Dr John Budarick

 Position Senior Lecturer
 Org Unit School of Humanities
 Email john.budarick@adelaide.edu.au
 Telephone +61 8 8313 4289
 Location Floor/Room 9 ,  Napier ,   North Terrace
  • Biography/ Background

    John Budarick is a senior lecturer in the discipline of media with expertise in communication theory; media, journalism and democracy; ethnic minority media; diasporic and transnational media. 

    He completed his PhD at Monash University in 2011, and has taught at universities in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. He has been published in several international academic journals, such as Media, Culture and Society, International Journal of Communication, and Global Media and Communication. He has published two books with Plagrave MacMillan: Minorities & Media, and Ethnic Media and Democracy.

  • Qualifications

    2011 PhD in Communications and Media Studies, Monash University

    2005 Bachelor of Arts Honours in Sociology (First Class)

    2003 Bachelor of Arts, triple major Sociology, English and Screen Studies

  • Awards & Achievements

    2016 Faculty Research Active Grants Scheme: University of Adelaide, $2200

    2014 Winner of Friends of Africans/Organisations Supporting Africans Award: Victorian African Community Awards (Africa Media Australia).

    2014 Learning and Teaching Development Innovation Find: University of Adelaide, $1252.80

    2014 Faculty Research Active Grants Scheme: University of Adelaide, $2000

    2013 ECPS Research Publications and Activity Costs Grant: Monash University, $765

    2010 Postgraduate Publication Award: Monash University Faculty of Arts
    $5,772 over twelve weeks

    2008 Monash University ECPS School Scholarship
    $20,007 p.a over three years

    2007 TASA Cultural Sociology Group
    $300 Conference Fund: Brisbane, Griffith University

    2005 Chancellor's Letter of Commendation
    Flinders University, for excellence in an Honours Degree

  • Research Interests

    Transnational media and globalisation, ethnic minority media, diasporas and media, ethnic minority journalism, the public sphere, media theory, media, journalism and democracy.

  • Publications


    Budarick, John Ethnic Media and Democracy: Engaging Theory and Politics. Under contreact, due December 2018. Palgrave Macmillan

    Budarick, John & Han, Gil-Soo (eds) (2017) Minorities and Media: Producers, Industries, Audiences. Palgrave Macmillan: London.

    Book Chapters

    Budarick, John & Han, Gil-Soo (2017) 'Introduction', in J Budarick & GS Han (eds) Minorities and Media: Producers, Industries, Audiences, Palgrave Macmillan: London.

    Budarick, John (2017) 'From Marginalisation to a Voice of our own: African media in Australia' in J Budarick & GS Han (eds) Minorities and Media: Producers, Industries, Audiences, Palgrave Macmillan: London.

    Budarick, John (2016) 'The Elasticity of the Public Sphere: Expansion, contraction and "other" media', in M Griffiths and K Barbour (EDS) Making Publics, Making Places, University of Adelaide Press: Adelaide.

    Refereed Journal Articles

    Budarick, John (forthcoming) 'Ethnic media and counter-hegemony: Agonistic pluralism, policy and professionalism, International Journal of Communication. Accepted April 5th 2018/.

    Han, Gil-Soo & Budarick, John (2018) 'Overcoming the new kids on the block syndrome: The media "endorsement" on discrimination of African-Australoans', Continuum: Journal of Media and Cultural Studies 32 (2).

    Budarick, John (2016) 'Ethnic Minority Media and the Public Sphere: The case of African-Australian media producers', Journal of Sociology.

    Budarick, John (2015) 'Belonging-Security Across Borders: News Media, Migration and the Spaces of Production', International Journal of Communication, 9.

    Budarick, John and Gil-Soo Han (2015) 'Towards a Multi-Ethnic Public Sphere?: African-Australian media and minority-majority relations', Media, Culture and Society, 37 (8).

    Budarick, John, (2014) 'Media and the limits of transnational solidarity: Unanswered questions in the relationship between diaspora, communication and community', Global Media and Communication 10 (2).

    Budarick, John and Gil-Soo Han (2013) 'Positive stories: why and how African-Australian media matter', Australian Journal of Communication 40 (3)

    Budarick, John (2013) 'Localised audiences and transnational media: media use by Iranian Australians', Media International Australia (148)

    De La Fuente, Eduardo, John Budarick and michael Walsh (2012) 'Altered states: An essay on communication and movement', Continuum: Journal of Media and Cultural Studies 26 (1)

    Budarick, John (2011) 'Media, home and diaspora', Media@LSE: Electronic Working Papers (21)

    Budarick, John (2011) 'Media narratives and social events: The story of the Redfern riots', Journal of Communication Inquiry 35 (1)

    Budarick, John (2009) 'A reevaluation of literature in active and critical audience studies', Colloquy: Text, Theory, Critique (18)

    Budarick, John and Debra King (2008) 'Framing ideology in the niche media: The Koori Mail's construction of the Redfern riots', Journal of Sociology 44 (4)

    Refereed Conference Papers

    Budarick, John and Gil-Soo Han (2013) The importance of migrant media: African-australian media', Refereed proceedings of the Australian Sociological Association Conference, Melbourne

    Budarick, John (2010) 'Media, movement and the search for security amongst Iranian-Australian', Refereed proceedings of the 17th International Sociological Association World Congress, Gothenburg. 

    Reviews and Other Publications

    Budarick, John (2016) Book review: Mediating Migration, Radha S Hegde (2016), Cultural Studies Review.

    Budarick, John (2014) 'Debate on free speech alone means little for minorities', The Conversation http://theconversation.com/debate-on-free-speech-alone-means-little-for-minorities-30397 

    Budarick, John (2013) Book review: Reinventing Professionalism: Journalism and News in Global Perspective, Silvio Waisbord (2013), Media International Australia (146)

    Budarick, John (2013) Book review: International communication and Global News Networks: Historical Perspectives, Peter Putnis, Chandrika Kaul and Jurgen Wilke (eds) (2011), Media International Australia (146)

    Budarick, John (2010) 'The world congress of sociology', Cultural Fields Newsletter (3)

    Budarick, John (2009) Book review: The Media and Morality: On the rise of the mediapolis, Roger Silverstone (2007), Nexus: Newsletter of the Australian sociological Association 21 (2)

    Budarick, John (2007) 'Narrating Social Crisis: a riot, the media and civil society', Nexus: Newsletter of the Australian Sociological Association 19 (3)

    Conference Papers

    2016 'African Media in Australia', National Conference on Media, Migration and Integration/Social Cohesion, Melbourne.

    2015 'Migrant media in Australia', Symposium on Community, Popular and Digital Media in Migrant Settlement, Integration and Resilience: Mobilities and belonging, University of Western Australia.

    2009 'Altered States: Mobility and communication', Monash University, School of ECPS Media Symposium.

    2008 'Structure and agency, text and audience in media research', International and Intercultural Communications in the Age of Digital Media, Monash University.

    2007 'Media narratives and social events: The Redfern riots, TASA Cultural Sociology Group, Brisbane, Griffith University.


  • Media Expertise

    CategoriesMedia & Journalism
    ExpertiseMedia; Migrant; Ethnic; Transnational; Global; News; Race; Minority; diaspora
    NotesI have been published in the areas of media and race, ethnicity, migration, transnationalism and diaspora, and have conducted several radio interviews on such topics.

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