Emeritus Professor Nick Harvey

Emeritus Professor Nick Harvey
 Position Emeritus Professor
 Org Unit School of Social Sciences
 Email nick.harvey@adelaide.edu.au
 Location Floor/Room 1 ,  Napier ,   North Terrace
  • Biography/ Background


    2007-13 - Executive Dean, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, The University of Adelaide

    2002-04 - Professor and Head of Geography and Environmental Studies, The University of Adelaide

    1996-98 - Director of The Mawson Graduate Centre for Environmental Studies, The University of Adelaide

    1985-91 - Senior Environmental Officer, Environmental Impact Assessments Branch, Department of Environment and Planning, Adelaide, South Australian Government


    2004-07 - Lead Author on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Working Group II, for the Fourth Assessment Report of the IPCC 

    1998-11 - Chair of the International Oceania Scientific Committee for START (global change SysTem for Analysis, Research and Training ). The START-Oceania Secretariat was based at the University of the South Pacific, Fiji.

    1997-02 - Vice-Chair of the International Scientific Steering Committee for LOICZ (Land-Ocean Interactions in the Coastal Zone) . The LOICZ Secretariat was based in The Netherlands.


  • Qualifications

    1993 - Master of Planning, The University of Adelaide, South Australia (awarded 1994)

    1980 - Doctor of Philosophy in Coastal Geomorphology, James Cook University of North Queensland, Townsville, Australia (awarded 1981)

    1974 - Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Arts (First Class Honours) in Geography, James Cook University of North Queensland, Townsville, Australia (awarded 1975)

  • Awards & Achievements


    2015 - Emeritus Professor, The University of Adelaide

    2014 - Life Member of the Australian Coastal Society Ltd

    2013 - Twenty Five Year Service Award, The University of Adelaide

    2007 - Joint award of the Nobel Peace Prize to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) of which I was one of the Lead Authors 

    1994 - Royal Australian Planning Institute Medal and Prize for Planning Research

  • Teaching Interests

    Emeritus Professor Nick Harvey - postgraduate supervision


    2017            Nicole Pelton, (PhD) Governance Issue in Australian Coastal Management

    2017            Felicity Prance, (MPhil) Climate Change and Policy in Kiribati, South Pacific

    2013            Evi Sofia, (PhD) Challenges and Opportunities for an Integrated Coastal Management Approach in Jakarta Bay, Indonesia

    2013            Panwad Wonthong, (PhD) Coastal Management and Dive-based Tourism on the Island of Koh Tao, Thailand

    2013            Christopher Button (PhD) Coastal Vulnerability and Climate Change in Australia.  Public Risk Perceptions and Adaptation to Climate Change in Non Metropolitan Coastal Communities

    2012            Kris James, (PhD) The Impact of the exotic dune grass Thinopyrum junceiforme on the Younghusband Peninsula, South Australia

    2011            Aboul Younus, (PhD) Community-based Autonomous Adaptation and Vulnerability to Extreme Flood Events in Bangladesh: Processes, Assessment and Failure Effects.

    2008            Mosharefa Shahajahan, (PhD) Applicability of Integrated River Basin Management Models to Water Management of the Ganges River Basin in Bangladesh

    2008            Phu le Vo, (PhD) Formulation of an Integrated Approach to Sustainable Water Management and Use in Ho Chi Minh City

    2007            Rafique Ahammed, (PhD) Monitoring and Auditing in Environmental Impact Assessment 

    2006            Sahra Ryan (MEnvSt) Perceptions of Environmental Risk in Adelaide

    2005            Andrew Dansie, (MEnvSt) Environmental impact of coastal shacks in South Australia

    2005            Amie Wagner, (MEnvSt) Integrated Environmental Learning Program at Urbrae School

    2005            Wenyan Wu, (MEnvSt) Impact of the South Australia Marina Strategy

    2004            Dadang Purnama (PhD) Public Involvement in the Indonesian Environmental Impact Assessment Process: Process, Perceptions and Alternatives

    2004            Danielle Cantono, (MEnvSt) Sustainable options for cycling in transport policies for South Australia

    2003            Beverley Clarke, (PhD) The Role and Effectiveness of the Commonwealth ‘Coastcare’ Program in Australian Integrated Coastal Management

    2003            Barton Zerfas, (MEnvSt) Electricity Restructuring and Climate Change Impacts in California and South Australia

    2003            Rose Boyd, (MEnvSt) Impact of Postgraduate Environmental Studies Programs at the University of Adelaide

    2002            Yagus Wijiyanto, (PhD) A GIS based approach for Cumulative Environmental Impact Assessment 

    2002            Phillip Nicholls, (PhD) Environmental History and Evolution of Waste Management Practices in Australia 

    2001            Andrew Lothian, (PhD) A Landscape Quality Assessment of South Australia

    2001            Megan McCarthy, (PhD)  Investigations on the Effectiveness of Environmental Impact Assessment Dr McCarthy was subsequently awarded the prestigious John Lewis Silver Medal for her doctoral research from the Royal Geographical Society of South Australia

    2001            Jason Quinn, (MEnvSt) The Role of Government in the EIA Process for Major Development Projects at Glenelg and West Beach, South Australia

    2001            Rafique Ahammed, (MEnvSt) Directions for Environmental Impact Assessment in Bangladesh

    2000            Elizabeth Reid, (PhD) The Role of Interpretation in Nature-based Tourism: The Case of Whale Watching in Australia Dr Reid was subsequently awarded the prestigious John Lewis Silver Medal for her doctoral research from the Royal Geographical Society of South Australia

    2000            Felicity Alexander, (MEnvSt) Public Participation in the Marina Developments at Port Vincent and Wallaroo on the Yorke Peninsula

    1999            Alex Kutlaca, (PhD) Mechanisms of Entry of Lead-Bearing Dust into Homes in Port Pirie This student won a prestigious British Council Fellowship to study in the UK for four months in 1994 as part of the PhD program

    1999            Fiona Davies, (MEnvSt) Public Participation in Development of Open Space at the Local Government Level

    1999            Dadang Purnama, (MEnvSt) International Use of EIA on Projects in the Timor Gap

    1998            Nicki Mazur (PhD) Contextualising the Role of Zoos in Conservation: The Australian Experience          

    1998            James Brook, (MEnvSt) Proposals for a Marine Protected Area at Yankalilla

    1998            John Hall Environmental Management Strategies for the Gawler River Flood-Plain

    1998            Bronte Nixon, (MEnvSt) The Role of Monitoring in South Australian EIA

    1997            Caroline Brown, (MEnvSt) Development of the National Strategy for Rangeland Management

    1997            Meera Joshi, (MEnvSt) The Practice of Environmental Impact Assessment in Nepal

    1996            Rachel Barrett (MEnvSt) The Application of Integrated Resource Management at the Local Level: The Case of the Washpool Lagoon and the Willunga Council, South Australia

    1996            Roland Boylen (MEnvSt) Environmental Implications of Acid Sulphate Soils in South Australia

    1996            Beverley Clarke, (MEnvSt) An Assessment of Mariculture on the Far West Coast of South Australia 

    1996            Martin Lewis (MEnvSt) Conservation Issues of South Australian Intertidal Rocky Reef Environments: A Case Study from Victor Harbor, South Australia

    1996            Phillip Nicholls, (MEnvSt) Public Participation in the Environmental Impact Assessment Process: The Case of the Club Med Development at Byron Bay, NSW

    1996            Cassandra Brooke, (MEnvSt) The Effectiveness of South Australian Approaches towards the Management of Land-Based Point Source Marine Pollution

    1995            Beth Clouston, (MEnvSt)Climate Change and Coastal Hazard Assessment on Adelaide's Metropolitan Coast

    1995            Megan McCarthy, (MEnvSt)The Application of Strategic Environmental Assessment in South Australia

    1995            Fiona De Rosa, (MEnvSt)  Incorporating Social Issues into Environmentalism

    1995            Karen Rouse, (MEnvSt)  Impact of Industrial Air Pollution on the Quality of Life for Enfield Council Residents

    1995            Anne Shaw-Rungie, (MEnvSt) The Role of Strategic Planning Processes in Achieving Quality of Life Goals

    1995            Andrew West, (MEnvSt) Conservation and Restoration Requirements of the Yorke Peninsula Coast

    1994            Patricia Drioli, (MEnvSt) The Formulation and Implementation of a Local Environmental Policy at the City of Burnside

    1994            Natalie Harkin, (MEnvSt) Ecotourism and Aboriginal Self-Management: The Case Study of Camp Coorong

    1993            Louise Rose, (MEnvSt) Estuarine Management in South Australia: A Case Study of the Residual River Murray Estuary

    1993            Elizabeth Dirga, (MEnvSt) The Environmental Impact of Whale Watching in Encounter Bay, South Australia

    1993            Stevie Austin, (MEnvSt) Subscription Farming: A Study of an Alternative Agricultural System

    1993            Camille McMahon, (MEnvSt)  Dalhousie Springs Visitors: Management Implications for an Arid Zone Park

    1992            Alex Kutlaca, (MEnvSt)  Environmental Issues Associated with Landfill Generated Methane

    1992            Margaret Cameron, (MEnvSt) Early Childhood Environmental Education: Teacher Attitudes and Training

    1992            Rosemary Swart, (MEnvSt) Environmental protection of geological monuments in South Australia

    1992            Jonathon Noble, (MEnvSt) World Vision’s Partners in Participatory Development Projects: Where does the Environment fit?

    1992            Joc Smeichen, (MEnvSt) Drysdale River National Park Visitor Management and Aboriginal Heritage Issues

    1991            Chantra Tongcumpou, (MEnvSt) Environmental Impact Assessment in Thailand


  • Publications


    Emeritus Professor Nick Harvey - publications for the last 5 years (2015-2020) 

    Citations from Google Scholar (total 9,024; H-index 29; i10-index 61: since 2015 total 4,363; H-index 19; i10-index 32) 


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  • Media Expertise

    ExpertiseEnvironment (coastal processes, global coastal change); greenhouse effect; coastal management; environmental impact assessment; coastal processes; global coastal change

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