Spotlight on improving health care systems

Thursday, 13 April 2006

Hospital bed blockages, waiting lists, improving emergency department procedures, catering for ageing populations - these are some of the key issues to be discussed at an international conference held by the University of Adelaide on 19-21 April.

'Health and Social Care Modelling' will hear from clinicians, researchers and others working in the health sector from around the world. They will explore how modelling techniques can help provide the answers to problems within our health care systems.

Conference Convenor Mark Mackay, health system analyst and University of Adelaide PhD student, said: "Health systems are in crisis around the world with Australia no exception. Rarely does a day go by that problems in the health sector aren't featured in the media. Modelling techniques can provide decision-makers with real insights that can help address issues like access to beds that plague our hospitals and health system.

"Modelling is already well established in the practices of many industries, including manufacturing where it assists in the management of issues like work flows, safety, and production. But it has not featured as highly in the health sector to the same extent - perhaps reflecting poor investment in health services research at the national level and the rate at which different tools develop and migrate between industries."

The Conference, in the Napier Building at the University of Adelaide's North Terrace campus, opens at 12 noon on Wednesday, 19 April, with addresses from overseas and local health sector professionals, including Professor Peter Millard, Geriatrician and Emeritus Professor of Gerontology, St George's Medical School, London.

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