Dr Ning Zhang

Dr Ning Zhang
 Position Senior Lecturer
 Org Unit Asian Studies
 Email ning.zhang@adelaide.edu.au
 Telephone +61 8 8313 4281
 Location Floor/Room 6 40 ,  Kenneth Wills ,   North Terrace
  • Qualifications

    • Doctor of Philosophy - University of Adelaide
    • Master of Educational Studies - University of Queensland
    • Graduate Diploma in Education - University of Adelaide
    • Bachelor of Arts - China
    • NAATI (National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters, Australia) accredited Translator in the English and Chinese Languages (both directions)
    • NAATI (National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters, Australia) accredited Interpreter in the English and Chinese Languages (both directions)
  • Teaching Interests

    Dr Zhang has extensive experience in teaching Chinese as a second language at university level having taught at the University of Adelaide since 1989, and previously at Griffith University. She has taught Chinese at all levels from beginners to Chinese speaker classes. She has also been engaged in supervision of Honours and PhD thesis. In Semester 1 2014, Dr Zhang coordinates and teaches the following courses:

    • Translation for Chinese Speakers: English- Chinese (CHIN 3221)
    • Chinese IIB (CHIN 2202)
    Dr Zhang also coordinates Master of Arts (Translation and Transcultural Communication) and Grad Dip TTC. She is the coordinator for CHIN 5017 Translation & Interpeting Internship


  • Research Interests

    Dr Zhang conducts research in history and state of education in China, and comparative studies in vocational education. She has also published work on teaching Chinese language. Her recent research projects include:


    • "Educational Development in China"
    • "Issues of Vocational Education in China"
    • "School curriculum Reform and Development"
    • "The Teaching of Chinese as a Second Language"
  • Publications

    • 2010 - Yuyan de Jiao yu Xue Fazhan Zhinan, translation from Teaching and Learning Languages: A Guide (authored by Angela Scarino and Anthony Liddicoat). Beijing: Contemporary Education Press. ISBN:978-7-5106-0490-4. 161 pages. (Co-translators: Rong Cui, Baoying Gao, Yan Gao)
    • 2010 - "Aodaliya Nan Aozhou Zhongxiaoxue Hanyu Jiaoxue ji Hanyu Shizi yu Peixun - jian lun Kongzixueyuan de zuoyong"[ Chinese Language Teaching and Chinese Language Teachers and Their Training in South Australian Schools of Australia – the roles of the Confucius Institute]. Selected Papers of the Nineth International Conference on Chinese Language Teaching, pp.109-114, ISBN: 978-7-04-027960-3. (Co-author: Lin Sheng)
    • 2010 - "Curriculum Reforms in Primary Schools and Teacher Perspectives in China". The International Journal of Learning, Vol 17, No.8, pp.227-238, ISSN: 1447-9494. (Co-authors: Rong Cui, Baoying Gao)
    • 2009 - (Monograph) UNDERPINNING CHINA'S ECONOMIC GROWTH, A Study of Urban Secondary Vocational and Technical Education 1978 - 2000, Germany, Saarbrucken: VDM Verlag Dr. Muller. ISBN: 978-3-639-20391-2. 321 pages.
    • 2009 - "The Rise and Decline of Vocational Education: China's Experience 1985 - 2005". The International Journal of the Humanities, Vol 7, No.8, pp.133-149. ISSN:1447-9508.
    • 2009 - "Cong Shijie Zhiye Jiaoyu Fazhan Licheng Kan Zhongguo ZhiyeJiaoyu Fazhan" [A Study on Vocational Education Development in China from the Perspective of Vocational Education History in the World]. Jiaoyu Yanjiu [Educational Research], No.2, pp.97-102. ISSN: 1002-5731.
    • 2008 - "The Choice of Vocational Education for Senior Secondary Students in Urban China". The International Journal of Learning, Vol 15, No.4, pp.205-216. ISSN: 1447-9494.
    • 2007 - (book review) Gerard A. Postiglione (Ed) (2006) Education and Social Change in China: Inequality in a Market Economy, The China Journal, No. 58, July 2007, pp.161-164. ISSN: 1324-9347.

    • 2006 - "Aodaliya Zhiye Jishu Jiaoyu Sichao yu Shijian" [The Philosophy of Vocational Education and Its Practice in Australia], in He Ouyang (Ed.) Zhiye Jiaoyu Jiben Wenti Yanjiu [Studies of Fundamental Issues on Vocational Education], pp.184-204. ISBN 7-5041-3636-0.

    • 2006 - "Zhuanjia Fangtan Lu" [A Record of Interviews to Expert Researchers], in He Ouyang (Ed.) Zhiye Jiaoyu Jiben Wenti Yanjiu [Studies of Fundamental Issues on Vocational Education], Beijing: Educational Science Press, pp.234-235. ISBN 7-5041-3636-0.

    • 2000 - "Chuangye Jiaoyu yu Xunlian " [Entrepreneurship Education and Training], Chinese Vocational and Technical Education [Zhongguo Zhiye Jishu Jiaoyu], No.2, pp.46-47. ISSN: 1004-9290.

    • 1999 - "Overseas Vocational and Technical Education and Training", World Vocational and Technical Education [Shijie Zhiye Jishu Jiaoyu], No.3, pp.6-8.

    • 1994 - "On Designing a Chinese Language Course for Background Students in Australian Universities", Language and Education: Selected Papers of International Language in Education Conference, Hong Kong, pp.230-236.

    • 1992 - "A Conflict of Interests: Current Problems in Educational Reform", in Andrew Watson (Ed.), Economic Reform and Social Change in China, London: Routledge, pp.144-170. ISBN: 0415069734.

    • 1992 (with Sylvia Chan) - "The Teaching of Chinese to Background Students at the University of Adelaide", in Kam Louie (Ed.) New Developments in Chinese Language Teaching and Teacher Training, Melbourne & Brisbane, Asialink & Key Centre for Asian Languages and Studies, pp.10-13.


  • Professional Interests

    Dr Zhang has professional level NAATI (National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters) translator and interpreter (Mandarin to English, English to Mandarin). She undertakes interpreting and translation work for the University when required. Dr Zhang has also been engaged in translation for joint research projects between Australia and China, which include:


    • 2005 - Translation for Misko, J. et.al, Linking Vocational Education and Training with Industry in Australia and China, Adelaide: National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER). ISBN-1-9208-9699-6.
    • 2002 - Translation for Misko, J. et. al, Linkages between Secondary and Post-Secondary Vocational Education and Training in China and Australia, Adelaide: NCVER. ISBN-1-7409-6096-3.
  • Community Engagement

    Dr Zhang is an ambassador of OzAsia Festival, president of Asia Pacific Business Council for Women, SA.

    Dr Zhang was the President of Asia Pacific Business Council for Women, SA (2013-2015).

    Dr Zhang is a member of South Australian Multicultural & Ethnic Affairs Commission.

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