Dr Peter Zilm

Dr Peter Zilm
 Position Senior Lecturer
 Org Unit Dental
 Email peter.zilm@adelaide.edu.au
 Telephone +61 8 8313 5676
 Mobile +61 4 1208 7569
 Location Floor/Room WS10066.02 ,  Helen Mayo South ,   North Terrace
  • Biography/ Background

    In the early eighties, after completing an Honours degree looking at the early effects of viruses on host cells, I was employed at the Adelaide University Dental School to work on the Continuous culture of oral pathogens. This work has continued over the years and has led to my interest in understanding the physiological changes that plaque bacteria experience in response to environmental change. More recently,(PhD studies) I have been using Proteomic techniques to understand the observed physiological changes and how they occur at a molecular level. The collaboration with other research groups in Adelaide, Melbourne and overseas provides the knowledge and technology needed to increase our understanding of this fascinating area. As a member of the Periodontal repair group (Adelaide Stem Cell Centre)I am involved in the investigation of protein expression by mesenchymal stem cells derived from dental pulp and periodontal ligament. The work is aimed at regenerating periodontal tissues destroyed by advanced periodontitis.
  • Qualifications

    BSc(Hons) Flinders University

    PhD. Adelaide University

  • Teaching Interests

    1st year Stream co-ordinator - General studies (2007-2009) 

    Course co-ordinator- BDS-Basic Aspects in Chemistry

    1st year BDS - Lecturer; Human Biology

    Stream Co-rdinator - 2nd year Dental and Health Science

    2nd year BDS- lecturer; Biochemistry

    3rd year BDS-  Year coordinator

                            lecturer; General Microbiology




     Current Co-Supervisor


    2006 – 2010:   Jactty Chew. PhD


    2007-2009 :     Dr. Barbara Plutzer. DClin Dent (Endodontics).


    2008 -2010:     Dr. Aaron Seet DClin Dent (Endodontics).


    Principal Supervisor


    2009 -2017      A/Prof Peter Cathro.  (P/T) PhD


                2008-2009       Seerone Anandrahjar   (P/T) Honours



  • Publications

    Last 5 years


    Book Chapters                


    Dashper, SG, Vieth, PD, Ang SA, Zilm PS, Reynolds EC. Applied Genomics of Some Oral Bacteria. (2008) In: Molecular Oral Microbiology ed. AH Rogers. pp 28-63. Caister Academic Press.


    Refereed Journals          


    1.      An in vitro model to measure the effect of a silver fluoride and potassium iodide treatment on the permeability of demineralised dentine to Streptococcus mutans. (2005). GM Knight, JM McIntyre, GG Craig, Mulyani, PS Zilm, NJ Gully. Aust.Dent.J. 50: (4) 242-246.



    2.      Differences between normal and demineralised dentine pretreated with silver fluoride and potassium iodide after an in vitro challenge by Streptococcus mutans. (2007). GM Knight, JM McIntyre, GG Craig, Mulyani, PS Zilm, NJ Gully. Aust.Dent.J. 52(1):16-21



    3.      An in vitro investigation of marginal dentine caries abutting composite resin and glass ionomers cement restorations. (2007). GM Knight, JM McIntyre, GG Craig, Mulyani, PS Zilm, NJ Gully. Aust.Dent.J. 52(3):187-192



    4.      The Proteomic profile of Fusobacterium nucleatum is regulated by growth pH. P.S. Zilm, C.J. Bagley, A. H. Rogers, I.R. Milne and N. J. Gully. Microbiology SGM. 2007, 153:148-159



    5.      Co-adhesion and biofilm formation by Fusobacterium nucleatum in response to growth pH. PS Zilm and AH Rogers. (2007) Anaerobe 13:146-152


    6.      The inability of Streptococcus mutans and Lactobacillus acidophilus to form a biofilm on dentine pretreated with ozone (2008). GM Knight, JM McIntyre, GG Craig, Mulyani, PS Zilm. Aust.Dent.J. 53(4):349-53



    7.      The effect of dietary Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids on experimental periodontitis lesions in the mouse. (2008). A. Bendyk, V. Marino, PS. Zilm, P. Howe, PM. Bartold. J Perio Res 44:211-216



    8.      The Use of Live Animal Micro CT to Determine Inflammatory Induced Alveolar Bone Volume Changes in an in vivo Mouse Model of Periodontitis. (2009) Cantley, M. Bartold, PM. Marino, V. Reid, Wyszynski RN,R  Fairlie, R. Zilm, PS. Haynes, D. J Period Res 44:317-322


    9.      Inability of Streptococcus mutans to from a biofilm on silver fluoride and potassium iodide treated demineralized dentine. GM Knight, JM McIntyre, GG Craig, Mulyani, PS Zilm, NJ Gully. Quint Int 2009;40:155-161                                


    10.  Proteomic assessment of mesenchymal stem cells derived from periodontal ligament, dental pulp and bone marrow. Mrozik, K. Zilm PS, Gronthos, S, Bagley, C. Hoffmann, P, Hack, S and Bartold, PM. Stem Cells Dev. (Accepted Jan. 2010)


    11.  Dengue virus infection induces upregulation of GRP78, which acts to chaperone viral antigen production. (2009) Wati, S. Soo,M-L.  Zilm, P. Li,P. Paton,AW. Burrell,CJ. Beard,M and Carr, JM. J Virol. 83(24):12871-12880



    12.  Proteomic identification of novel proteinase inhibitors in the porcine enamel matrix derivative, Emdogain. PS Zilm and PM Bartold. J  Perio Res Accepted July 2010.


    13.  The effect of growth pH on the expression of cell envelope proteins in Fusobacterium nucleatum. Zilm PS, Mira A, Bagley C, Rogers, AH.  Microbiology SGM. 156:1783-1794. 2010


  • Professional Associations

    The International Association for Dental Research

    The Australian Society for Microbiology

    The Australian Proteomics Society

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