Associate Professor Laura Grenfell

Associate Professor Laura Grenfell
 Position Associate Professor
 Org Unit Adelaide Law School
 Telephone +61 8 8313 5777
 Location Floor/Room 3 27 ,  Ligertwood Building ,   North Terrace
  • Biography/ Background

    Dr Laura Grenfell is the Faculty of the Professions' Associate Dean of Diversity and Inclusion.  She is a member of the University's Gender Equity and Diversity Committee and Convenor of the Professions' Diversity and Inclusion Committee.

    Dr Grenfell teaches and researches in public law. She has a particular interest in constitutional law, comparative constitutional law, human rights law and post-conflict justice.

    Laura is the Director of the Law School's Human Rights Internship Programme.

    Before joining academia in 2002, Laura practised constitutional law with the Crown Solicitor's Office of South Australia and was an associate in the Supreme Court of South Australia.

    Laura has a LLM from the University of Toronto (2000-2001).  In December 2009 Laura was awarded a Doctor of Philosophy from the Australian National University.  Her PhD was entitled: "The Relationship Between Legal Pluralism and the Rule of Law in Timor-Leste and South Africa".


  • Qualifications

    Education and Professional

    B.A. (Hons), LLB (Hons), Adelaide


    LLM (University of Toronto)

    PhD (ANU)

    Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of South Australia

    Enrolled on the High Court list of Practitioners

  • Teaching Interests

    Principal Subjects Taught

    Human Rights Law

    Transitional Justice
    Human Rights Internship Programme

    Public Law Internship
    Comparative Constitutional Law
    Principles of Public Law

    Australian Constitutional Law

    Native Title Internship

    Teaching Prizes:

    Beacon Commendation for the Enhancement and Innovation of Student Learning, Enhancing Indigenous Knowledges 2016;

    Faculty of the Professions Teaching Prize 2010;

    University of Adelaide Excellence in Education Award 2010

  • Research Interests

    Post-Conflict Justice

    Public Law

    Human Rights Law

    Comparative Law

    Feminist Legal Theory
  • Publications

    Major Publications


    Law Making and Human Rights (co-edited with Julie Debeljak( (forthcoming, Thomson Reuters, 2019)

    Promoting the Rule of Law in Post-Conflict States (Cambridge University Press, September 2013)

    Australian Public Law (coauthored with Gabrielle Appleby and Alex Reilly) (Oxford University Press 3rd ed 2019)

    Australian Public Law (coauthored with Gabrielle Appleby and Alex Reilly) (Oxford University Press 2nd ed 2014)

    Australian Public Law (coauthored with Alex Reilly, Gabrielle Appleby and Wendy Lacey) (Oxford University Press 2011)
    Book Chapters

    ‘Women's Role in Reconstituting the Post-Conflict State’ in Paul Babie and Dale Stephens (eds), Imagining Law: Essays in Conversation with Judith Gardam (2016) Chapter 10

    ‘Customising Equality in Post-Conflict Constitutions' in Kim Rubenstein and Katherine Young (eds), The Public Law of Gender: From the Local to the Global (Cambridge University Press, 2016)

    'The UN and “Rule-of-Law Constitutions”’ in Hilary Charlesworth and Jeremy Farrall (eds), Strengthening the Rule of Law through the UN Security Council (Routledge Press, 2016)

    “Legal Pluralism and the Rule of Law in East Timor” Rpt in Albert F Y Chen and Tom Ginsburg (eds), Public Law in East Asia (Ashgate Press, 2013)

    "Promoting the rule of law in Timor-Leste" in Vandra Harris and Andrew Goldsmith (eds), Security, Development and Nation-Building in Timor-Leste: A Cross Sectoral Assessment (Routledge 2011)

    “Harnessing Local Law in the Post-Conflict State: The Case of Timor-Leste” in William Binchy (ed), Timor-Leste: Challenges for Justice and Human Rights in the Shadow of the Past (Clarus Press 2009)

    “Legal Pluralism and the Challenge of Building the Rule of Law in Post-Conflict States: A Case-Study of Timor-Leste” in B Bowden, H Charlesworth and J Farrall (eds), The Role of International Law in Rebuilding Societies after Conflict:  Great Expectations (Cambridge University Press 2009)

    Referreed Journal Articles

    'Internship Courses for All? Supporting Students Undertaking Unpaid University-Run Legal Internships' (2019) 44/3 Alternative Law Journal 226-231 (co-authored with Cornelia Koch)


    'Aged Care, Detention and OPCAT' (2019) 25 Australian Journal of Human Rights 248-262


    'The Role of Committees in Rights Protection in Federal and State Parliaments in Australia' (2018) 41 University of New South Wales Law Journal 40-79 (coauthored with Sarah Moulds)


    ‘Rights Scrutiny Cultures and Anti-Bikie Bills in Australian State Parliaments: “A Bill of Rights For the Hell’s Angels’’ (2016) 44 Federal Law Review 337-372.

    ‘Parliament’s Reputation as the ‘Pre-Eminent’ Institution for Defending Rights: Do Parliamentary Committees Always Enhance this Reputation?’ (2016) 31/2 Australasian Parliamentary Review 34-45

    ‘An Australian Spectrum of Political Rights Scrutiny: 'Continuing to Lead by Example?' (2015) 26/1 Public Law Review 19-38

    'Realising Rights in Timor-Leste’ (2015) 39/2 Asian Studies Review (Special Edition on Law, Support Structures and the Realisation of Human Rights in Asia) 266-283

    ‘Gender Regulation – Restrictive, Facilitative, or Transformative Laws?’ (2012) 34/4 Sydney Law Review 761-783 (with Anne Hewitt)

    ‘Promoting the Rule of Law in Timor-Leste’ (2009) 9 Conflict, Security and Development 213-238

    ‘Legal Pluralism and the Rule of Law in Timor Leste’ (2006) 19 Leiden Journal of International Law 305-337

    ‘The Participation of Afghan Women in the Reconstruction Process’ (2004) 12/1 Human Rights Brief 22-25

    ‘Paths to Transitional Justice for Afghan Women’ (2004) 73 Nordic Journal of International Law 505-534

    ‘Making Sex: Law's Narratives of Sex, Gender and Identity’ (2003) 23 Legal Studies 66-103

    ‘Embracing Law's Categories: Anti-Discrimination Laws and Transgenderism’ (2003) 15 Spring Issue Yale Journal of Law and Feminism 1-55

    ‘'Carmilla': The Red Flag of Nineteenth Century Vampire Narratives’ (2003) 33/34 Tessera - Blood/Le Sang 152-167

    ‘The International Crime of Gender-Based Persecution and the Taliban’ (2003) 5 Melbourne Journal of International Law 347-375 (co-authored with Widney A. Brown)

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