Dr Shoko Yoneyama

Dr Shoko Yoneyama
 Position Senior Lecturer
 Org Unit Asian Studies
 Email shoko.yoneyama@adelaide.edu.au
 Telephone +61 8 8313 5187
 Location Floor/Room 6 38 ,  Kenneth Wills ,   North Terrace
  • Qualifications

    PhD (La Trobe), DipEd (Tsuda), BA (Tsuda)

    PhD (sociology 1993) ‘Perceptions of School and School Stress among Secondary School Students in Australia and Japan’

  • Awards & Achievements

     Stephen Cole the Elder Prize for Excellence in Teaching (1996)

  • Teaching Interests


    Social Sciences

    Beyond Asian Ecological Crises (2018)

    Asia: Cultures and Identities (2017)

    Negotiating Asia: Surviving Cultural Differences (2016)

    Ecological Crisis and Economic Power in Asia (2014-2015)

    Re-Orienting Asia: Towards a Sustainable Future (2009-2013)

    Japanese Society: Development and the Environment (1996-2003)       

    Japanese Language

    Japanese language courses at all levels 


    Supervised over twenty Honours theses over the years covering wide a range of topics mainly relating to Japanese society



    PhD Supervision

    Post-disaster Japan

    Alienation among unemployed youth

    Public participation nuclear energy policy-forming process

    Transformations of Chinese international students in Australia

    School non-attendance as a social movement

    Japanese Salaryman Masculinities

    M.Phil supervision

    Transmodernist movement in Japan

  • Research Interests

    Sociology of education: Japanese education, education in Asia, education in Australia, comparative education, international education, globalisation of education, student alienation, school non-attendance, bullying, holistic education, Steiner education

    Sociology of food and agriculture: organic farming as social movement

    Environmental sociology: environmental pollution in Japan and Asia, Minamata, Fukushima

    Sociology of spirituality: theory building, Asian Studies as method, animism


  • Publications

    Yoneyama, S. (2018 in press) Manabi yokereba subete yoshi: Seto no shiten de kangaeru Shutaina gakko no gakushu kankyo to gakko shihon [All’s well that is learned well: Student experiences of the Waldorf Steiner school capital/resources and learning environment] Nagata Yoshiyuki (ed.) Sekai no orutanatibu kyoiku [Alternative education in the world] Seori Shobo, Tokyo.


    Yoneyama, S. (2018) ‘Oseania no kyoiku shakaigaku [Sociology of education in Oceania]’, in Nihon kyoiku shakai gakkai [The Japan Society of Educational Sociology] ed., Kyoiku shakaigaku jiten [Dictionary of sociology of education], Maruzen, pp.160-161.


    *Yoneyama, S. (2017) Animism: A Grassroots Response to Socio Environmental Crisis in Japan’, in Morris-Suzuki, Tessa and Soh, Eun Jeong (eds), New Worlds From Below: Grassroots Networking and Informal Life Politics in Twenty-First Century East Asia, ANU Press.


    Yoneyama, S. (2017) ‘Osutoraria ni okeru nihon kenkyu: Aderaido daigaku no ayumi kara’ [Japanese Studies in Australia: Asian Studies at the University of Adelaide], Japanese Studies around the World, International Research Center for Japanese Studies (Nichibunken).


    *Yoneyama, S. (2015) ‘Theorizing School Bullying: Insights from Japan’, CONFERO: Essays on Education, Philosophy and Politics (Sweden), Special issue: Essays on School Bullying: Theoretical Perspectives on a Contemporary Problem. P.Horton and C.Forsberg (eds.) http://www.confero.ep.liu.se/contents.asp?doi=10.3384/confero.2001-4562.1532


    *Yoneyama, S. (2013) 'Life-world: Beyond Fukushima and Minamata', Asian Perspective, vol 37, no 4, pp.567-592.


    *Yoneyama, S. (2013) 'Life-world: Beyond Fukushima and Minamata' in, Brian Earl (ed.), Japan's "Abandoned People" in the Wake of Fukushima, Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus Course Reader No.6, pp.84-110.

    *Yoneyama, S. (2012) 'Life-world: Beyond Fukushima and Minamata', The Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus, Vol 10, Issue 42, No. 2, October 15, 2012.

     *Yoneyama, S. (2012) 'Critiquing critical thinking: Asia's contribution towards sociological conceptualisation', in Song, Xianlin, and Cadman, Kate (eds) Bridging Transcultural Divides: Asian Languages and Cultures in Global Higher Education, University of Adelaide Press, pp.231-249.

    *Williams, B. and Yoneyama, S. (2011) 'Japan's Education System: Problems and prospects in post-industrial age', in Jain, P. and Williams, B. (eds) Japan in Decline: Fact or Fiction, Global Oriental, pp.147-165.

    *Yoneyama, S. (2010) 'Spirituality in life stories in postmodernising Japan', Conference Proceedings (refereed), the 18th Biennial Conference of the Asian Studies Association of Australia, Adelaide, 5-8 July 2010. 

    *Yoneyama, S. (2010) 'What Teachers Can Do about Bullying in the Classroom', in Ng, Esther and Rigby, Ken (eds) Breaking the Silence: Bullying in Singapore, Armour Publishing, ISBN 9789814270250. pp.163-181.

    Yoneyama, S. (2009) 'Primary School in Japan: Self, Individuality and Learning in Elementary Education' by Peter Cave (London, Routledge, 2007, 222pp.), book review, Japanese Studies, 29 (2):305-307.

    *Yoneyama, S. (2008) 'The Era of Bullying: Japan under Neoliberalism', The Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus, Vol. 1-3-09.  Also listed on Asia-Studies Monthly Highlights for January 2009.

    *Yoneyama, S. (2007) 'Moving Teachers from Complicity in Bullying to Change', Essential Teacher (Compleat Links) 4(1) March, pp.7, ISSN 15456501 

    *Yoneyama, S. and Murphey, T. (2007) 'Tipping Points of Class Size: When caring communications and relationships become possible?' JALT (The Japan Association for Language Teaching) Hokkaido Journal, 11:16-28. 

    Yoneyama, S. (2007) 'Holistic Approaches to Bullying: the "Method of Shared Concern" and Autonomy-Oriented Learning', Learning Learning  (with Japanese translation by Aya Sasaki)(Invited paper).

    Yoneyama, S. (2007) The Japanese High School: Silence and Resistance (Paperback edition through Routledge Paperbacks Direct), London and New York, Routledge, 312 pp. ISBN:978-0-415-43829-2. Also available as eBook.

    *Yoneyama, S. and K. Rigby (2006) 'Bully/Victim students and classroom climate', Youth Studies Australia, 25 (3):34-41.

    *Yoneyama, S. (2006) 'Student-teacher relations as the key to sustainable learning: Japanese education in comparative perspective', The Language Teacher, 30(7):48-51.

    Yoneyama, S. (2006) 15402047 'Student Perceptions of the School Learning Environment: A Comparative Study of Steiner and Mainstream Schools', Yoshiyuki Nagata (ed.) 'An International Comparative Study on Independent Schools with Public Subsidies', Research Report for Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS/Kaken) Project no. 15402047, pp.72-77.

    Yoneyama, S. (2004) Book Review: Roger Goodman and David Phillips (eds), Can the Japanese Change Their Education System? Oxford: Symposium Books.  Japanese Studies, 24(1):140-142. (See attached below under 'Files')

    *Yoneyama, S. and Naito, A. (2003) 'Problems with the Paradigm: the school as a factor in understanding bullying (with special reference to Japan)' British Journal of Sociology of Education, 24(3): 315-330.

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    *Yoneyama, S, and Radford, M. (1996) 'Social Cost of Stress: the Educational System and its Effect upon Students in Japan', in M. Low and H. Marriott (ed.), Japanese Science, Technology and Economic Growth Down-Under, Monash Asia Institute, Melbourne, pp.158-197. (Book chapter)

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    Aoki, N. and Yoneyama, S. (1995) Osutoraria Rokusennichi o Yomu: Reading Yoshio Sugimoto's '6000 Days in Australia', Japanese Studies Centre, Melbourne (Expanded second edition, 250 pp.) (Japanese language textbook)

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    Yoneyama, S. (1991) 'Multi-cultural Australia by Masami Sekine' (book review), Minami Hankyu hyoron [Southern Hemisphere Review], 7: 95-96.

  • Professional Associations

    ASAA Council member

    Japan and North East Asia Councillor (2015-2016)


    Social Science EditorJapanese Studies (2002-2012)

    Journal for Japanese Studies Association of Australia, ERA Rank A journal


    Australian Research Council (ARC)

    ‘Expert of International Standing’ and ‘ARC Discovery Assessor’ (2004-present)


    The Japanese Studies Association of Australia

    The Asian Studies Assocaiton of Australia

    Japan Holistic Education Society

    The Japan Society of Educational Sociology

  • Community Engagement

    Thank you from Japan Exhibition My Dream of 10 Years from Now' -- Drawings by Fukushima Children’ at Barr Smith Library (17 October to 14 December 2012).  A collaborative project with the Consulate-General of Japan in Melbourne, Art & Heritage Collections, the Global Engagement and the Centre for Asian Studies. Coordinator.

    SBS Radio Japanese Pictures of Fukushima Children, 23 October 2012, Nuclear accidents and cosmopolitans, 3 July 2012

     Member, The Coalition to Decrease Bullying, Harassment and Violence in South Australian Schools launched in 2005 by the Rann Government as the peak body representing three universities in South Australia, SA Department of Education and Children's Services (DECS), Catholic Education South Australia (CESA), and Association of Independent Schools of South Australia (AISSA) to address the issues of bullying, harassment and violence in South Australian Schools.

  • Files

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