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Friday, 2 June 2006

Research donations from Repromed have earned the University of Adelaide $20 million, most of which has been injected back into the University's Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology and more recently the Research Centre for Reproductive Health (RCRH) to promote research in human reproduction and infertility.

Repromed was first established by the University's commercialisation team, Adelaide Research & Innovation Pty Ltd (ARI) in 1987.

ARI's Managing Director, Mark Szolga, said "Repromed has been one of our most successful commercialisation ventures, helping more than 26,000 couples to achieve their dreams of having a child."

"The business has also helped to fund research in human reproduction and infertility, which will continue at the University through the RCRH."

During their partnership, the University and Repromed achieved quite a few impressive "firsts". They introduced Australia's first artificial insemination program, were the first Australian unit to achieve IVF pregnancies from sperm injection and from genetic diagnosis of the embryo, and the first to demonstrate that lifestyle interventions improve natural and IVF pregnancy rates.

Repromed was the first clinic in Australia to produce a videotape of a human embryo dividing. It was also the first in Australia to introduce total quality management programs in IVF through ISO 9000 and has pioneered methods to reduce the risks of multiple pregnancy.

Director of the University's Research Centre, Professor Rob Norman, said Repromed is a world leader in its field, achieving outstanding pregnancy rates and very high standards of patient care.

He attributed Repromed's international success to its strong link with the University's Research Centre for Reproductive Health.

The Research Centre for Reproductive Health was established in April 2004, arising from the Reproductive Medicine Unit of the University of Adelaide.

The Centre integrates key research leaders, emerging postdoctoral researchers and talented postgraduate students to maximise its impact on the reproductive health industry.

Through the Research Centre for Reproductive Health (RCRH) the University will continue to collaborate with industry to aid the practical application and impact of the University's research in the community.

Background on ARI Pty Ltd
ARI is the commercialisation company of the University of Adelaide. ARI's purpose is to aid the advancement, development, practical application and impact of the University's research in the community. Key functions include:
·Technology transfer and creating new business
·Intellectual property protection
·Patent application and management
·Contract research and consulting
·Industry relations
·Exporting education products

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