Dr Michelle McArthur

 Position Veterinary Skills - Communication / Veterinary Skills - Communication
 Org Unit School of Animal and Veterinary Science
 Email michelle.mcarthur@adelaide.edu.au
 Telephone +61 8 8313 3040 / +61 8 8313 7600 / +61 8 8313 0080
 Location Floor/Room 3 17 ,  Oliphant ,   North Terrace
Floor/Room G 21 ,  Corridor Block ,   Roseworthy
  • Qualifications

    BA (Psych) Hons, University of South Australia

    Masters Clinical Psychology, University of South Australia

    DClinPsych, University of Queensland

  • Research Interests

    ·    Human-animal relationships

    ·    Veterinarian and veterinary student communication skills

    ·    Methods for teaching and learning clinical communication skills

    ·    Veterinarian and Veterinary student mental health and wellbeing

    ·      Development of professional skills in veterinary students.


    Co-supervision of postgraduate students


    2015-    Jasmin Peacock, (commencing June 1st 2015) (Principal supervisor Susan  Hazel, co-supervisors Michelle McArthur and Bradley Smith)

    2013-   Veronika Czerwinski (Co-supervisor) A longitudinal study of dog behaviour and owner attachment. Principal Supervisor Phil Hynd, Co-supervisor Susan Hazel


    Masters Internship (Utrecht )

    2014    Malou Vifhuizen, The acceptability of the Verona Codes and the implication for educating veterinary students. Principal Supervisor Michelle McArthur, Co-supervisors Susan Matthew (University of Sydney) and Harold Bok (Utrecht University)


    Honours Supervision

    2015    Jane Brister, (Co-supervisor) Compassion fatigue and veterinarians. Primary supervisor Helen Winefield and Co-supervisor Susan Hazel.

    2012    Ashwin Nathan, (Co-supervisor) Puppy and Up- a longitudinal study of puppy temperament and owner attachment (Principal supervisor Susan Hazel)

    2011    Alicia Jenkins, (Co-supervisor) An evaluation of the delivery of a program to reduce the incidence of attacks on children by compassion animals . Scholarship funded by the Dog and Cat Management Board (Principal Supervisor Anna Chur-Hansen and Co-supervisor Susan Hazel)


    DVM 1 Clinical Research Project

    2015    Jena Andrews (Primary Supervisor). Compassion fatigue and resilience in veterinary students. Co-supervisor Susan Hazel

    2015    Conor Brand (Primary Supervisor).  Prevalence and risk factors of compassion fatigue in veterinary students

    2012    Jia Wen-Siow (Primary supervisor). A survey of companion animal weight loss programs in a metropolitan capital city. Co-supervisor Susan Hazel

    2012    Teegan Hadley (Co-supervisor). Factors influencing the human-animal bond. Primary Supervisor Susan Hazel

  • Publications

    Peer Reviewed Journal Articles


    McArthur, M, Fitzgerald, J. Evaluation of a communication skills training program for veterinarians. Accepted (J Vet Med Educ)


    Petrovski K, McArthur M. The art and science of consultations in bovine medicine: Use of the modified  Calgary-Cambridge Guides.  Mac Vet Rev (In Press)


    Wen Siow, J, Hazel, S, McArthur, M. A survey of companion animal weight loss programs in a metropolitan capital city. (Accepted) Australian Veterinary Practitioner.


    Chur-Hansen A, McArthur M, Winefield H, Hanieh E, Hazel SJ. Animal assisted interventions in children’s hospitals: A critical review of the literature. Anthrozoos 27 (1): 5-18, 2014


    Hamood WJ, Chur-Hansen A, McArthur ML. A qualitative study to explore communication skills in veterinary medical education. Int J Med Educ 5:193-8, 2014.


    McArthur M, Fitzgerald J. Companion animal veterinarians' use of clinical communication skills. Aust Vet J 91(9):374-80, 2013.


    Book Chapter

    1.     McArthur MF, A. Feakes. Veterinary leadership and communication skills. In: Cockcroft P, ed. Bovine Medicine 3rd Edition. Great Britain: Wiley; 2015.


    Conferences and workshops

    2015   Hamood, W, Chur-Hansen, A, McArthur M. A qualitative study on communication skills in contexts relevant to veterinary medicine education. Australian & New Zealand Association for Health Professional Educators and Asian Medical Education Association Conference in Newcastle, March 2015

    2014   McArthur, M. Teaching client relations and consultation skills at the University of Adelaide. Invited Keynote Speaker. IVABS Teaching and Learning Symposium. Massey University , New Zealand

    2014   A framework for and core skills of Veterinary Communication. IVABS Teaching and Learning Symposium. Invited Keynote Speaker. Massey University, New Zealand. A series of 4 lectures given on Day 1.

    2014   McArthur, M Teaching and learning clinical communication skills. Invited Professional Development Consultant. Massey University, New Zealand. 8 hour workshop

    2014   McArthur, M Rainier, M Facilitator Training for the Veterinary Leadership Experience. Invited Professional Development Consultant Massey University, New Zealand. 8 hour workshop.

    2014   Petrovski, K, McArthur M. Use of modified Calgary Cambridge Guides in bovine consultations. Cairns, World Buriatrics Conference, Cairns, Australia

    2013   McArthur, M, Bottema, C. Staff Advancement and Engagement Event Mental Health Seminar. School of Animal and Veterinary Science, University of Adelaide.

    2013   D, Schull, E, King, S, Matthew, A Fawcett, J Mills, M Bell, M McArthur, E Mittleman Boller, E Tudor, E Scholz, R Harrison and S Gordon.
Shared Challenges: An Update on Clinical Communications Training at Australasian Veterinary Schools. Poster Presentation. International Conference on Communication in Veterinary Medicine, St Lois, USA

    2012   McArthur M, Cary J. Facilitating the facilitator. 90 minute workshop. International Conference on Communication in Veterinary Medicine, Niagara Falls, Canada.

    2012   McArthur, M. Caring for Animals. Caring for Others. Caring for Self. Invited Speaker. International Online Veterinary Nurse Conference

    2012   McArthur, M. Communicating with Clients: tools for communicating with clients and colleagues. Lecture to Veterinary Clinics in Melbourne, Victoria (Consultancy)

    2012   McArthur, M Grief and Loss and the Human-Animal Bond. Lecture to Veterinary Clinics in Melbourne, Victoria (Consultancy)

    2011   McArthur, M. Communicating with Clients: Managing Clients and Creating Opportunities. Lecture to Veterinary Clinics in Melbourne, Victoria (Consultancy)

    2011   McArthur, M. Be Kind to Your Adrenals: Mechanisms for dealing with stress. University of Melbourne Veterinary School. Consultancy

    2011   McArthur. M. Linking Key Professional Skills with Crucial Life Skills: An Experiential Program for Veterinary Students. Podium and poster presentation. Nottingham, UK

    2011   Feakes A, McArthur M, Hazel SJ, Palmer E and Rutley D (2011) Gender and other impacts on veterinary student attitudes to non-technical skills, knowledge and attributes needed for their professional future. ERGA, Adelaide

    2010   McArthur, M. The impact of an educational intervention to enhance veterinarians’ communication skills: a pilot study. Podium Presentation. International Conference on Communication in Veterinary Medicine, Napa Valley, USA.       

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