Professor Vivienne Moore

 Position Professor
 Org Unit School of Public Health
 Telephone +61 8 8313 0116
 Location Floor/Room 1 32 ,  Helen Mayo North ,   North Terrace
  • Qualifications

    BSc(Hons), MPH, PhD

  • Awards & Achievements


    2014     Higher Degree by Research 'Supervisor of the Year', School of Population Health,
                 University of Adelaide

    2012     Excellence in Research contributing to Healthy Development, from Healthy Development

    2011     Basil Hetzel award for Leadership in Public Health, joint award with Michael Davies,
                 from the Public Health Association of South Australia

    2010     'Best Postgraduate Teacher', School of Population Health, University of Adelaide

  • Publications


    Gunson J, Warin M, Moore V.
    Visceral politics: Obesity and children's embodied experiences of food and hunger.
    Critical Public Health [online] Sept 20, 2016.

    Davies M, Rumbold A, Whitrow K, Scheil W, Mol B, Moore V.
    Spontaneous loss of a co-twin and the risk of birth defects after assisted conception.
    Journal of Developmental Origins of Health and Disease [online] 2016; 7: 678-684.

    Warin M, Moore V, Davies M, Ulijaszek S.
    Epigenetics and obesity: the reproduction of habitus through intracellular and social environments.
    Body & Society 2016; 22: 53-78.

    Farrell L, Warin M, Moore V, Street J.
    Socio-economic divergence in public opinions about preventive obesity regulations: is the purpose to 'make some things cheaper, more affordable' or 'help them get over their own ignorance'?
    Social Science and Medicine 2016; 154: 1-8.

    Whitrow M, Moran L, Davies M, Collins C, Burrows T, Edwards S, Moore V.
    Core food intakes of Australian children, 9-10 years: nutrients, daily serves and quality in a community cross-sectional sample.
    Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics 2016; 29: 449-457.

    Farrell L, Warin M, Moore V, Street J.
    Emotion in obesity discourse: understanding public attitudes towards regulations for obesity prevention.
    Sociology of Health and Illness 2016; 38: 543-55.

    Fernandez R, Marino J, Varcoe T, Davis S, Moran L, Rumbold A, Brown H, Whitrow M, Davies M, Moore V.
    Fixed or rotating night shift work undertaken by women: implications for fertility and miscarriage.
    Seminars in Reproductive Medicine 2016; 34: 74-82.

    Warin M, Zivkovic T, Moore V, Ward P, Jones M.
    Short horizons and obesity futures: Disjunctures between public health interventions and everyday temporalities.
    Social Science and Medicine 2015; 128: 309-15

    Moran L, March W, Whitrow M, Giles L, Davies M, Moore V.
    Sleep disturbances in a community-based sample of women with polycystic ovary syndrome.
    Human Reproduction 2015; 30: 466-72.

    Maftei O, Whitrow M, Davies M, Giles L, Owens J, Moore V.
    Maternal body size prior to pregnancy, gestational diabetes and weight gain: associations with insulin resistance in children at 9-10 years.
    Diabetic Medicine 2015; 32: 174-80.

    Gunson J, Warin M, Zivkovic T, Moore V.
    Participant observation in obesity research with children: Striated and smooth spaces.
    Childrens' Geographies 2014.  doi:10.1080/14733285.2014.971687.

    Marino J, Moore V, Willson K, Rumbold A, Whitrow M, Giles L, Davies M.
    Perinatal outcomes by mode of assisted conception and sub-fertility in an Australian data linkage cohort.
    PLoS One 2014; 9: e380398.

    Steele E, Davies M, Giles L, Moore V.
    Is precarious employment associated with women's age at first birth and childlessness?
    Results from an Australian birth cohort study.
    Human Reproduction 2014; 29: 155-60.

    Giles L, Whitrow M, Rumbold A, Davies E, de Stavola B, Pitcher J, Davies M, Moore V.
    Growth in early life and the development of obesity by age 9 years:
    are there critical periods and a role for an early life stressor?
    International Journal of Obesity 2013; 37: 513-9. doi: 10.1038/ijo.2012.219

    Rumbold A, Giles L, Whitrow M, Steele E, Davies C, Davies M, Moore V.
    The effects of house moves during early childhood on child mental health at age 9 years.
    BMC Public Health 2012: 12: 583.

    Warin M, Zivkovic T, Moore V, Davies M.
    Mothers as smoking guns: foetal overnutrition and the reproduction of obesity.
    Feminism and Psychology 2012; 22: 360-375.

    Davies M, Moore V, Willson K, van Essen P, Priest K, Scott H, Haan E, Chan A.
    Reproductive technologies and the risk of birth defects.
    New England Journal of Medicine 2012; 366: 1803-13.

    Davies M, March W, Willson K, Giles L, Moore V.
    Birth weight and thinness at birth independently predict symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome in adulthood.
    Human Reproduction 2012; 27: 1475-80.

    Champion S, Rumbold A, Steele E, Giles L, Davies M, Moore V.
    Parental work schedules and child overweight and obesity.
    International Journal of Obesity 2012; 36: 573-380.

    Giles L, Davies M, Whitrow M, Warin M, Moore V.
    Maternal depressive symptoms and childcare during toddlerhood relate to child behavior at age 5 years.
    Pediatrics 2011; 128: e78-84.

    Marino J, Moore V, Rumbold A, Davies J.
    Fertility treatments and the young women who use them: an Australian cohort study.
    Human Reproduction 2011; 26: 473-9.

    Zivkovic T, Warin M, Davies M, Moore V.
    In the name of the child: The gendered politics of childhood obesity.
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    March W, Moore V, Willson KJ, Phillips D, Norman R, Daies M.
    The prevalence of polycystic ovary syndrome in a community sample assessed under contrasting diagnostic criteria.
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    Effect of supplemental folic acid in pregnancy on childhood asthma: a prospective birth cohort study.
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    Warin M, Turner K, Moore V, Davies M.
    Bodies, mothers and identities: rethinking obesity and the BMI.
    Sociology of Health and Illness 2008; 30: 97-111.


  • Media Expertise

    CategoriesMedicine & Medical Research
    ExpertiseResearch in social and behavioural influences on health and life-course perspectives; epidemiology
    NotesAlt phone: (08) 8303 4637

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