Learning Systems and Innovation


Learning Systems and Innovation explore and support innovation through the use of learning technologies.

As part of LSI, the MyUni Support team provides technical support to staff and students in the use and troubleshooting of MyUni and the related ecosystem of learning and teaching technology. 

We can assist with:

  • Providing advice on choosing the right technologies and tools for learning and teaching 
  • Guiding future developments of MyUni
  • Exploration of new technologies 
  • MyUni Support

Featured stories from LSI

Cadmus Webinar Series - September & October

Cadmus is an online assessment for learning platform used at the University of Adelaide which facilitates the end-to-end assessment workflow for teachers and students. Cadmus can be used for written formative and summative tasks as well as assessments, timed exams, and exam alternatives.

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Learning video design principles

As we continue our transition out of the Emergency Remote Teaching mode that has defined Higher Education over the past few years, we look for ways to maintain quality while creating sustainability for the long term. In the Learning, Enhancement and Innovation design and development team supporting PACE (Professional and Continuing Education), we work with subject matter experts on a daily basis, assisting them to produce high-quality videos that are sustainable over many iterations of micro-credentials and short courses.

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Echo360 videos for assignment submissions

Integrating video assignments into learning can increase students’ engagement. It introduces a new type of assessment that enhances students’ creativity and digital capabilities. Videos also help turning assignments into reflective practice, improving the way students think when transforming the knowledge into audio-visual materials.

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Connection between curriculum & assessment design and academic integrity

Quite often university courses are comprised of lectures and tutorials. To determine if course learning outcomes have been achieved, assessment may include quizzes, a mid-semester test and a final exam. The number of quizzes and tasks weighting may vary but what stays the same is the fact that all course assessments are summative - they count toward the final grade and are supposed to provide academics with an overview of a student’s overall learning/ achievements. In this blog we will explore why sometimes, despite our best intentions, such an assessment design can lead to a number of academic integrity issues.



Introducing new features in the Self & Peer Learning Assessment Tool (SPLAT)

SPLAT is an online tool used by students to assess the contributions of individual members of their team, as well as themselves. 



What is an Educational Technologist? A Q&A with Eman Rashwan

Have you ever wondered what an Educational Technologist does? With our focus this month being on technology in learning and teaching, we interviewed Eman Rashwan to find out about her role. Eman has worked in the eLearning space for almost 13 years and across several countries. Here’s what she had to say:



Team Spotlight: Learning Systems & Innovation

The Learning Enhancement and Innovation unit is comprised of several teams that work across different aspects of learning and teaching. Our teams work collaboratively within the unit to achieve the shared goal of ‘building better graduates’.



Farewell to Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash, the popular animation and interactive creation tool, is ending its long-running support as of the end of December 2020. This includes any ongoing security updates for the tool and the desktop Flash Player.



MyUni Top Tips for Students

Start your semester off on the right track with our MyUni top tips for students. Here are some tips and tricks for making MyUni work for you.