Dr David Wilson

Dr David Wilson
 Position Lecturer - Head MPVF Group
 Org Unit Medical Sciences
 Email david.p.wilson@adelaide.edu.au
 Telephone +61 8 8313 3193
 Location Floor/Room 5 23 ,  Helen Mayo South ,   North Terrace
  • Biography/ Background

    The Molecular Physiology of Vascular Function Research Group

    Dr. Wilson Heads the Molecular Physiology of Vascular Function Research Group at the University of Adelaide. The Group  explores novel approaches to manage the molecular defects that cause a variety of vascular disorders, including: hypertension, vasospasm, and sepsis mediated hypotension.

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  • Research Interests

    Research Team and Goals

    Research Objectives

    The objectives of our research group are to identify and investigate mechanisms and therapies for vasomotor disorders. The research involves investigation of vasospasm of large or small vessels and mechanisms contributing to vasodilatory septic shock. The research team is involved in both preclinical, basic research, and translational research using a three-pronged approach, which includes:

    1. Clinical characterization of vasomotor disorders
    2. Discovery of underlying molecular mechanisms
    3. Exploring novel therapies in basic & clinical studies.

    Current Research Projects:

    1. Molecular mechanisms regulating vasodilatation in septic shock
    2. Novel strategies to improve vascular tone in the hypotensive critically ill patient.
    3. Molecular mechanisms restricting microvascular blood flow in patients suffering with peripheral vascular disease.
    4. Therapeutic strategies to improve microvascular blood flow, and wound healing in patients with symptomatic peripheral vascular disease.
    5. Acute vasospasm: novel strategies to limit vascular calcium entry and calcium sensitisation in the vasculature
    6. Reactive oxygen species: the molecular basis for altered Ca2+ sensitivity in skeletal and cardiac muscle.

    Experience and opportunities gained from working in our research group

    Postgraduate students undertaking research in the clinical and molecular physiology of vascular function research group have gained experience and knowledge in the following areas:
    Clinical research, vascular function testing, patch clamp analysis, molecular biology, biochemistry, and calcium imaging.

    Travel and Share the excitement of your discovery

    Current and past students have enjoyed travelling and presenting their research findings at both national and international conferences in the following locations:
    France, Spain, Greece, UK, USA, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth.

    The Molecular Physiology of Vascular Smooth Muscle Research Group is interested in enquiries from potential PhD applicants (eligible for, Federal or University funding schemes) for projects in research areas described on these pages.

  • Publications

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