Dr Martin Donnelley

Dr Martin Donnelley
 Position Senior Research Fellow
 Org Unit Paediatrics and Reproductive Health
 Email martin.donnelley@adelaide.edu.au
 Telephone +61 8 8161 9181
 Location Floor/Room G6 026 ,  WCH - Gilbert Building ,   Womens & Childrens Hospital
  • Biography/ Background

    Dr Martin Donnelley is a Robinson Research Institute Career Development Fellow working with the Adelaide Cystic Fibrosis Gene Therapy Research Group at the Women's and Children's Hospital, Department of Respiratory and Sleep Medicine. He is a Biomedical Engineer/Scientist that specialises in the use of medical imaging techniques for understanding respiratory disease.

    Martin joined the group in 2007 as a post-doctoral researcher on an NHMRC grant. Since that time his research has been focussed on using synchrotron X-ray light to image airway surfaces to quantify the effectiveness of gene therapy and pharmaceutical treatments for CF, specifically through non-invasive measures of mucociliary transit function.

    His research involves the creation of novel airway health measures for respiratory disease, as well as understanding how pollutants interact with the respiratory system. Martin holds an affiliate research fellow position in the Discipline of Paediatrics at the University of Adelaide.

  • Qualifications

    2007 - PhD, Flinders University

    2001 - BEng (Biomedical) with Honours, Flinders University

    2000 - BSc, Flinders University

  • Research Funding


    Channel 7 Children's Research Foundation

    Australian CF Research Trust

    WCH Foundation

    Australian Synchrotron

    Robinson Research Institute (Travel grants: 2012-16)

  • Publications

    A. McCarron, M. Donnelley, C. McIntyre, D. Parsons, “Challenges of up-scaling lentivirus production and processing”, Journal of Biotechnology, Accepted for publication, 2016.

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