Dr Scott Hawken

Dr Scott Hawken
 Position Director Landscape Architecture
 Org Unit Architecture and Landscape Architecture
 Email scott.hawken@adelaide.edu.au
 Telephone +61 8 8313 3507
 Location Floor/Room 5 ,  Barr Smith South ,   North Terrace
  • Biography/ Background

    Dr. Scott Hawken is director of the Landscape Architecture program at the University of Adelaide. He is an Urban Designer, Landscape Architect, and Landscape Archaeologist. His research and teaching bring together these three disciplines in creative ways. He is a strong supporter of the kind of transdisciplinary thinking necessary to tackle the large problems of our time.

    His Ph.D., awarded in 2012, involved the mapping of over 20,000km of archaeological features from 1000 sq km of remote sensing imagery to gain new insights into the evolution and ecology of archaeological landscapes and green infrastructure within Southeast Asia, It generated new knowledge on the socio-economic and ecological adaptation strategies of Angkor, the world’s largest pre-modern city. Such insights advance understanding of green infrastructure and social-ecological change in a long-term context which is important for today’s societies and their adaptation to climate change and urbanization. The findings are highly significant in the context of the sustainability and durability of socio-ecological systems within megacities.

    Scott’s research has appeared in feature-length National Geographic and BBC documentaries shot on-site in Cambodia. He brings his deep understanding of past urban environments to bear on current questions of long-term urban sustainability and has published on Southeast Asian and Asian Urbanism in leading international publications. He is currently on the editorial board for Environment and Urbanisation ASIA and reviews for over twelve peer reviewed scientific journals. Theoretically, Dr. Hawken's research spans critical urban scholarship, radical political ecology, and landscape archaeology. Methodologically he makes use of high-end geospatial technologies including GIS, remote sensing, Geodesign, and on-the-ground survey to enable the integration of “big-data” into real-world applications. His work on smart cities theory seeks to identify how digital technologies are changing cities.

    Dr. Hawken convenes postgraduate courses in Landscape Architecture and Urban Design. His courses typically engage with both local and international public and private agencies. around the world. He has led international workshops in New York, Japan, Delhi, Chennai, Madrid, Bilbao, Venice, Berlin, and Cape Town for postgraduate students, professionals, and governments. He has worked at UNSW Sydney as part of the Urban Development and Design Program for nine years and prior to that, he worked with leading landscape and urban design practices such as Jane Irwin Landscape Architecture, Room 413, and Terragram as well as the NSW Govt Architect.

    Scott is a passionate and innovative teacher and is currently interested in supervising Ph.D. students in the areas of cultural landscapes, landscape archaeology, urban design, smart cities, and green and blue infrastructure. He is available for media appearances and can be contacted by email.


  • Publications

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  • Professional Associations

    Committee Name: Technical Working Group on Biodiversity
    Committee Role: Member
    Institution: Green Adelaide, Department of Environment and Water
    Country: Australia
    URL / Website: https://www.greenadelaide.sa.gov.au/
    Start date: 5 September 2022

    Committee Name: National Education Commitee
    Committee Role: Member
    Institution: Australian Institute of Landscape Architects
    URL / Website: https://www.aila.org.au/
    Start date: 1 March 2022

    Committee Name: AILA Landscape Architecture Awards Jury SA
    Committee Role: Member
    Institution: Australian Institute of Landscape Architects
    Country: Australia
    URL / Website: https://www.aila.org.au/
    Start date: 22 February 2022

    Committee Name: AILA Biodiversity Positive Design Working Group
    Committee Role: Co-Chair
    Institution: Australian Institute of Landscape Architects
    Country: Australia
    URL / Website: https://www.aila.org.au/
    Start date: 22 February 2022

    Committee Name: Indigenous Ecosystem Corridors and Nodes Working Group
    Committee Role: Member
    Institution: International Federation of Landscape Architects
    Country: France
    URL / Website: https://www.iflaworld.com/indigenous-ecosystem-corridors-and-nodes
    Start date: 1 December 2021

    Committee Name: Australian Urban Design Award Jury
    Committee Role: Member
    Institution: Australian Institute of Landscape Architects
    Country: Australia
    URL / Website: https://urbandesignawards.com.au/about/
    Start date: 1 August 2020


  • Media Expertise

    CategoriesDesign, Architecture & Planning, Archaeology & Anthropology
    ExpertiseLandscape Architecture; Urban Ecology; Urban Design; Urban Development; Landscape Archaeology; Angkor; Urban Archaeology; Long Term Analysis and Planning; Green Infrastructure; Blue Infrastructure; Urban Sustainability; Australian Urban Design; Southeast Asian Urbanism; Smart Cities;
    NotesDr. Scott Hawken has worked across public and private consultancies and academic practice and has over twenty years of expertise in urban design and landscape architecture. He is a registered member of the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects and a board member of the international journal Environment and Urbanization ASIA.

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