Dr Hue Do

Dr Hue Do
 Position Postdoctoral Researcher
 Org Unit School of Animal and Veterinary Science
 Email hue.do@adelaide.edu.au
 Mobile +61414998605
 Location Floor/Room G37 ,  J.S. Davies Building ,   Roseworthy
  • Biography/ Background

    Dr. Hue is a post-doctoral researcher at the School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences at the University of Adelaide. Dr. Hue focuses on research in animal genetics and production, and she has extensive skills in molecular genetics, biochemistry, and microbiology. Hue graduated with her Ph.D. degree at the University of Adelaide in 2021, and her Ph.D. project investigated different colostrum components that can transfer to newborn calves after receiving colostrum. 

  • Qualifications

    • PhD degree at School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences, The University of Adelaide.
    • Master (Animal Science) and Bachelor (Animal and Veterinary Sciences): at Vietnam National University of Agriculture.
  • Publications

    * Journal papers

    1.       Hue, D.T., Petrovski, K., Chen, T., Williams, J.L. and Bottema, C.D., 2023. Analysis of immune-related microRNAs in cows and newborn calves. Journal of Dairy Science. https://doi.org/10.3168/jds.2022-22398

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    4.       Hue, D.T., Williams, J.L., Petrovski, K. and Bottema, C.D., 2021. Predicting colostrum and calf blood components based on refractometry. Journal of Dairy Research, 88(2), pp.194-200. https://doi.org/10.1017/S0022029921000340

    5.       Hue, D.T., Skirving, R., Chen, T., Williams, J.L., Bottema, C.D. and Petrovski, K., 2021. Colostrum source and passive immunity transfer in dairy bull calves. Journal of Dairy Science 104(7):8164-8176. DOI:  https://doi.org/10.3168/jds.2020-19318

    6.       D. T. Hue, N.V. Duy, N.T. Xuan, D.D. Luc, L.T. Tham, D.V. Binh, V.D. Ton, 2017. Semen quality and some factors affecting the semen quality of Dong Tao chicken. Vietnam Journal of Agriculture Science, No 5, 2017, page 589-604.

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    * Handbook

    1.       V.D. Ton, N.V. Duy, D.T. Hiep, D.T. Hue, D.D. Luc, 2015. Raising Dong Tao chicken handbook. Publishing House Agricultural University 2015. ISBN: 978-604-924-206-9.

    * Conference proceedings

    1.       D. T. Hue, Y. Ren, W. Y. Low, T. Chen, K. Petrovski, J. L. Williams, R. Tearle, C. D. K Bottema, 2021. MicroRNA profiles in colostrum and newborn calves after colostrum ingestion. “38th International Society for Animal Genetics Conference (2021)”, Virtual conference, 26-30 July 2021. https://eventpilotadmin.com/web/planner.php?id=ISAG21

    2.       H. T. Do, J. L. Williams, T. Chen, K. Petrovski, and C. D. K. Bottema, 2019. Immune-related microRNA absorption in newborn calves.  “37th International Society for Animal Genetics Conference (2019), 7-12 July 2019, Spain. (https://www.isag.us/2019/scientific-program.aspx).

    3.       Hue. T.D, T. Chen, J. Williams, K. Petrovski, C. Bottema, 2018. Transferring immune-related miRNAs from dam to newborn calves. “7th International Symposium on Animal Functional Genomics & Functional Annotation of Animal Genomes Workshop 2018”, p.36, 12-15 November 2018.

    4.       N.T. Xuan, N.V. Duy, D.T. Hue, D.D. Luc, V.D. Ton, 2017. The fertilizing ability of Ho cock semen by different insemination doses and dilution rates. International Conference: Animal production in Southeast Asia: Current status and Future. Agricultural University Press, Hanoi, Vietnam.

    5.       N.T. Xuan, D.T. Hue, N.V. Duy, D.D. Luc, V.D. Ton, 2016. Reproductive performance of Dong Tao chicken breed. International conference proceedings « Agriculture Development in the Context of International Integration: Opportunities and Challenges », December 7 - 8, 2016, Vietnam National University of Agriculture, Hanoi, Vietnam.

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