Environmental focus for US academics

Thursday, 6 July 2006

Internationalising Environmental Studies has been the topic of much debate this week as the University hosts academic staff from universities and colleges in the United States.

The program has been developed from a strategic initiative proposal to highlight the University as a destination for US study abroad students. The aims of the program are to highlight not just our teaching capabilities in the area of environmental studies, but our research expertise as well.

The multidisciplinary nature of Environmental Studies is a focus of this event, with staff from the University's Faculties of Sciences, Humanities & Social Sciences, the Professions and the International Office participating. The expertise of the US participants is equally diverse.

The US academic staff are from affiliated IES (Institute for the International Education of Students) institutions who provide advice to their students on destinations for study abroad experiences, and the University of Adelaide is one of the few partner institutions of IES in Australia.

Study abroad students come to the university to undertake our courses for credit towards their degrees in their home country. These students not only enrich the diversity of experiences for our own staff and students, they also contribute financially to the schools in which they study.

Visiting US academics and University of Adelaide staff will formulate potential Environmental Studies packages aimed at both US and Adelaide undergraduate students. These packages will draw on the wide range of environmental issues currently facing South Australia, as well as incorporating expertise from staff at both the University of Adelaide and IES partner institutions in the US.

Between formal sessions, delegates are visiting Camp Coorong, an indigenous educational site on the wetlands, where they will speak to environmental biologist A/Prof David Paton about the wetlands and the animal life found there.

Dr Jenny Watling, Associate Dean (International) in the Faculty of Sciences said: "For programs such as study abroad, it is very important to develop direct links with staff from other institutions."

"It is hoped that through these discussion sessions both our visitors and local staff will gain important insights into how environmental issues can be effectively incorporated into their teaching and research, and thereby contribute to strengthening our reputation as an institution at the forefront of environmental studies both nationally and internationally."


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