Dr Jon Jureidini

Dr Jon Jureidini
 Position Research Leader - Robinson Research Institute
 Org Unit Women's and Children's Health
 Email jon.jureidini@adelaide.edu.au
 Mobile +61 4 1889 7530
 Location Floor/Room 2 ,  WCH - Norwich Centre ,   Womens & Childrens Hospital
  • Biography/ Background

    Jon Jureidini is a child psychiatrist at the Women's and Children's Hospital, Adelaide where he works with ill and disabled children and their families. He has also trained in philosophy (PhD, Flinders University), critical appraisal (University of British Columbia) and psychotherapy (Tavistock Clinic). He heads the University of Adelaide's: 

    • Critical and Ethical Mental Health (CEMH) research group within the Robinson Research Institute, carrying out critical appraisal, meta-research, teaching, and advocacy in order to promote safer, more effective and more ethical research and practice in mental health
    • Paediatric Mental Health Training Unit (PMHTU, adelaide.edu.au/pmhtu), providing training and support to GPs, allied health professionals, teachers and counsellors in non-pathologising approaches to primary care mental health.

    Jureidini learnt most of what he knows about psychiatry growing up in a pub, from being a father, from reading novels, and from Michael Leunig's cartoons.

  • Qualifications


  • Awards & Achievements

    • 1986 South Australian Health Commission Scholarship for Specialist Study Overseas
    • 1999 Robert J Stoller Foundation Prize for a post-doctoral author
    • 2006 Margaret Tobin Award for ‘excellence in the provision of services to people with a mental illness who are most in need or most at risk'

  • Teaching Interests

  • Research Funding

    1. ARC Linkage Grant: 2015-2017
      Della P, Walsh J, Jureidini J, Driving health care efficiencies and patient care outcomes by improving communication in acute to primary transitions of care, $480,000
    2. Channel 7 Children's Research Foundation Grant: 2013-2014
      Roberts R, Strohm K, Jureidini J, Giallo R, Robb J. Evaluation of a group program for siblings. $70,000
    3. ARC Linkage grant (LP110100035): 2011-2014
      Slade D, Manias E, Battersby M, Scheeres H, Della P, Jureidini J et al. Effective clinical handover communication: improving patient safety, experiences and outcomes. $718,000 
    4. Canadian Women's Health Network: 2008-2009
      Mintzes B, Jureidini J.SSRI use in pregnancy. $CA12,000
    5. ARC Large Grant (A726): 2000-2003
      Jureidini J. Narrative and Psychopathology: the role played by narrative in understanding patterns of development and breakdown in psycho-social functioning. $80,000


  • Publications

    1. Jureidini J & Dunbar M. (Book chapter, in press) Medical malpractice: Child and adolescent psychiatry. In Encyclopaedia of forensic and legal medicine. Second edition. Eds J Payne-James, R Byard. Oxford: Elsevier
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      Selected non-refereed work
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  • Community Engagement

    Jureidini is spokesman for Healthy Skepticism, which aims to counter misleading drug promotion, chair of Australian-Palestinian Partnerships for Education and Health, and on the board of Siblings Australia, an organisation that advocates for individuals with ill and disabled siblings.

  • Media Expertise

    CategoriesPsychology & Psychiatry
    ExpertiseChildren's play; munchausen by proxy syndrome; children with physical illness and disability; ADHD; attention deficit; childhood depression; child psychiatry; refugee issues; refugees; pharmaceutical industry; depression
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    After hours(08) 8269 5996

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