Professor Renuka Visvanathan

Professor Renuka Visvanathan
 Position Academic Geriatrician-Director Adelaide GTRAC
 Org Unit Medicine
 Telephone +61 8 8222 6000
 Location Floor/Room 8 ,  QEH - Main Bldg ,   The Queen Elizabeth Hospital
  • Biography/ Background


    PhD, FRACP, FANZSGM, G.Cert. Ed (Higher Education), MBBS, ATCL


    Professor Visvanathan has an international reputation in the research area of nutritional frailty. She is especially interested in the provision of quality health care to prevent the impact of frailty (e.g. falls and fracture) as well as improve the wellbeing, function and quality of life of frail, older people and consumers with dementia. She is also interested in research that is likely to translate into  improved clinical practice.

    Professor Visvanathan is Clinical Director of the Aged & Extended Care Services at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (& Basil Hetzel Institute), Central Adelaide Local Health Network since 2005. 

    She is Director of the Adelaide Geriatrics Training and Research with Aged Care (G-TRAC) Centre, which which include an innovative partnership project between the University of Adelaide and Resthaven Inc. at Paradise. GTRAC is a collaborating partner of the South Australian Advanced Health Research and Translation Centre.  

    Professor Visvanathan is Associate Investigator with the University of Adelaide School of Medicine's NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence Translating Nutritional Science to Good Health based at the Royal Adelaide Hospital campus and the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI).  

    Professor Visvanathan is currently a member of the Healthy Ageing subcommittee to the Economic Development Board of South Australia. Professor Visvanathan is a current board member of Resthaven Inc.. She is a current committee member of the Australasian Association of Gerontology Executive- SA Division and a member of the Policy and Planning committee of the Australia and New Zealand Society for Geriatric Medicine.

    Professor Visvanathan is a member of the Expert Advisory Board to the 49 million European Sarcopenia and Physical Frailty In Older Persons: Multicomponent Treatment Strategies [SPRINTT] Project and also a member of the Editorial Board to, an international education resource that aims to help primary care physicians and other health professionals involved in the care of older persons implement frailty into clinical practice.  

    She was previously a member to the Nestle Australia Malnutrition Board, Advisory Group Member to the board of Alzheimer's Association South Australia, member of the Clinical Governance Advisory Group, Royal District Nursing Service (RDNS) in South Australia and Deputy Chair (till July 2014) of the Older Peoples Clinical Network, SA Health. 

    Professor Visvanathan is a graduate of the University of Adelaide, having completed her medical degree in 1996. Her basic physician training years (1998-2000) saw her teach and train at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Lyell McEwin Hospital in Adelaide. She specialised in geriatric medicine and trained at both the Royal Adelaide Hospital and Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre. She commenced as a staff specialist in geriatric medicine at the Royal Adelaide Hospital in 2004. In 2004 also, she developed and implemented the 5th year geriatric medicine teaching program for the University of Adelaide Spencer Gulf Rural Clinical School. In 2005, on completion of her PhD in the research area of ‘Nutritional Frailty', she commenced as the Director of the Aged & Extended Care Services at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Senior Lecturer in the Discipline of Medicine, University of Adelaide. In recognition of her contribution to academic geriatric medicine, she was academically promoted to Associate Professor in 2008 and Professor in 2014. She lead the development and establishment of the Adelaide G-TRAC Centre, which was officially opened in February 2013 by the Federal Minister of Ageing.


    2014 Departmental Research Report

    2013 Departmental Research Report

    2013 Publications






    Staff (University of Adelaide)
    Dr Neha Mahajan- Senior Lecturer G-TRAC Centre
    Dr Jeanine Teo- Senior Lecturer, G-TRAC Centre
    Ms Rosie Bonnin - Centre Coordinator, G-TRAC Centre
    Dr Cynthia Piantadosi- Research Fellow, Basil Hetzel Institute
    Ms Jennifer Lenman, Administrative Support, G-TRAC Centre

    Clinical Title Holders (G-TRAC Centre)
    Mr Grant Edwards, Manager, Paradise and Eastern Community Services, Rethaven Inc.
    Josephine Boylan, Director Operations, Southern Cross
    Ms Donna Preston, Nurse Practitioner in Primary Aged Care, G-TRAC Centre
    Ms Anne McGinn, Nurse Practitioner, ACH Group

    Clinical Staff (Aged & Extended Care Services, The Queen Elizabeth Hospital)

    SPECIALIST GERIATRICIANS (Clinical Title Holders, School of Medicine)
    • Dr Solomon Yu (Deputy Director, AECS)
    • Dr Kandiah Parasivam  
    • Dr Jason Ng (also Director, General Medicine, TQEH)
    • Dr Faizal Ibrahim (also Medical Director, Dementia Behavioural Management Advisory Service)
    • Dr Pazhvoor Shibu
    • Dr Shailaja Nair
    • Dr Khai Tam

    OTHER SPECIALIST (Clinical Title Holders, School of Medicine)
    • Dr Fin Cai (Rheumatologist)

    • Dr Ruth Teh (Geriatrics Fellow)
    • Dr Haresh Aurnasalam
    • Dr Kareeaane Khow
    • Dr Tsung Woo
    • Dr Usman Mushtaq (General Medicine trainee)

    • Ms Lyn Wakefield (Clinical Practice Consultant GEM Liaison)
    • Mr Stephen Hoskine (Clinical Service Consultant GEM Unit)
    • Ms Cassie Hewton (Clinical Pharmacist GEM Unit)
    • Mr Matthew Ruggari (Physiotherapist GEM Unit)
    • Mr Simon Dabrowski (Occupational Therapist GEM Unit)
    • Ms Kathy Resili (GEM Liaison Clinical Nurse)
    • Ms Carla Smyth (GEM Liaison Clinical Nurse)
    (Nursing staff of the Geriatric Evaluation and Management Unit)

    • Ms Connie Falcone (TQEH)
    • Ms Bernadette Cannon (TQEH)




    • Ms Elsa Dent (PhD)- 2013- With Dean's Commendation
    • Dr Solomon Yu (PhD)- 2014- With Dean's Commendation
    • Ms Zoe Kopsaftis (Honours)-2014-1st Class 

    • Ms Clare McNally (Oral Health and Ageing)
    • Mr Roberto Shinmoto (Engineering, Technology in Aged Care)
    • Dr Asangi Jaytilaka (Engineering, Technology in Aged Care)

    Current (MPhil)
    • Dr Shailaja Nair (Post-prandial hypotension and mobility)- part time
    • Dr Ruth Teh (Falls Prevention Hospital)- part time
    • Mr Wickramasinghe (Technology in Aged Care, Engineering)



  • Qualifications

    Postgraduate/Professional Qualifications:
    • 2010 Graduate Certificate in Education (Higher Education), University of Adelaide
    • 2005 (Jan)- PhD in Medicine, University of Adelaide
    • 2004 Teaching at University Certificate
    • 2003 (Dec)- FRACP- Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians
    • 1997- MBBS- Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, University of Adelaide
    • 1987- ATCL- Associate of the Trinity College of Music London (Pianoforte Performance)

    Leadership & Management Training:

    • 2014/2015 Enrolled In Professional Management Program, Executive Education Unit, University of Adelaide
    • 2010- SA Health Leads Future Leaders Program 
    • 2007- University of Adelaide, Faculty of Health Science Leadership Program



  • Awards & Achievements


     Academic Awards to R Visvanathan
    · 2013 Fellowship of the Australian and New Zealand Society of Geriatric Medicine
    · 2009 Australia and New Zealand Society For Geriatric Medicine Lundbeck Fellowship
    · 2007 Bristol-Myers Squibb Career Investigator Award for the best platform presentation at the Australia and New Zealand Society for Geriatric Medicine (ANZSGM) Annual Scientific Meeting
    · 2005 Merck New Investigators Award- American Geriatric Society (AGS)
    · 2004 Pfizer Advanced Trainees Award (Finalist) at the National Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) Annual Scientific Meeting (South Australian representative)
    · 2003 Professor John Chalmers Prize South Australian RACP Annual Scientific Meeting- Best advance trainee platform presentation
    · 2003 Emerging Australian Researcher's Travelling Scholarship-Symposium on the Dynamic Processes in Aging
    · 2003-2005 International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (Department of Education, Youth and Training Affairs)
    · 2002 RM Gibson Prize-Australian Annual Scientific Geriatric Meeting (Darwin) for the best advance trainee platform presentation

    Recognition to Adelaide GTRAC

    · 2014 Special Commendation- in the SA Health Every Generation Intergenerational Award for the COTA SA Every Generation Festival Awards  A Health Every Generation Intergenerational Award

    Health Service Awards To Geriatrics Service
    · 2011 SA Health Award Winner for enhancing primary care (Falls Prevention)
    · 2011 SA Health Award Winner for community wellbeing (Falls Prevention)
    · 2011 SA Health Award Winner for enhancing hospital care (FAST NOF)
    · 2010 SA Health Award Finalist for enhancing hospital care (Geriatric Evaluation and Management Services)
    · 2010 Australian Business Award for Community Care (Integrated Complex Care for Older People Program [ICCOP])
    · 2009 SA Health Award Finalist for enhancing community care (Regional Falls Program)

    Geriatrics and Gerontology Staff or Students Receiving Awards


    2014 Dr Shailaja Nair (Master's Candidate)- Clinical Prize at the annual Basil Hetzel Research Institute Research Day
    2014 Dr Ruth Teh (Master’s Candidate)- Best Trainee Presentation at the SA Division Australia and New Zealand Society for Geriatric Medicine Annual Scientific Meeting
    2014 Dr Ruth Teh- TQEH Alan Kerr Grant Award- Best Vocational Trainee
    2014-2017 Ms Agathe Jadczak (PhD Candidate) - University of Adelaide Beacon Scholarship
    2013 Dr Shailaja Nair (Master's Candidate)- RM Gibson Prize for best advanced trainee platform presentation at the Australia and New Zealand Society for Geriatric Medicine Annual Scientific Meeting
    2013 Dr Shailaja Nair (Master's Candidate)- Clinical Prize at the annual Basil Hetzel Research Institute Research Day
    2013 Dr Roberto Shinmoto (PhD)- was nominated for best paper at the IEEE RFID 2013 conference in Orlando, Florida (30 April - May 2nd)
    2013 Ms Elsa Dent (PhD Candidate- School of Medicine, University of Adelaide, Travel Grant
    2013 Ms Elsa Dent (PhD Candidate)- Health Observatory Research Training Grant, Basil Hetzel Institute
    2012 Dr Khai Tam (Registrar Geriatric Medicine)- David Horowitz Memorial Research Prize
    2011 Ms Elsa Dent (PhD Candidate) - The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Research Day- Best Clinical Research Prize for An Oral Presentation


    ·2007-2014 Dr Kandiah Parasivam (2007-winner); Dr Roshan Britto (2008-winner); Dr Faizal Ibrahim (2011-winner); Dr Khai Tam (2011-finalist); Dr Pazhvoor Shibu (2011 and 2012-finalist), Dr Nigel Quadros (2012 finalist)- TQEH teaching awards, Dr Solomon Yu (2014- winner) 

    · 2011 Kathryn Resili (Clinical Nurse)- Masters Nurse Practitioner candidate- SA Health Master's Nurse Practitioner Scholarship Winner
    · 2012 Kathryn Resili (Clinical Nurse) - SA Midwifery and Nursing Award For Registered Nurse-Finalist
    · 2011 Mr Stephen Hoskins (Nurse Manager)- Masters Gerontology candidate- RCNA Scholarship Winner;

  • Research Funding

    1. 2015-2020 NHMRC Centre For Research Excellence. $2,301169.40. CI: Visvanathan R, Karnon J, Kitson A, Beilby J, Cameron I, Bell S, Chehade M, Feist H. AI: Taylor D, Morley J, Rockwood K, Cesari M, Theou O, Yu S, Schultz T. Frailty Trans-Disciplinary Research To Achieve Healthy Ageing.    
    2. 2015-2017 NHMRC Project Grant- $1,609,305.90. CI: Visvanathan R, Hill K, Ranasinghe D, Lange K, Wilson A (AIs Cooper I, Alford J, Karnon J, Ingam K, Shibu P, Maher S, Hoskins S). Effectiveness of an Ambient Intelligence Geriatric Management system (AmbIGeM) to prevent falls in older people in hospitals: the AmbIGeM stepped wedge randomised trial.

    3.      2012-2017 NHMRC Centre For Research Excellence- $2,499,990 million. Associate Investigator CIs Horowitz M, Wittert G, Clifton P, Blackshaw LA, Rayner C, Chapman I, Feinle-Bisset C, Jones K, Noakes M, Chapman M. AI Beckett E, Deane A, Heilbronn L, Kitson A, Little T, Luscombe-Marsh N, Nguyen N, Page A, Shi Z, Turnbull D, Visvanathan R, Young R - Translating Nutritional Science to Good Health. [CIs Senior Researchers and AIs Mid - Early Career Researchers]

    1. 2010-2012 NHMRC Project Grant - $1,018,438- Co-Lead Investigator Chapman I, Visvanathan R, Naganathan V, Hunter P, Karnon J, Horowitz M, Lange K, Cameron I - The effects of testosterone and a nutritional supplement on hospital admissions in under-nourished, older people. (extended to 2013 with request to 2014 due to delayed start)
    2. 2010-2012 NHMRC Project Grant- $676,500- Co-Investigator Jones KL, Gentilcore D, Visvanathan R, Chapman I, Rayner C, Horowitz M- Gastric, small intestinal and cardiovascular mechanisms of postprandial hypotension. (extended to 2013 due to CI Jones- maternity leavei)

    6.      2006-2008 NHMRC Primary Health Care Project Grant -$395,500Co-Investigator Adams R, Wilson D, Beltrame J and Visvanathan R - Establishing the safety and effectiveness of a diagnostic therapeutic trial for asthma in community elderly.

  • Publications

    (2012903239)- Provisional Patent: Ranasinghe D & Visvanathan R. A system, method and software application for determining movement.






    In Press

    1. Khow KSF, McNally C, Shibu P, Yu SCY, Visvanathan R, Chehade M. Back on their feet after a break of the hip. Medicine Today. Accepted 13th March 2016.
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    Peer Reviewed Original Articles

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