit on Military Law and Ethics (RUMLAE) 

    Head - SA/NT Combined Navy Reserve Legal Panel

    Member - Australian Yearbook of International Law Editorial Board

    Member - SA Chapter International Law Association Committee 


  • Community Engagement

    Chair - SA Red Cross IHL Committee

    Deputy Chair - Woodcroft College Council

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