Dr Rey Chin

Dr Rey Chin
 Position Senior Lecturer
 Org Unit Mechanical Engineering
 Email rey.chin@adelaide.edu.au
 Telephone +61 8 8313 5471
 Location Floor/Room 3 ,  Engineering South ,   North Terrace
  • Qualifications

    PhD in Mechanical Engineering, The University of Melbourne, Australia

    Graduate Certi cate in Commercialisation, Melbourne Business School, The University of Melbourne, Australia

  • Awards & Achievements

    ·       AUFRANDE COFUND, Horizon Europe, European Union (2023)

    ·       University of Adelaide Strategic Impact Fund (2022)

    ·       University of Adelaide Mid Career Researcher Seed Funding (2021)

    ·       ARC DECRA DE180100157, "Impact of spatially uniform and irregular rough surfaces on drag reduction", Australian Government (2018)

    ·       The Sir Ross & Sir Keith Smith Fund, "The control of the turbulent boundary layer on a flat plate using micro-cavities" (2018)

    ·       ARC Linkage Grant LP160101753, "Swirling turbulent pipe flow technology for drying brown coal", Australian Government (2017)

    ·       Endeavour Research Fellowship, Australian Government (2017)

    ·       Early Career Reseracher Grant, University of Melbourne (2016)

    ·       Linne FLOW Centre Visiting Researcher Grant, Sweden  (2013)

    ·       Dr John Patterson Prize : best thesis in the field of thermo-fluids (2012)

    ·       Best Tutor Award (2007, 2008, 2009 & 2010)

    ·       Melbourne International Research Scholarship (2007)

    ·       Melbourne International Fee Remission Scholarship (2007)

    ·       ExxonMobil Dean's Honours List (2006)

  • Teaching Interests

    Aerospace Propulsion, Advanced Topics in Aerospace

  • Research Interests

    Fluid Mechanics, Turbulence, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Flow Control, Multiphase flow, Biofouling, Blood Flow, Coronary arterial flows, UAV, Rough wall flow, Aerospace applications, Renewable energy.

    Postdoc projects

    There are postdoc positions available, please email me with to discuss. 

    PhD projects

    Seeking PhD candidates for the following projects

    ·       Hypersonic flows.

    ·       Turbulence.

    ·       Numerical simulations of rough wall flow.

    ·       Experimental studies on rough wall flow.

    ·       Numerical simulations of extreme Reynolds number pipe flow.

    ·       Coronary blood flow in diseased arteries (Experimental and numerical).

    ·       Machine learning for diseased artery prediction. 

    ·       UAV studies for optimum flight dynamics.

    ·       Experiments over ship and aircraft surfaces.

    ·       Two-phase flow for particle-laden flows.

    ·       Heat transfer in pipe flows.

    ·       Flow control methodologies for suppressing drag.

    ·       Multiphase flow with heat transfer.

  • Publications

     Please clink on the following link 


  • Professional Interests


    ·       Journal of Fluid Mechanics

    ·       Physics of Fluids

    ·       Physical Review Fluids

    ·       Scientific Reports 

    ·       Experiments in Fluids 

    ·       Flow, Turbulence and Combustion  

    ·       Journal of Turbulence 

    ·       Applied Ocean Research 

    ·       Ocean Engineering 

    ·       Computers in Biology and Medicine

    ·       Water

    ·       European Journal of Mechanics / B Fluids

    ·       International Journal of Cardiology

    ·       Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science

    ·       International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer

    ·       International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow

    ·       Journal of Aerospace Engineering

    ·       Engineering Science and Technology, An International Journal 

    ·       Progress in Computational Fluid Dynamics, An International Journal 

    ·       Journal of Mechanical Engineering & Sciences

    ·       The Open Mechanical Engineering Journal 

    ·       19th Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference

    ·       5th Engineering Undergraduate Research Catalyst Conference, Malaysia


    Associate Editor

    ·      Aeronautics and Aerospace Open Access Journal



    ·      Setyo Nugroho (PhD)

    ·      Isuru Gunaratne (MPhil)

    ·      Harry Rowton (PhD)

    ·      Paul Bayron (PhD)

    ·      Howie Kong (PhD)

    ·      Misarah Abdelaziz (PhD, submitted)

    ·      Ian Shaw (MPhil, graduated)

    ·      Hossein Khaniki (PhD, graduated)

    ·      Byron Hinojosa (PhD, graduated – Assistant Professor Universidad de las Fuerzas Armadas)

    ·      Matthew Xin Chen Zhang (PhD, graduated – Postdoc UoA)

    ·      Isaac Chi Ip Chan (PhD, graduated – Postdoc UoA, JSPS Fellow )

    ·      Navid Freidoonimehr (PhD, graduated – Postdoc UoA)

    ·    Anton Silvestri (PhD, graduated – DST)

    ·    Shuang Li (PhD, graduated)



    ·      Standards Australia IT-038 Committee

    ·    Pawsey Supercomputing Centre Energy & Resources Merit Allocation Committee



    ·      AIAA - American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (Treasurer and Council Member)

    ·    APS - American Physical Society 

    ·    AFMS - Australasian Fluid Mechanics Society

  • Files

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