Dr Jordi Fernandez

Dr Jordi Fernandez
 Position Associate Professor
 Org Unit School of Humanities
 Email jorge.fernandez@adelaide.edu.au
 Telephone +61 8 8313 5299
 Location Floor/Room 7 ,  Napier ,   North Terrace
  • Biography/ Background

    I am a philosopher at the University of Adelaide. Before coming to South Australia in 2007, I was a post-doctoral fellow at Macquarie University and the Centre for Consciousness of the ANU. I received my PhD from Brown University in 2003, and I taught for a year at Bowdoin College before leaving the United States to move to Australia. I am originally from Spain, and I did my undergraduate study at the University of Barcelona.



    Personal website:


  • Teaching Interests

    At the University of Adelaide, I have been teaching (often in collaboration with colleagues) undergraduate courses in metaphysics, epistemology and the philosophy of mind. I also teach a course on existentialism and a course on early modern philosophy. I have also taught some honours courses on more specialised topics such as self-knowledge and memory.

  • Research Interests

    I am interested in the topics of self-knowledge and memory. With regards to the former, I am with those who believe that self-knowledge is ‘transparent’: We attribute mental states to ourselves based on our grounds for being in those states. With regards to the latter, I believe that the contents of memories are reflexive: Memories represent themselves as having a certain causal origin. My current project is aimed at determining what the experience of ‘owning’ a mental state amounts to.


  • Research Funding

    Chief Investigator in external grants


    2017-2020      The Ownership of Minds

                            ARC Discovery Future Fellowship FT160100313: 864,338$AUD.

                            University of Adelaide (Sole CI)

    2013-2015      The truth about false memory,

    ARC Discovery project DP130103047: 205,000$AUD.

    University of Adelaide (Sole CI)

    2005-2006       A philosophical and empirical approach to the nature of perception and belief

    ARC Linkage International project LX0664998: 16,500$AUD.

    Macquarie University (French-Australian team of CIs.)


    Partner Investigator in external grants


    2011-2013      The naturalization of subjectivity

    Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation: 47,100€.

    University of Girona

    2011-2012       Meaning, translation and context

    Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation: 44,286€.

    University of Barcelona

    2008-2010       Modal aspects of realist materialism

    Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation: 25,700.

    University of Girona

    2008-2009      Semantics and pragmatics of special contexts

    Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation: 36,542€.

    University of Barcelona

  • Publications


    1. Fernández, J. (2019) Memory: A Self-Referential Account. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

    2. Fernández, J. (2013) Transparent Minds: A Study of Self-Knowledge. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

    Edited volumes

    3. Bayne, T. and Fernández, J. (2009) Delusions and Self-Deception: Affective Influences on Belief Formation. London: Psychology Press.

    Book chapters

    4. Fernández, J. (Forthcoming) "Thought insertion and commitment", in T. McClelland and P. López Silva (Eds.) Intruders in the Mind: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Thought Insertion.     Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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    Refereed journal articles

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