Associate Professor Jodie Conduit

Associate Professor Jodie Conduit
 Position Associate Professor
 Org Unit Marketing and Management
 Telephone +61 8 8313 7024
 Location Floor/Room 10 51 ,  Nexus 10 Tower ,   North Terrace
  • Biography/ Background

    Jodie Conduit is an Associate Professor of Marketing in the Business School at the University of Adelaide, Australia. Her research interests lie in understanding how to engage consumers in interactions with organizations, and each other, that enable them to work together to achieve meaningful and relevant outcomes. This underpins her research agenda in the areas of customer engagement, value co-creation, and more broadly in service research. Her research has been widely published in leading journals including the Journal of Marketing, Journal of Service Research, Industrial Marketing Management, European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Business Ethics, and Journal of Service Management among others. Jodie is also an editorial board member for the Journal of Service Theory and Practice.

    Jodie was awarded her PhD from Monash University in 2000 and spent the years 2002-2010 working as a market research professional in industry. Her industry experience and research focus on engagement and co-creation informs Jodie’s interactive approach to teaching marketing at undergraduate, postgraduate, and executive levels. She ensures that managerial relevance lies at the heart of both her research and teaching. Jodie has held several leadership positions in the Adelaide Business School, most notably, HDR Director amd Associate Head (Research) (Marketing and Management), Acting Director of Research (Business School) and Acting Deputy Executive Dean and Associate Dean (Research) (Faculty of Professions). She is also a Visiting Professor at EM Strasbourg Business School in France.



  • Qualifications

    B.Com (Hons) (Adel), PhD (Monash)

    Grad.Cert. Online Learning (Higher Ed.)

    Certified Practising Marketer

  • Awards & Achievements

    Research Awards

    Best Mentor, Faculty of Professions 2018

    Faculty of Professions, Womens Research Fellowship, 2018

    Executive Dean Commendation for Excellence in Research, 2017

    Executive Dean Award for Excellence in Research, 2016

    The University of Adelaide Women's Research Excellence Award (Mid Career), 2016

    Outstanding Reviewer for European Journal of Marketing in Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence, 2016

    Executive Dean Commendation for Excellence in Research, 2015 

    Best Reviewer Award, Australia and New Zealand Marketing Academy (ANZMAC) Conference, 2014, 2015


    Teaching Awards

    Executive Dean Award for Excellence in Teaching 2015

    Best Paper Awards

    Conduit, J., Plewa, C., Ho, J. and Lu, V. (2015) "Facilitating Student Interaction Capabilities through Shared Values and Peer Learning" Australia and New Zealand Marketing Academy (ANZMAC) Conference, Marketing Education Track.

    Conduit, J., and Karpen, I. (2015) "The Value of Spiritual Engagement in a Voluntering Context" International Vincentian Business Ethics Conference, New York, USA. (Award Nominee)

    Altschwager, T., Conduit, J., Bouzdine-Chameeva, T. and Goodman, S. (2014) "Customer Engagement: A comparison between Australian and French Wine Events."Academy of Wine Business Research Conference, Geisenheim, Germany.

    Conduit, J. and Quigg, J. (2002) “Bridging the Gap Between The Internal and External Markets: Understanding the Relationship Between Market Orientation and Customer Satisfaction”. Academy of Marketing Science Multicultural Marketing Conference, Spain.

    Geursen, G.M. and Conduit J. (2000) “Entrepreneurial, market relevant strategies in small and large firms”, UIC/AMA Research Symposia on the Marketing Entrepreneurship Interface, Newcastle.

    Fellowships, Grants and Funding

    The University of Adelaide Barbara Kidman Women’s Fellowship (2013)

    Grape and Wine Research Development Corporation (GWRDC) Incubator Project Grant (2014)

    The University of Adelaide Priority Partner Grant (University of Strasbourg) (2016)

    The University of Adelaide, School of Marketing and Management Research Grant (2014, 2015)

    The University of Adelaide, Faculty of Professions Learning Development Grant (2014)

  • Teaching Interests

    Currently Teaching:

    - Delivering Customer Insight III (formerly Market Research I)


  • Research Interests

    Jodie's research agenda focuses on understanding, facilitating and optimising interactions between actors in a service system. Specifically, engaging customers, employees and other actors to co-create value (incl. service innovation); and strategically managing internal mechanisms, such as market intelligence, internal marketing, and organisational capabilities and orientation to facilitate interaction and value creation.

    Thus, my key specific research areas of interest include: customer engagement, value co-creation, service innovation, and market orientation.


    Current Doctoral Students

    Max Sim and Gediminas Lipnickas.

    Past Doctoral Students

    Teagan Altschwager (2014) “Branded Marketing Events: The Influence of Event Experience on Customer Engagement”
    Rebecca Dolan (2015) "Social Media Engagement Behaviour: A Uses and Gratifications Perspective"
    Long Nguyen (2015) "Investigating the Role of Online Community Engagement and Collective Online Community Empowerment on Consumer Price Fairness Perceptions" (Deans Commendation)
    Hande Akman (2016) "Value Co-creation in Online Collaborative Innovation Communiities" (Deans Commendation)
    Shikha Sharma (2016) "Organisational conditions for co-creation: a health care context"
    Phiangdao Chaoluck (2017) "Assessment of Customer Perceptions Towards Frontline Service Employees' Role Behaviours"
    Diana Ayi Wong (2018) "Actor Engagement with Novel Foods" (under examination)
    William Lake (2019) "Conflict in the Consumer Identity: The Coexistence and Consequences of Environmental Identity and Material Identity" (under examination)

  • Publications

    Journal Publications

    Gebhardt, G., Farrelly, F., and Conduit, J. (2019) "Market Intelligence Dissemination Practices" Journal of Marketing, 83(3), pp. 72-90.

    Brodie, R., Fehrer, J., Jaakkola, E. and Conduit, J. (2019) "Actor Engagement in Networks: Defining the Conceptual Domain", Journal of Service Research, 22(2), pp. 173-188.

    Kleinaltenkamp, M., Karpen, I., Plewa, C., Jaakkola, E. and Conduit, J. (2019) "Collective Engagement in Organizational Settings" Industrial Marketing Management (

    Conduit, J., Karpen, I., Plewa, C. and Kleinaltenkamp, M. (2019) " Business Actor Engagement: Foundations, Developments and Opportunities", Industrial Marketing Management ( (Editorial)

    Dolan, R., Conduit, J., Frethey Bentham, C., Fahy, J., and Goodman, S. (2019) "Social Media Engagement Behavior: A Framework for Engaging Customers' through Social Media Content", European Journal of Marketing (

    Nguyen, L., Lu, V., Rao Hill, S. and Conduit, J. (2019) "The mediating role of brand knowledge on employees' brand citizenship behaviour: Does organisational tenure matter?", Australasian Marketing Journal (forthcoming)

    Akman, H., Plewa, C. and Conduit, J. (2018) "Co-creating Value in Onlie Innovation Communities", European Journal of Marketing (DOI: 10.1108/EJM-12-2016-0780)

    Altschwager, T., Dolan, R., and Conduit, J. (2018) "Social Brand Engagement: How Orientation Events Engage Students with the University", Australasian Marketing Journal, 16(2), pp. 83-91.

    Sim, M., Conduit, J. and Plewa, C. (2018) "Engagement within a Service System: A Fuzzy Set Analysis in a Higher Education Setting," Journal of Service Management, 29(3), pp. 422-442.

    Sharma, S., Conduit, J. and Rao Hill, S. (2017) "Hedonic and Eudaimonic Well-Being Outcomes from Co-creation Roles: A Study of Vulnerable Customers" Journal of Services Marketing, 31(4/5), pp. 397-411.

    Bowden, J., Conduit, J., Hollebeek, L., Luoma-Aho, V. and Solem, B. (2017) "Engagement Valence Duality and Spillover Effects in Online Brand Communities" Journal of Service Theory and Practice, 27(4), pp. 877-897

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    Hollebeek, L., Conduit, J., Sweeney, J., Soutar, G., Karpen, I., Jarvis, W. and Chen, T. (2016) "Epilogue to the Special Issue and Reflections on the Future of Engagement Research", Journal of Marketing Management, 32(5/6), pp. 586-594.

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    Plewa, C. and Conduit, J. (2016) Making a Difference through Marketing: A quest for different perspectives, Springer. ISBN 978-981-10-0462-9

    Brodie, R., Hollebeek, L. and Conduit, J. (2016) Customer Engagement: Contemporary Issues and Challenges, Routledge 


    Refereed Book Chapters 

    Jaakkola, E., Conduit, J. and Fehrer, J. (2019) "Tracking the Evolution of Engagement Research: Illustration of Midrange Theory in the Service-Dominant Paradigm, in Vargo, S. and Lusch, R. (eds) The SAGE Handbook of Service Dominant Logic, SAGE, pp. 580-598.

    Bowden, J., Conduit, J., Hollebeek, L., Luoma-Aho, V. and Solem, B.  (2018) "The Role of Social Capital in Shaping Consumer Engagement within Online Brand Communities" in Johnston, K. and Taylor, M. (eds.) Handbook of Communication Engagement, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

    Dolan, R., Conduit, J. and Fahy, J. (2018) "Creating, Contributing and Consuming Behaviour: How Affective and Rational Message Appeals Facilitate Engagement" in Rishi, B and Bandyopadhyay, S. (Eds.) Contemporary Issues in Social Media Marketing, Routledge

    Dolan, R. and Conduit, J. (2017) "Social Media Analytics: Measurement Tools for Exploring Online Engagement" in Juholin, E. & Luoma-aho, V. (Eds), Mitattava Viestinta [In Finnish: Measurable Communication], ProComma Academic, ProCom Ry, Helsinki, Finland

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    Mavondo, F. T., & Conduit, J. (2000). Construct validity of market orientation: Do people in different industries share the same meaning? In R.B. McNaughton (Ed.), Developments in Australian Marketing. London, England: JAI Press Inc., ISBN: 9780762306367



    Conduit, J., Gray, N., and Findlay, C.C. (2019) "Benefits of Trade: An Organisational Perspective. Results from Focus Groups in APEC Countries" prepared for APEC Business Advisory Council and Pacific Economic Cooperation Council


    Please contact Jodie Conduit for list of conference papers.


  • Professional Associations

    Associate Editor (Aust & NZ), Journal of Service Theory and Practice

    Editorial Review Board Members, AMS Review

    Business Advisory Board Member, St Vincent de Paul Society

    Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy (ANZMAC) Executive Committee Member;

    Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy (ANZMAC) Member;

    European Marketing Academy (EMAC) Member;

    Australian Marketing Institute (AMI), Certified Practising Marketer;

    Former Member Australian Market and Social Research Society (AMSRS) and Qualified Practising Market Researcher (QPMR) (2005 - 2010).

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