Dr Ehsan Tavakkoli

Dr Ehsan Tavakkoli
 Position Senior Mortlock Fellow
 Org Unit School of Agriculture, Food and Wine
 Email ehsan.tavakkoli@adelaide.edu.au
 Telephone +61 8 8313 7418
 Location Floor/Room 309 ,  Prescott Building ,   Waite
  • Biography/ Background

    Dr. Ehsan Tavakkoli is a Senior Mortlock Fellow at the School of Agriculture Food and Wine, University of Adelaide. His research focuses on the interactions between carbon and nutrient geochemistry in agricultural systems, combining soil science, environmental geochemistry, and plant science. With over 15 years of experience, he has led multidisciplinary research programs funded by GRDC, ARC, and the Australian Synchrotron. Dr. Tavakkoli's work encompasses projects ranging from the development of novel soil-based amendments and the amelioration of subsoil constraints to investigating soil nutritional chemistry. He maintains strong connections with growers, advisers, and grower groups, frequently presenting at industry forums.

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  • Qualifications

    BSc(Hon)-Soil Science;Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran 2004.

    MSc-Environmental Soil Chemistry/Plant Nutrition;The University of New England,Armidale, Australia 2007.

    PhD-Plant physiology/Soil Chemistry, The University of Adelaide, Waite Research Institute, Australia, 2011.

  • Teaching Interests

    Environmental Soil Chemistry

     Agricultural Crop Physiology

    Mineral Nutrition of Plants


  • Research Interests

    Research Interests

    • Amelioration of subsoil constraints in cropping systems
    • Development of nano-structured soil amendments
    • Rhizosphere engineering to enhance sustainable crop productivity
    • Management of salt-affected soils
    • Innovation in plant nutrient and water use efficiency to reduce resource demands



  • Publications

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    Fang Y, Van Zwieten L, Rose M, Vasileiadis S, Donner E, Vancov T, Rigg J, Weng Z, Lombi E, Drigo B, Conyers M, Tavakkoli Eǂ (2021) Unraveling microbiomes and functions associated with strategic tillage, stubble, and fertilizer management. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment. 323, 10686. [5.567]

    Tavakkoli E, Uddin S, Rengasamy P, McDonald G (2021) Field applications of gypsum reduce pH and improve soil C in highly alkaline soils in southern Australia’s dryland cropping region. Soil Use and Management. [2.950]. DOI: 10.1111/sum.12756

    Fang Y, Singh BP, Van Zwieten L, Collins D, Pitt W, Armstrong R, Tavakkoli Eǂ (2021) Additive effects of organic and inorganic amendments can significantly improve structural stability of a sodic dispersive subsoil. Geoderma. 404. 115281 [6.114]

    Xu J, Fang Y, Tavakkoli E, Pan X, Liao F, Chen W, Guo W (2021) Preferential ammonium: Nitrate ratio of blueberry is regulated by nitrogen transport and reduction systems. Scientia Horticulturae. 228. 110345. [3.463]

    Yin X, Peñuelas J, Sardans J, Xu X, Chen Y, Fang Y, Wu L, Singh BP, Tavakkoli E, Wang W (2021) Effects of nitrogen-enriched biochar on rice growth and yield, iron dynamics, and soil carbon storage and emissions: A tool to improve sustainable rice cultivation. Environmental Pollution. 287. 117565. [8.071]

    Wang M, Tavakkoli E, Rengasamy P, Huang L, Ma H, Yang F, Wei T, Lu X, Xu Z, Fang Y, and Liang, Z (2021) Management zone delineation based on soil properties measured during the reproductive stage of rice in the field. Land Degradation & Development. 32:3106-3121. [4.977]

    Chen G, Fang Y, Lukas Van Zwieten, Xuan Y, Tavakkoli E, Wang X, Zhang R (2021) Priming, stabilization and temperature sensitivity of native SOC is controlled by microbial responses and physicochemical properties of biochar. Soil Biology and Biochemistry. 154. 108139 [7.609] [4]

    Sale P, Tavakkoli E, Armstrong R, Wilhelm N, Tang C, Desbiolles J, Malcolm B, O'Leary G, Dean G, Davenport D, Henty S, Hart M (2021) Ameliorating dense clay subsoils to increase the yield of rain-fed crops. Advances in Agronomy. 165:249-307. [5.891] [2]

    Conyers M, Holland J, Haskins B, Whitworth R, Poile G, Oates A, van der Rijt V, Tavakkoli E (2020) Sulfur and nitrogen responses by barley and wheat on a sandy soil in a semi-arid environment. Crop and Pasture Science. 71: 894-906. [2.29] [1]

    McDonald, G. K. Tavakkoli, E, Rengasamy P (2020). "Commentary: Bread Wheat With High Salinity and Sodicity Tolerance." Frontiers in Plant Science 11(1194). [5.753] [3]

    Siddulu N. Talapaneni, Gurwinder Singh, Inyoung Kim, Khalid AlBahily, Ala’a H. Al-Muhtaseb, Ajay Karakotti, Tavakkoli E, Ajayan Vinu (2020) Carbon Capture and Conversion: Nanostructured Carbon Nitrides for CO2 Capture and Conversion. Advanced Materials. 32 (18) 2070142 [30.849]. [2] 12. Siddulu N. Talapaneni, Gurwinder Singh, Inyoung Kim, Khalid AlBahily, Ala’a H. Al-Muhtaseb, Ajay Karakotti, Tavakkoli E, Ajayan Vinu (2020) Nanostructured Carbon Nitrides for CO2 Capture and Conversion. Advanced Materials. 32 (18)1904635 [30.849]. [67]

    Zhe Weng, Xihui Liu, Simon Eldridge, Hailong Wang, Terry Rose, Mick Rose, Josh Rust, Bhupinder Pal Singh, Ehsan Tavakkoli, Caixian Tang, Huiping Ou, Lukas Van Zwieten (2020) Priming of soil organic carbon induced by sugarcane residues and its biochar control the source of nitrogen for plant uptake: A dual 13C and 15N isotope three-source-partitioning study. Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 146: 107792. [7.609] [8]

    Shervin Kabiri, Ivan B Andelkovic, Rodrigo C Da Silva, Fien Degryse, Roslyn Baird, Ehsan Tavakkoli, Dusan Losic, Michael J McLaughlin (2020) Engineered Phosphate Fertilizers with Dual-Release Properties. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 59 (13), 5512-5524[3.720]

    Fang Y, Singh BP, Collins D, Armstrong R, Van Zwieten L, Tavakkoli Eǂ (2020) Resource nutrient stoichiometry controls organic amendment derived microbial growth and carbon-use efficiency in a poorly-structured subsoil. Biology and Fertility of Soils. 56:219-233. [6.432]. [7]

    Fang Y, Singh BP, Farrell M, Armstrong R, Van Zwieten L, Chengrong C, Tavakkoli Eǂ (2020) Balanced nutrient stoichiometry of organic amendments enhances carbon priming in a poorly structured sodic subsoil. Soil Biology and Biochemistry. 145: 107800[7.609]. [9]

    Fang Y, Singh BP, Wang H, Tavakkoli E, Cowie A, Arachchi N, Wang W (2019) Balancing nutrient stoichiometry affects the fate of wheat residue-carbon in physically defined soil organic matter fractions in contrasting soils. Geoderma. 354: 113883. [6.114] [16]

    Fang Y, Singh BP, Nazaries L, Tavakkoli E, Wilson N (2019) Interactive carbon priming, microbial response and biochar persistence in a Vertisol with varied inputs of biochar and labile organic matter. European Journal of Soil Science. (Online open access) 70: 960-974. [4.949] [9]

    Farrar M, Wallace H, Xu C, Nguyen T, Tavakkoli E, Joseph S, Hossieni S. (2019) Short-term effects of organo-mineral enriched biochar fertiliser on ginger and nutrient cycling. Journal of Soils and Sediments. 19: 668-682. [3.308] [11]

    Andelkovic I, Kabiri S, da Silva RC, Tavakkoli E, Kirby J, Losic, D, McLaughlin M (2019) Optimisation of phosphate loading on graphene oxide–Fe(III) composites – possibilities for engineering slow release fertilisers. New Journal of Chemistry. 43: 8580-8589. [3.591] [3]

  • Professional Associations

    Tree Crop Technologies, Pty Ltd (Environmental Scientist), 2011-Present

    Australian Society of Soil Science Inc.(ASSSI) (Treasurer of SA branch in 2009-2010, member of committe since 2007)

    The Australasian Soil and Plant Analysis Council (ASPAC)

    International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS)

    Iranian Society of Soil Science

  • Professional Interests


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