Dr Danielle Taylor

Dr Danielle Taylor
 Position THRF Mid-Career Research Fellow
 Org Unit Adelaide Medical School
 Email danielle.taylor@adelaide.edu.au
 Telephone +61 8 8133 4016
 Location Floor/Room G ,  RAH - Basil Hetzel Institute ,   North Terrace
  • Biography/ Background


    Dr Danielle Taylor is a health geographer at the University of Adelaide, with experience in the application of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) for health research. Her research interests include the application of spatial technology to: health inequalities; spatial epidemiology; accessibility analysis; improving strategic service planning and resource allocation. She is the recipient of the 2017 Hospital Research Foundation Mid-Career Fellowship, based at the Basil Hetzel Institute. Her fellowship research aims to understand the influence of environmental factors, in particular local measures of accessibility, as enablers or barriers to healthy ageing and indicators of frailty risk.

  • Qualifications

    PhD, Geography Environment and Population, The University of Adelaide

    Masters of Spatial Information Science, The University of Adelaide

    Bachelor of Arts (Geography) Honours, The University of Adelaide

  • Research Interests

    Social applications of GIS

    Geographic and demographic aspects of service planning

    Applied spatial analysis

    Accessibility and Remoteness measures

    Health/Environment interations

    Health geography

    Healthy Ageing/ Frailty


  • Publications

    Taylor, D., Barrie, H., Lange, J., Thompson, M., Theou, O., and Visvanathan, R. (2019) Geospatial modelling of the prevalence and changing distribution of frailty in Australia - 2011 to 2027. Experimental Gerontology, 123, 57-65.

    Versace, V.L., Coffee, N.T., Franzon, J., Turner, D., Lange, J., Taylor, D., and Clark, R. (2019) Comparison of general and cardiac care-specific indicies of spatial access in Australia. PLoS One, 14(7), e0219959

    Taylor D., Lange J. (2018) Social Applications of Geographical Information Systems: tecnical tools for social innovation. Population, Migration and Settlement in AUstralia and the Asia-Pacific In Memory of Graeme Hugo. Editors Klocker N., Dun O. 1st Routledge (Chapter) Publisher URL 

    Lange J.B., Tran D. Taylor,D. (2017) Accessibility/Remoteness Index of Australia Plus (ARIA+) 2016 (Dataset) Publisher URL 

    Gilligan, J., Reily, P., Pearce, A. and Taylor, D (2017) Management of acute traumatic intracranial haematoma in rural and remote areas od Australia. ANZ Journal of Surgery, 87, 1-2, 80-85.

    Taylor, D. and Lange, J (2016) Social Applications of Geographical Information Systems: technical tools for social innovation. Australian Geographer, 47, 4, 417-433.

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    Lesslie R. and D. Taylor (1994) National Wilderness Inventory : The Base-line Survey South Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland, New South Wales, ACT and Western Australia. A Report to the Australian Heritage Commission. Department of Geography, University of Adelaide and Environmental Research and Assessment Pty Ltd.


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