Mr Thomas Kontou

Mr Thomas Kontou
 Position Research Development Officer
 Org Unit Research Services
 Telephone +61 8 8313 0733
 Location Floor/Room Third Floor ,  Helen Mayo North ,   North Terrace
  • Biography/ Background

    I have been involved in sleep research as a student or research assistant in the general field of sleep since 2009. I obtained my PhD in 2024. The focus of my work was on the role of sleep restriction on metabolic health, including, how sleep restriction may influence the cortisol awakening response, glucose concentrations during the nighttime and subjective hunger. Quantitative data used in my thesis has come from 124 participants who each lived in a sleep laboratory for 11 consecutive days.

    I have completed a Masters in Psychology (Work and Organisational) and I am currently registered as a general psychologist with AHPRA.

  • Publications


    Kontou, T.G., Roach, G.D., Sargent, C. (2023). The effect of mild to moderate sleep restriction on subjective hunger in healthy young men. Appetite,181 106412

    Kontou, T.G., Roach, G.D., Sargent, C. (2022). Mild to Moderate Sleep Restriction Does Not Affect the Cortisol Awakening Response in Healthy Adult Males. Clocks and Sleep,4(4) 722-734

    Kontou, T.G., Sargent, C., Roach, G.D. (2022).A Week of Sleep Restriction Does Not Affect Nighttime Glucose Concentration in Healthy Adult Males When Slow-Wave Sleep Is Maintained. Sensors,22(18) 

    Harous, C., Roach, G.D., Kontou, T.G. and 3 more (...) (2021). Consecutive Nights of Moderate Sleep Loss Does Not Affect Mood in Healthy Young Males. Clocks and Sleep,3(3) 442-448

    Kontou, T.G., Sargent, C., Roach, G.D. (2021). Glucose concentrations from continuous glucose monitoring devices compared to those from blood plasma during an oral glucose tolerance test in healthy young adults. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health,18(24) 

    Matthews, R.W., Kontou, T.G., Naweed, A. and 2 more (...) (2018). Driving when distracted and sleepy: The effect of phone and passenger conversations on driving performance. Chronobiology International,35(6) 750-753

    Smith, B.P., Browne, M., Mack, J. and 1 more (...) (2018). An Exploratory Study of Human–Dog Co-sleeping Using Actigraphy: Do Dogs Disrupt Their Owner’s Sleep?. Anthrozoos,31(6) 727-740

    Roach, G.D., Matthews, R., Naweed, A. and 2 more (...) (2018). Flat-out napping: The quantity and quality of sleep obtained in a seat during the daytime increase as the angle of recline of the seat increases. Chronobiology International,35(6) 872-883

    McCulloch, K., Kontou, T., Ferguson, S. (2012). Fatigue risk management: A case study. Society of Petroleum Engineers - SPE/APPEA Int. Conference on Health, Safety and Environment in Oil and Gas Exploration and Production 2012: Protecting People and the Environment - Evolving Challenges,32266-2273

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