Dr Megan Mitchell

Dr Megan Mitchell
 Position Research Fellow
 Org Unit Women's and Children's Health
 Email megan.mitchell@adelaide.edu.au
 Telephone +61 8 8161 7657
 Location Floor/Room 1 ,  Queen Victoria
  • Qualifications

     Bachelor of Agricultural Science (Hons I). PhD. University of Adelaide

  • Publications

    1.       Fullston T, Palmer NO, Owens JA, Mitchell M, Bakos HW, Lane M. (2012) Diet-induced paternal obesity in the absence of diabetes diminishes the reproductive health of two subsequent generations of mice. Hum Reprod. 2012 Feb 21. [Epub ahead of print]

    2.       Campbell JM, Nottle M, Vassiliev I, Mitchell M, Lane M.(2012) Insulin increases epiblast cell number of in vitro cultured mouse embryos via the PI3K/GSK3/p53 pathway. Stem Cells Dev. 2012 Feb 16. [Epub ahead of print]

    1. Smits RJ, Luxford BG, Mitchell M. and Nottle MB. (2011) Sow litter size is increased in the subsequent parity when lactating sows are fed diets containing omega 3 fatty acids from fish oil. Journal of Animal Science. 89(9):2731-8.
    2. Palmer NO, Fullston T, Mitchell M, Setchell BP. and Lane M. (2011) SIRT6 in mouse spermatogenesis is modulated by diet induced obesity. Reproduction, Fertility and Development. 23(7):929-39.
    3. Fullston T, Mitchell M, Wakefield SJ. and Lane M. (2011) Mitochondrial inhibition during pre-implantation embryogenesis shifts the transcriptional profile of mouse fetal brain. Reproduction, Fertility and Development. 23(5):691-701.
    4. Wakefield SL, Lane M. and Mitchell M. (2011) Mitochondrial dysfunction in the pre-implantation embryo alters fetal and placental outcomes. Biology of Reproduction. 84(3):572-80.  
    5. Mitchell M, Bakos HW. and Lane M. (2011) Paternal obesity impairs embryo development and implantation. Fertility and Sterility. 95(4):1349-53.
    6. Bakos HW, Henshaw RC, Mitchell M, and Lane M. (2011) Paternal Body Mass Index is Associated with Decreased Blastocyst Development and Reduced Live Birth Rates Following Assisted Reproductive Technology. Fertility and Sterility. 95(5):1700-1704.
    7. van Wettere WHEJ, Mitchell M, Revell DK and Hughes PE. (2011) Nutritional restriction of pre-pubertal liveweight gain impairs ovarian follicle growth and oocyte developmental competence of replacement gilts. Theriogeneology. 75(7):1301-1310.
    8. Bakos HW, Mitchell M, Setchell BP. and Lane M. (2011) The Effect of Paternal Diet Induced Obesity on Sperm Function in a Mouse Model. International Journal of Andrology. 34(5 Pt 1):402-10.
    9. Campbell JM, Mitchell M, Nottle MB. and Lane M. (2011). Development of a mouse model for studying the effect of embryo culture on embryonic stem cell derivation Stem Cells and Development. 20(9):1577-86.
    10. Zander-Fox. DL, Mitchell M, Thompson JG. and Lane M. (2010) Alterations in Mouse Embryo Intracellular pH During Pre-implantation Development Impairs Pregnancy Establishment and  Perturbs Fetal Growth. Repro Biomed Online. 21(2):219-29.
    11. M. Mitchell, Schulz SJ, Armstrong DT. and Lane M. (2009) Metabolic and mitochondrial dysfunction in early mouse embryos following maternal dietary protein intervention. Biology of Reproduction. 80(4):622-30
    12. M. Mitchell, Cashman KS, Gardner DK, Thompson JG. and Lane M. (2009) Disruption of mitochondrial malate- aspartate shuttle activity in mouse blastocysts impairs viability and fetal growth Biology of Reproduction. 80(2):295-301.
    13. SL. Wakefield, Lane M, Schulz SJ, Hebart ML, Thompson JG. and Mitchell M. (2008) Maternal Supply of Omega 3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids Alter Mechanisms Involved In Oocyte and Early Embryo Development in the Mouse. American Journal of Physiology; Endocrinology and Metabolism 294(2): E425-434..
    14. ML. Sutton-McDowall, Mitchell M, Cetica P, Dalvit G, Lane M, Gilchrist RB. and Thompson JG. (2006) Glucosamine supplementation during in vitro maturation inhibits subsequent oocyte developmental competence: Possible role of the hexosamine pathway as a regulator of developmental competence Biology of Reproduction, 74(5): 881-888..
    15. WHEJ. van Wettere, Revell DK, Mitchell M. and Hughes PE. (2006) Increasing the age of gilts at first boar contact improves the timing and synchrony of the pubertal response but does not affect potential litter size. Animal Reproduction Science Volume 95 (1-2) 97-106.
    16. M. Bray, Revell DK, Bawden CS. and Hynd PI. (2005) Keratin gene expression in merino sheep with divergent wool growth Australian Journal of Agricultural Research 56 (3) 203-210.

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