Professor David Adelson

Professor David Adelson
 Position Chair of Bioinformatics & Computational Genet
 Org Unit Molecular and Biomedical Science
 Telephone +61 8 8313 7555
 Location Floor/Room 261 ,  The Braggs ,   North Terrace
  • Biography/ Background

    1978 A.B (Biology, Cum Laude) University of California at San Diego, Revelle College.

    1985 Ph.D. (Biomedical Science) John A. Burns School of Medicine, University of Hawaii at Manoa

    1986 - 88 Postoctoral training, Dept of Zoology, Duke University.

    1988 - 2001 Research Scientist - CSIRO. 

    2001 - 2007 Associate Professor of Animal Genomics, Dept of Animal Science, Texas A&M University.

    2007 - present Professor and Chair of Bioinformatics and Computational Genetics, School of Molecular and Biomedical Science.

    2012 - present Zhendong Professor of Molecular Chinese Medicine and Director, Zhendong Australia - China Centre for Molecular Traditional Chinese Medicine.

  • Research Interests

    Research interests are 1. genome evolution and architecture of mammals and 2. Elucidation of genetic networks that respond to Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Biological mechanisms underlying genome evolution are believed to originate with retrotransposon insertions that can ultimately lead to segmental (gene) duplications/deletions, incorporation of retrotransposons into protein coding genes (exaptation) or gene duplication via retro-gene formation.  The resulting "churning" of both non-protein coding regions and protein domains are believed to be two of the major forces that drive speciation and adaptation.  My current primary research aim is to understand the magnitude and rate of change associated with retrotransposon insertion. 

    This is an important research problem both in terms of our understanding of evolutionary mechanisms and processes but also because these processes frequently give rise to mutations or structural variation affecting gene regulation and function.  These alterations can result in disease or alter economically important agricultural traits.  We have identified horizontal transfer of retrotransposons as a much more common event than previously realised and are pursuing the implications of this finding with respect to genome evolution in higher organisms.

    Current research projects in genome evolution include characterizing the evolutionary dynamics of retrotransposons in species across the tree of life, assessing the degree of horizontal gene transfer in vertebrates and identifying rates of somatic retrotransposon insertion.

    Current projects in the Zhendong Australia - China Centre for the Molecular Basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine include identifying the alterations to gene expresson networks induced by the Yanshu Injection, also referred to as the Compound Kushen Injection (CKI). The Yanshu injection is an aqueous extract of Kushen (Sophora flavescens) and Baituling (name used for three similar species: Heterosmilax japonica Kunth, Heterosmilax yunanensis Gagne or Hetersmilax chinensis Wang) roots that contains a complex mixture of alkaloids, flavonoids and saponins, some of which have been demonstrated to kill cancer cells or boost the immune response. Yanshu injection is used as an adjunct to Western chemotherapy in the treatment of gastric and liver cancer in China.  The exact formulation of the Yanshu injection varies from batch to batch and existing specifications only indicate the minimum concentration of alkaloids required to pass quality control. This variation in bioactive content is a function of environmental effects such as different growth locales, precipitation, temperature that interact with the genotype of the plants to cause the production of varying levels of bioactives. The existing project plan for the Yanshu injection work is aimed at describing and quantifying the gene expression changes in immortalised cancer cell cultures as they undergo cell death induced by Yanshu. Whilst the primary objective of this work is to identify the multiplicity of pathways targeted by Yanshu in order to identify a likely molecular mechanism for its effect, this is only one aspect of this work. The other significant aspect of the work is to demonstrate a quantitative molecular fingerprint based on gene expression changes that can be used to assay the effect of different batches of Yanshu injection. The molecular fingerprint will serve as an enabling technology for agricultural research to improve yields and production methods of Kushen and Baituling.

  • Publications

    Since 2009

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