Dr Olga Anikeeva

Dr Olga Anikeeva
 Position Research Fellow
 Org Unit Public Health
 Email olga.anikeeva@adelaide.edu.au
 Location Floor/Room WS9062.09 ,  AHMS ,   North Terrace
  • Biography/ Background

    Research Fellow

    School of Public Health

  • Qualifications

    BHealthSci(Hons), PhD

  • Publications

    Book chapter

    Anikeeva O & Bi P. (2017) Chapter 9: Cancer mortality among immigrants in Australia. In Trovato F (Ed.), Migration, Health and Survival – International Perspectives. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing.

    Journal articles

    Anikeeva O, Arbon P, Bottema M, Zeitz K, Lund A, Turris S & Steenkamp M. (2018) Patient presentation trends at 15 mass gathering events in South Australia. Prehospital and Disaster Medicine 33(4): 368-374.

    Arbon P, Bottema M, Zeitz K, Lund A, Turris S, Anikeeva O & Steenkamp M. (2018) Nonlinear modelling for predicting patient presentation rates for mass gatherings. Prehospital and Disaster Medicine 33(4): 362-367.

    Hammad K, Peng L, Anikeeva O, Arbon P, Du H & Li Y. (2017) Emergency nurses’ knowledge and experience with the triage process in Hunan Province, China. International Emergency Nursing 35: 25-29.

    Anikeeva O, Cornell V, Steenkamp M & Arbon P. (2016) Opportunities for general practitioners to enhance disaster preparedness among vulnerable patients. Australian Journal of Primary Health 22: 283-287.

    Ramsey I, Steenkamp M, Thompson A, Anikeeva O, Arbon P & Gebbie K. (2016) Assessing community disaster resilience using a balanced scorecard: lessons learnt from three Australian communities. Australian Journal of Emergency Management 31(2): 44-49.

    Turris SA, Steenkamp M, Lund A, Hutton A, Ranse J, Bowles R, Arbuthnott K, Anikeeva O & Arbon P. (2016) International consensus on key concepts and data definitions for mass-gathering health: process and progress. Prehospital and Disaster Medicine 31(2): 1-4.

    Kako M, Steenkamp M, Rokkas P, Anikeeva O & Arbon P. (2015) Spanish influenza of 1918-19: the extent and spread in South Australia. Australasian Epidemiologist 22(1): 48-54.

    Anikeeva O, Steenkamp M & Arbon P. (2015) The future of social media use during emergencies in Australia: insights from the 2014 Australian and New Zealand Disaster and Emergency Management Conference social media workshop. Australian Journal of Emergency Management 30(1): 22-26.

    Anikeeva O, Steenkamp M & Arbon P. (2014) Earthquake preparedness in South Australia: recommendations based on previous earthquakes in Australia, New Zealand and the United States of America. Australian Journal of Emergency Management 29(2): 42-48.

    Teusner DN, Anikeeva O & Brennan DS. (2014) Self-rated dental health and dental insurance: modification by household income. Health and Quality of Life Outcomes 12:67.

    Anikeeva O, Bi P, Hiller JE, Ryan P, Roder D & Han GS. (2014) Trends in migrant mortality rates in Australia 1981–2007: a focus on the National Health Priority Areas other than cancer. Ethnicity and Health DOI: 10.1080/13557858.2014.883368.

    Anikeeva O, Brennan DS & Teusner DN. (2013) Household income modifies the association of insurance and dental visiting. BMC Health Services Research 13: 432.

    Anikeeva O, Brennan DS, Teusner DN & Harris AH. (2013) Assessing the work effort involved in delivering dental services. Australian Dental Journal 58(4): S5-6.

    Anikeeva O & Bywood P. (2013) Social media in primary health care: opportunities to enhance education, communication and collaboration among professionals in rural and remote locations. Australian Journal of Rural Health 21(2): 132-134.

    Anikeeva O, Katterl R & Bywood P. (2012) The Closing the Gap initiative: successes and ongoing challenges. Australian Family Physician 41(7): 523-527.

    Anikeeva O, Bi P, Hiller JE, Ryan P, Roder D & Han GS. (2012) Trends in cancer mortality rates amongst migrants in Australia: 1981-2007. Cancer Epidemiology 36: e74-e82.

    Anikeeva O, Bi P, Hiller JE, Ryan P, Roder D & Han GS. (2010) The health status of migrants in Australia: a review. Asia-Pacific Journal of Public Health 22(2): 159-193.

    Anikeeva O, Braunack-Mayer A & Rogers W. (2009) Requiring influenza vaccination for health care workers. American Journal of Public Health 99(1): 24-29.

    Anikeeva O, Braunack-Mayer AJ & Street JM. (2008) How will Australian general practitioners respond to an influenza pandemic? A qualitative study of ethical values. MJA 189(3): 148-150.

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