Dr Jonathan Tyler

Dr Jonathan Tyler
 Position Lecturer
 Org Unit Earth Sciences
 Email jonathan.tyler@adelaide.edu.au
 Telephone +61 8 8313 2810
 Location Floor/Room G 06 ,  Mawson Laboratories ,   North Terrace
  • Research Interests

    I am a palaeoclimatologist and isotope geochemist, with an interest in developing the tools used to reconstruct past climates through studying the modern world. I am currently interested in climate variability in Australia during the 'Common Era' - the last 2000 years - for which period continental Australia has critically limited data coverage. I continue to work on projects aimed at understanding climate variability and landscape change in Antarctica, Japan and the United Kingdom.

    During my career I have worked with a variety of techniques, both geochemical and palaeoecological, including cutting edge techniques such as oxygen and silicon isotopes in biogenic silica, carbon and nitrogen isotope analysis of sedimentary chlorins and branched GDGTs as a proxy for surface air temperature and soil pH. My work has involved sediment analysis, field monitoring of modern lake systems and experimental analysis of diatoms and haptophytes (siliceous and calcareous algae) in culture. I am increasingly concerned with the numerical analysis of sedimentary timeseries and contemporary data, and have recently conducted a large scale data synthesis of Australian climate records for the last 2000 years.

    I am a member of the American Geophysical Union, and a PAGES 2K (PAst Global changES 2000 year project) data manager for the Australian region.

  • Publications

    For an up-to-date list of all my publications and research activities, please refer to my researcher profile: https://researchers.adelaide.edu.au/profile/jonathan.tyler#publication

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