Dr Sally Rao Hill

Dr Sally Rao Hill
 Position Associate Professor
 Org Unit Business School Office
 Email sally.raohill@adelaide.edu.au
 Telephone +61 8 8313 4237
 Location Floor/Room 10 24 ,  Nexus 10 Tower ,   North Terrace
  • Biography/ Background

    Dr Sally Rao Hill is a senior lecturer in marketing. She is the lecturer in charge of Consumer Behaviour (M)and E-marketing (M). Her research interests include relationship marketing, internet marketing, services marketing and technology adoption. She is an active researcher and has published in the Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, European Journal of Marketing, Qualitative Market research: an International Journal, Australasian Marketing Journal, International Journal of Internet Marketing and Advertising and Journal of Internet Business. She has won the best paper award in an international conference.
  • Qualifications

    B.Bus. (Hons). Ph.D., CPM
  • Teaching Interests

    Consumer Behaviour, Services Marketing, E-marketing, Marketing Management, Marketing Communication

  • Research Interests

    services marketing, electronic marketing, consumer behavour, consumer innovation adoption, relationship marketing

  • Publications

    Publications in the last 5 years

    Journal articles

    Hoang, H., Rao Hill, S., Freeman, S. and Lu, V. “Promoting brand citizenship behavior amongst hotel employees: the mediating role of service climate”, Tourism Management, Under Review.

    Hoang, H., Rao Hill, S., Freeman, S. and Lu, V. “Developing service climate in local vs. foreign firms in smaller Asian emerging markets: a resource-based and social exchange perspective”, the International Journal of Human Resource Management, Under review (2nd round).

    Nguyen, L., Conduit, J., Lu, V. and Rao Hill, S. “Engagement in Online Communities: Implications for Consumer Price Perceptions”, Journal of Strategic Marketing, Under Review (2nd Round).

    Nguyen, L., Lu, V., Rao Hill, S. and Conduit, J. “Antecedents of Brand Citizenship Behavior: A Study of Lodging Services Employees”, Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research, Under Review (2nd Round)

    Sharma, S. Conduit, J. and Rao Hill, S. (2015) “Organisational capabilities for customer participation in health care service innovation”, Australasian Marketing Journal, Forthcoming.

    Rao Hill, S. and Tombs, Alastair, (2014),"The effect of service employees’ accent on customer reactions", European Journal of Marketing, Vol. 48 Issue 11/12, pp. 2051 – 2070.

    Rao Hill, S., Troshani, I and Burgan, B. (2014) Broadband adoption in regional and urban households, Journal of Computers and Information Systems, Vol. 54, No. 3, pp. 57-66.

    Keh, H. T., Run, R. Rao Hill, S. and Li, X. (2013), “The Beautiful, the cheerful and the helpful: The effects of Service Employee attributes on Customer Satisfaction, Psychology and Marketing, Vol 30, Issue 3, pp. 211-226.  

    Clarke, M. and Rao Hill, S. 2012, "Promoting employee wellbeing and quality service outcomes: The role of HRM practices, Journal of Management & Organization 18(5): 707–718. 

    Troshani, I, Jerram, C. and Rao Hill, S., 2011, “Exploring the Public Sector Adoption of HRIS”, Information Management and Data Systems, Vol. 111 Iss. 3, pp.470 - 488  

    Rao Hill, S. and Tombs, A. 2011, “The Effect of Accent of Service Employee on Customer Service Evaluation”, Managing Service Quality, Vol. 21, Issue 6,

     Troshani, I., Rao Hill, S. 2011, “Regulating Mobile Services: An Institution-Based View",International Journal of e-Business Research,  Vol. 7 No. 1, pp. 11-30. 

    Rao Hill, S., Troshani, I. and Burgan, B. 2011, “Developing a predictive model of broadband adoption in rural and regional Australia”, Information Management and Data Systems, Vol 111 No 7. 

    Paphitis, K., and Rao Hill, S. 2011, “The effect of consumer racism on product purchase: an Australian investigation, Asia-Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, Vol. 23, no. 1, pp. 57 - 71.

    O’Doherty, K., Rao Hill, S., Miao Mackay, M. and McPherson, J. 2010, “Mobile data services usage and preferences: an investigation of Australian consumers”, Journal of Mobile Communication, Vol 8, No.1, pp. 106-127.

    Rao Hill, S. and Troshani, I. 2010, “Factors influencing the adoption of personalisation mobile services: Empirical evidence from young Australians” Journal of Mobile Communication, Vol. 8, No.2, pp. 150-168.


    Book Chapters

    Rao Hill, S., Troshani, I., Goldberg, S. and Wickramasinghe, N. 2014, “Improving Healthcare Service quality and Patients’ Life quality through Mobile Technologies: the Case of Diabetes Self-management”, Lean Thinking for Healthcare, in Wickramasinghe et al (Eds), Springer: NY.

    Rao Hill, S., Troshani, I and Freeman, S. 2013, “An eclectic perspective on the internationalization of Australian mobile services SMEs”, I. Lee (Eds).  Strategy, Adoption and Competitive Advantage of Mobile Services in the Global Economy (an imprint of IGI Global). 

    Rao Hill, S., Troshani, I and Freeman, S. 2011, “An eclectic perspective on the internationalization of Australian mobile services SMEs”, I. Lee Eds).  Strategy, Adoption and Competitive Advantage of Mobile Services in the Global Economy (an imprint of IGI Global). 

    Perry, C. and Rao, S. 2006, 'Action research for enterprise research', Qualitative Research Methods for Entrepreneurial Research, Carson, D. (Eds.), Edward Elgar Publishing: Northampton.

    Perry, C. and Rao, S. 2006, 'Convergent interviewing: a starting methodology for an enterprise research program', Qualitative Research Methods for Entrepreneurial Research, Carson, D. (Eds.), Edward Elgar Publishing: Northampton.

    Rao, S. and O'Leary, C. 2005, 'Integrating data mining and data warehousing with internet marketing', Advances in E-Marketing, Clark III, I. and Flaherty, T. (eds.)Idea Group Publishing, Inc, Virginia.

    Perry, C., Rao, S. and Spencer-Matthews, S. 2003, 'Customer relationship Management', in McColl-Kennedy, J. (ed), Services Marketing, Wiley, Brisbane.

    Text Book

    Pascale Quester, Simone PettigrewSally Rao HillFoula KopanidisDel Hawkins (2014), Consumer Behaviour: Implications for Marketing Strategy, (7th Ed.), Australia: McGraw-Hill Irwin.

    A complete list can be found in the attachment.


  • Professional Associations

    Member, Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy;

    Member, European Marketing Academy;

    Member, Academy of Marketing Science;

    Associate Fellow, Academy of World Business, Marketing and Management Development;

    Associate, Australian Marketing Institute

  • Professional Interests

    Services marketing

    Internet Marketing/e-business
    Cross-cultual marketing

  • Community Engagement

    Faculty Representative on the Early Career Researcher Task Force Committee.

    Member of the School of Commerce Research Committee.

    Member of the The Staff Survey Oversight Working Party.

    School of Commerce Research Seminar co-ordinator (2003-2005).

    Member of the University Research Career Development Committee.

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